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6,000+ downloads

Celebrating 6,000 downloads of this crappy game :-) The last 1,000 took 5 months, but the fans pushed the game to this point! I have no idea why or how the game got this many people downloading it. The youtube videos don't have that many hits to get 6,000 and there are only 27 subscribers... so here's to unbalanced numbers!


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I've been spamming the download button for the past year.

Just kidding. :P
Or it has something to do with multiple versions and people downloading 4x. It had 1000 downloads before I reset the downloader. Thanks for spamming the DL :-) And kidding.
so yeah checking in the back posts, it seems i have the Air Balloon in the Host area problem,is there a fix or a patch for this yet?
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