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Final push

  • kentona
  • 09/06/2013 05:07 PM
After a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hiatus (that I didn't even mark as a Hiatus status for some reason, which kind of sucks because I wanted to just change the status back to Production and have that be the notice sent out to subscribers, but since I didn't I feel obligated to make a blog post about it), I have started work back up on Generica: TNG.

I am currently replaying the game to see where I was at, and I have cleaned up a few things that were bugging me about the design of the game, especially early game. Specifically, I tightened up the mapping of the Theron temple and Gaia's Grotto a little, added a few more essential items (torches and life herbs), removed ghosts from early random battles, had Cobras drop Cure Herbs, and tweaked encounter rates. I am also tweaking the classes a little - there were only 2 healing classes out of 9 (the Cleric and the Wizard), so any party is almost GUARANTEED to have one of those two classes. We needed a third class capable of at least SOME healing, so I added a Trump card to the Cartomancer class, that has minor healing to the party, and it is given to the class at the getgo. I have also given the Death Knight the ability to revive, and the Mageslayer and Death Knight can also RobHealth. So, parties will STILL probably have a cleric or wizard, but at least there are other options.

Anywho, the big thing to takeaway from this is I am going to fucking finish Generica TNG already. Fuck.


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Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!

I think I worked out some of the shortcomings in the implementation and ideas of the game that prevented me from really enjoying it, and I am now satisfied with the game so far and the plans I have for it's completion.

Expect the release of this game in short order (a week or so?)
Yay! Christmas is coming early this year!
Sometimes I find motivation near the end of the project by posting my last TODO list publicly and crossing things off as I complete them. Maybe this time it will work, too.

-playtest up until point the game has gotten to
-map Arcola
-event Arcola
-create enemies + areas for overworld leading to Arcola
-create enemies + areas for desert
-map Pyramid
-event Pyramid
-create enemies for Pyramid
-distribute Dire items in Pyramid & Lashburn
-Fire Altar cutscene with Hunter + battle
-cutscene with Quickening
-map Lashburn castle
-event Lashburn castle
-create enemies for Lashburn castle
-battle vs. Smog the dragon (optional boss battle)
-cutscene at the base of Yggdrasil with Pontiff and Cardinal
-map Yggdrasil tree
-event Yggdrasil
-anti-subspace code for Yggdrasil map
-enemies for Yggdrasil
-top of Yggdrasil cutscene - revival of the 5 therons
-boss battle vs...
--the Potter King
--the Vigor King
--the Lover King
--the Fisher King
--the Slayer King
-end game cutscene
-add caterpillar code to old Generica maps
-create new intro to allow for choosing between Generica and Generica TNG at the start
--allow choosing between original and TNG classes
--allow porting Generica party and start new TNG game
--allow porting TNG party and starting New Game+ with original Generica.
-release Generica TNG
-tweak for Generica database settings and update Generica download
-bask in praise and glory
That list is an inspiration for me to finish my game too.
Neat! Lists are always great for projects.
I have fallen slightly behind schedule (the new one I mean. I know that this game is already like 3 years overdue). It is still technically feasible that it will be done by Friday, but more likely I will be going into next week sometime.
Has it really been 3 years already? Well I can wait another week or so. I'm just happy to see the game actually getting finished.
oh god the subjects i am touching upon in this game are way to complex for a simple little rpg what am i doing oh god
hrmmm.... probably still about 7 days worth of work left. That would put the release date on September 30th. (I don't work weekends.)
I made some really good progress Tuesday. I definitely will hit the Sept 30th deadline at this rate (with an outside possibility of hitting Friday, Sept 27th).
For the 6 or so of you that are actually waiting for this game to be completed, you will have to wait another weekend. I am *just* about finished, but I have a few things to wrap up in the main game (mostly the final battle and the end game cutscene) and then the "extras" I wanted to add, like New Game+ and transferring saves between Generica and G:TNG.

So, most likely this will be released Monday.

The beta testing didn't include the final boss?

The beta testing didn't include the final boss?
The final boss wasn't ready yet. I misused the term "beta". Sue me.
I misused the term "beta". Sue me.

Since you didn't include the proper instructions that say I can't, I will do just that.
I misused the term "beta".

You and half the gaming industry
I blame the iterative design. If I used a line to represent the section of game I'm working on it'd be an impressive looking scribble!
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