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You are Sparrow. You've just been fired from your job for poor performance and your life is going nowhere, when you are greeted one day by a girl. Not a mysterious girl, just a girl. She needs help and by chance has found you. Knowing that this will lead to much bigger and greater things, you play along and eventually get sucked into the biggest adventure of your life!

Along the way you'll meet plenty of savory characters that are happy to travel the world with you in hopes of being something greater. As a team you will stop a fiendish plot set forth by your new rival: the insane, and evil PAUL. It will be a race against time to save the world from the clutches of evil! Can you and your team of adventurers do it all in time? Play EVERLASTING JOURNEY to find out.

Everlasting Journey @ GameJolt

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Part One Release

Hey all! It's been quite a while, but after being nudged by various folks over the years, I've decided to put out a release of Everlasting Journey. It contains Part One, and the opening chapter of Part Two.

It's certainly had problems, but I would consider what's at least in there now to be "complete" - with the exception of some existing rips I was honestly too tired to replace in my latest pass/playthrough. I'll be adding some guides for it, but here are some immediate things that come to mind:

1. Controller suppport - currently, it's just XInput, so any Xbox controller will work out of the box. Other controllers (PS4, etc) will need to be mapped using some other utility.

2. Achievements / Game Jolt Integration - Make a Game Jolt account & jot down your "Game Token". Hit Shift+Tab in-game, or hit the Guide button on the Xbox controller, sign in with your account name & token, and it should just work from there.

3. Treasure / Pots & Barrels - Treasure chests found are tallied by the end, pots & barrels are not.

I hope y'all can get some enjoyment out of it! It's been tested pretty thoroughly, but let me know if there's any weird bugs.



Yes i had a save right before the fight with the elites. Thank you.
I am pretty interested in hooking up sometime. Screw me.
I'm in love with the boss battle theme of this game.
I'm in love with the boss battle theme of this game.

Thanks! I thought it was upbeat and fitting. :)
I am pretty interested in hooking up sometime. Screw me.
Give it to me :<

Btw, the game's pretty solid - I'm loving the humor, the battle system and the pacing. I just got to Borland and I'm glad you've introduced a lot of boss battles... but I WANNA KEEP LISTENING TO IT FOREVER
99 Subscribers?
Guess I'll fix that for you =^.^=
Why I Can't Edit this game in RPG Maker 2003 ??
Because I locked it out. Sorry brah!
This game seems quite intriguing, and I was kinda wondering if there's any chance that anyone could give me an educated estimate on how much of the game is complete exactly?
Man, this game is fun! And funny! I really enjoy it!

EDIT: I visited Sriole, and literally laughed my ass off when you find Don Miguel with his bad English in that weapon shop! And Flaid, too! Very nice! I'm excited to see the end, I've been playing the game all day - at least around 10-12 hours, and I'm about to do whatever I need to do in Sriole, then I'll have finished all the airship missions, and I'll be off to Isis! Fantastic game, man! Lots of memorable characters, none of the items and spells are useless, either - they all are very important, and just everything's awesome :D
When I try to open this game, errors popups, looking like that:

and after this, another error come with other numbers. This is version 1.32 and what should I fix?
MorteTorment: About 60% done I guess. It's about 10-12 hours now, and hard to say how much exactly is left. I know where I want to take the story at this point, but getting there may take me a couple more years (1/1/2014 is my first projection). "Part One" is essentially a completed story though, so that shouldn't stop you from playing it now. :)

Common: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it! I'm also glad someone picked up on the Don Miguel joke. He is a legend and deserves to be immortalized, haha.

Swish: Try extracting everything to a simple folder like "C:\EJ" then if that doesn't work, try rebooting. Then if that doesn't work... uhhh... upgrade? I'm not exactly sure what causes that error, but I think it has to do with the folder path.
Older versions/folder doesn't work aswell. It's probably problem with my computer... well, happy playing to others, then!
Try running Windows Update and make sure you are at XP Service Pack 3 and have all the security updates installed. It might also be related to your virus protection software. I use AVG and have never seen any problems, so if you use something like Norton, try turning that off temporarily, or creating an exception before running EJ. It might be worth a shot.

Edit: Try this too: http://www.pcpowerguide.com/windows/how-to-fix-an-access-violation-error/
Or this (not sure if it's the same thing): http://www.pcmmc.com/a-constraint-violation-occurred.php
That page is blocked by ESET and when I entered it with another way, it gives me link to mailware program "PC Cleaner Pro"...

EDIT: Adding "EJ.exe" as exception in NOD didn't solve this problem.

EDIT2: I found some info in another game topic and someone said that it is prblem with hardware when playing some games. No possible solution other than buying new computer :(
Haha really? I didn't have that problem. I would suggest installing Adblock, and run a virus/malware scan. Install AVG if you don't have a virus program installed

Edit: I'm not convinced there's simply "no" solution. I would suggest running windows update first. Here's the info from that first link:

How to Fix an Access Violation Error

Follow these steps to fix access violation errors:

Download and install all the latest Microsoft Updates. If it is a svchost.exe error from the automatic update process, manually download and install the updates
Next do a complete virus scan and malware scan to eliminate any problems that are being caused by viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, etc.
If you are having problems with a specific application, go to the publisher’s website and download and install any patches or free updates for the application
Reboot the machine and then run a good registry cleaner to fix any invalid entries and remove any orphaned entries that may be left behind after all the updating you just did.

That should fix the problem. However, if you still have a problem with a specific application and the patches and/or free updates did not solve the problem, you will either need to stop using that application or upgrade the latest version.


Steps 1, 2 and 4 listed above should be part of a monthly maintenance program for your PC. Proper maintenance can prevent most of these problems from happening in the first place.
Haha really? I didn't have that problem. I would suggest installing Adblock, and run a virus/malware scan. Install AVG if you don't have a virus program installed.

I have installed ESET and that's why It has blocked this site and that program :)
Hey on the quest for that guild that philipp was a part of I was supposed to go to isis tower right? but I can't fiind anything new there