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You should be able to beat most bosses in this game with the right combination of quick thinking, luck, and the occasional grinding... (or just blast them away with Unholy Prayer, but that might eventually backfire horribly) That is, until you get to THAT boss.

Yeah, THAT one.

The one that will kick your ass even if all of your characters are level 50 and your inventory is chock-full of the best healing items.

The one that would make you throw your game pad across the room if you were playing on a console.

That's right. I'm talking about Omega's Shard.

...Doesn't sound familiar? Then stop reading. Pretty heavy plot spoilers lie ahead.

...Like, for real.

So, is there a way to beat it? Of course. It's pretty simple, actually. Omega's Shard has four parts, but you should only focus your attention on three of them.

-Jazz should use Miraculous healing every single turn. Make sure he doesn't run out of SP.

-The first one you have to take out is the healer, Aya, unless you want her resurrecting her sisters and wasting all of your efforts. She is VERY weak to normal physical attacks. If you equip Faye with the Eden's Guardian sword (the one you obtain after beating Gabriel), he will easily deal 1000+ damage to her each turn. Sybil and Samael should also join in on the beating. Once Aya is down, the rest of the battle will be easy as pie, since, among other things, she will stop draining your SP. Killing her might still take a few tries, though.

-All of the three sisters start using a certain-one-hit-kill attack once they have less than 50% of their HP remaining. Therefore, it's definitely NOT a good idea to use skills that target all enemies early on. If they all start using this spell at the same time... Well, it won't be nice. Wait until at least one of them (Aya, duh) has been dealt with before unleashing your full power. Just to be on the safe side, weaken Parn with Earth Fangs and Soul reap before dishing out the really devastating attacks (Celestial assault, Pulsating lights, Catastrophe).

-You must resurrect anyone who dies inmediately, no matter the circumstances. Even if it means you don't get to attack or heal that turn. If at any point there is more than one character dead, resurrecting them takes priority over healing the ones who are still alive. Even if the living ones have only 1 HP left. Use items, Jazz's resurrection spell is just a big waste of SP.

-In a nutshell, character roles until Aya falls should be as follow. After you are done with Aya, you'll be able to take a more relaxed approach to battle.

---Faye: Main attacker. Use him to resurrect other characters only if you have no other choice.
---Sybil: Secondary attacker, resurrector, Jazz SP's replenisher.
---Samael: Secondary attacker, resurrector, Jazz SP's replenisher.
---Jazz: Healer. Use him to resurrect other characters only if you have no other choice. If he has not enough SP to use Miraculous healing, make him use a Mana on himself so that other characters can do something more productive, or, if he is low on HP, a Cerulean potion.

-The "Mysterious Merchant" has in stock an (obscenely expensive) accesory called "Pillar of Stability" that prevents the "stun" status effect. You can also get one for free if you collect certain items, but those are easily missable. By equipping one of these, you can avoid being stunned by Parn's "Commotion" attack, which can potentially screw you over when you least expect it. This is completely optional, you can win the battle without them, but they might make things a *little* easier (and less dependent on luck).

...And that should be about it. Don't expect to win on your first try even with this strategy, though. Bad luck might still deal you a devastating blow every now and then.


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>> ironically. The Pillar of stability didn't work for me. @_@ I equipped the party with them (after grinding up the money to do so) after the boss killed me twice. >> And then..well. She stunned the crap out of me anyways, so I promptly switched them back out for the things I was using.

>> I think it was at the fourth try or so that I had finally figured out all the nuances (like Aya ressurecting her siblings and making my life hell), by which point I finally stopped dying miserably. Well. Stopped dying -as- miserably. >> I still went through like 35+ ressurect items and alot of heal pots.
It just requires alot of RPG experience to figure this out. Took me three tries to beat this boss... first time I tried to use perfect shielding ability from Faye constantly, that just wasted alot of supplies and I got nowhere so I stopped. The second one I figured I was going to lose because Aya revived the other two and I had wasted most of my supplies.

It was the third time when I figured out that you should just rez train while setting Faye constantly on Aya with the weapon you get from Gabrielle. X2 crit for 999 ftw.
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