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For 22 years the Slayer King has ruled Generica with an iron gauntlet. The general populace is cowed and broken, and the nobles, knights and armies are fighting wars in far off lands for the bloodthirsty and seemingly invincible Slayer King. Large tracks of land have been left fallow and overrun by the wilderness. Villages lay abandoned, and even cities seem like ghosttowns. Hopelessness rules the day.

Our heroes must find the Gladius Generica - the only weapon capable of felling the evil lord - before it is too late. Yet the only one who knows its location is the reclusive old coot known as the Fisher King...and he is clearly insane...

Gamepage: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1044/

33 years after the demise of the Slayer King and the events of Generica, a Cardinal in the southern continent of Southica is convinced a plan is afoot to resurrect the evil theron. He has secretly trained a new group of heroes to seek out and destroy the heathen vessel meant to revive the Lord of Destruction.

In a world still sickened by the wars and bloodshed and tyranny of the defeated Slayer King, our heroes must pursue the vessel and its mysterious guardian through valleys, across wastelands and over mountains and stop the resurrection at all costs. Fierce elementals, perilous caves, and dangerous assassins stand in their way as humanity and the New Religion strive to survive in a dying world.

Gamepage: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1569/