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One of the most critically acclaimed* Spanish RPG maker games now fully translated into English by Erilex (me), original creator of the game.

Dhux's Scar follows the misadventures of Elijah, a lowly, mediocre merchant that is suddenly faced with the chance of a lifetime: To earn a huge fortune by betraying the trust of one innocent little girl. Of course, things won't work out quite as smoothly as he intended. Little does he know that he is about to be dragged into a ruthless battle between powers that defy human comprehension. There will be blood. And tears. Not to mention painfully generic (yet entertaining in a trainwreck sort of way) plot twists.

The game contains plenty of the following:

-Custom graphics. Lots of them. Chipsets and panoramas are pretty much the only thing that isn't 100% custom (with a few exceptions towards the end of the game)
-Insanely difficult Challenging gameplay and battles.
-Two different endings.
-Pixelated blood and violence.
-Not so pixelated but still rather crudely drawn blood and violence.
-Religious overtones! Yay!

Dhux's Scar was created with the 1.51 Value! version of RPG Maker 2000, which adds some extra features such as increasing the maximum number of pictures being shown on screen, or allowing enemies to have up to 99999 HP. Using an older version of the editor to modify the game or play in test mode might have unexpected (and probably game-breaking) results. The safest thing to do is to play it directly from the executable.

*Whether this means that Spanish people have really low standards or that the game is actually any good will be left to the player's discretion.

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  • Completed
  • Erilex
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • RPG
  • 10/10/2009 11:56 PM
  • 09/14/2023 02:34 AM
  • 10/18/2009
  • 486144
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is it too late for ironhide facepalm
This looks pretty quality. I'll give it a go once a download is up.
Almost done. It will probably be ready by tomorrow.
I translate for a living, you know. Or will, at some point.

...Besides, the game is six/eight hours long at most. This is no 50 hours epic we are talking about here.
Woah dude thanks for translating!
One thing: the first save point in the forest is untranslated. Not sure if all the other ones are like that.
Hmmm, it shouldn't be untran-

...Oh, wait, I was only looking at the bottom line in the event page. The rest of it IS untranslated. Which means all of them are, since that's the one I copy pasted all over the place.

Time to replace the main download again. Good thing the current one hasn't been approved yet.
Looking good! I downloaded this and can't wait to play it but I've encountered an itsy bitsy problem. The font is unreadable. I tried installing the rm2k font patch but there's no change. Any help?

Sorry to add more trouble, but I got this error, this happens after Celliann meets up with Elijah and Faye after the bar scene. Dude this game has impressed me, expect a review when you get things all straightened out.
Try installing this, going to Control Panel, double clicking on ClearType settings, and ticking off the "Enable font smoothing" box in the Advanced tab. This worked for some people who seemed to have the same problem when I released the Spanish version a while back.
The above comment was directed to meh_ch. I would edit it to add the following, but apparently comments can't be edited, so... Double posting gogogogo!

Darken: The latest mediafire link should fix that issue. Alternatively, just create a 320 x 240 black .png image file called Churchback.png and put it in the Picture folder.
Okay that worked fine, thanks! I'm glad NB coaxed you into this.
I like this, it looks good and I've started playing a little. If I get further into the game (or finish it) I'm thinking a review is in order. Thanks to NB who brought this fine game to my attention.
This game takes sarcasm to a high (and sometimes annoying) level. Though the intro has improved massively since the tiny demo I played last time, certain elements of the new intro struck me as pointless and tacked on (IE: the whole picture montage with a sped up version of BOF V's intro theme) But it is an old game, so I'm sure you probably know this already.
This game takes sarcasm to a high (and sometimes annoying)level.

Specific examples would be appreciated. If I know where I'm taking it too far, I'll be able to keep myself in check.

Though the intro has improved massively since the tiny demo I played last time, certain elements of the new intro struck me as pointless and tacked on (IE: the whole picture montage with a sped up version of BOF V's intro theme) But it is an old game, so I'm sure you probably know this already.

Yes, I am now aware of how pointless the picture montage is. I was tempted to remove it altogether for this translated version, but decided against it in the end, since it would have been a shame to let the pictures go to waste after the effort I put into them...

...Not that I remember how much effort that was. Probably not a lot.
Don't get me wrong, Im still having fun despite all of this, as for specific examples; I'll save it for the review.
I noticed a few untranslated bits, but they probably weren't very important. I didn't write them down, so I can't remember where they all were. In a town with a lot of guards, possibly after a cutscene, an unimportant guard speaks spanish. There's also an NPC in a cutscene near the end of B (the sky might have been visible or it might have been in a sewer) who has their speech translated, but not their name.
I completed this game just now and...wow.

This is the strangest rpgmaker game I've ever played, by a long shot. I am not sure how good it is as a GAME itself, but I can without a doubt say that everyone should at least play it through to the 'good' ending. The bad ending isn't nearly as interesting (or fun, really), although the effort required to get it is minimal anyway so I am fine with that.

I know I saw you on IRC, so if you want details about my experiences I will be glad to give you a summary, Erilex. Or you can hit me up on AIM if you have that. I am curious about your process as a developer.
Could you upload the font you're using for this game? I don't have it and the text appears blocky as a result.