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You are Sparrow. You've just been fired from your job for poor performance and your life is going nowhere, when you are greeted one day by a girl. Not a mysterious girl, just a girl. She needs help and by chance has found you. Knowing that this will lead to much bigger and greater things, you play along and eventually get sucked into the biggest adventure of your life!

Along the way you'll meet plenty of savory characters that are happy to travel the world with you in hopes of being something greater. As a team you will stop a fiendish plot set forth by your new rival: the insane, and evil PAUL. It will be a race against time to save the world from the clutches of evil! Can you and your team of adventurers do it all in time? Play EVERLASTING JOURNEY to find out.

Everlasting Journey @ GameJolt

Latest Blog

New world map & some shake-ups -- download still on my radar

Alright, so I did a scary thing over the weekend that I've thought a lot about since implementing Mode-7, but think it's for the best... I updated the world map. It was kind of cool going back to it after all these years with the hindsight of knowing what works, what doesn't, and how certain things need to be laid out because I could make all kinds of improvements.

So far, I have 95% of the thing mapped, reduced the amount of tiles needed on the chipset (there were a lot of weird mountain tile variations before), and streamlined some of the mode-7 stuff. As for the story, I'm still figuring some stuff out, but here are my justifications/how I can still sleep at night:

  • It's now 256x256 tiles, changed from the previous 100x100. For reference, it's the same size that FF6 used. In vehicles, it just feels right.

  • Large mountains are a little more strategic in placement so that they don't require so many weird tiles.

  • All ice continents are now at the top/bottom of the map and wrap around like you would expect from a SNES-era RPG (doughnut style).

  • All other continents are basically scaled up to reflect the new size, but are shaped a little more naturally, so you can almost imagine them having separated at a time in the world's existence.

  • The Southern Winds as a whole are probably getting cut, or reduced to a specific area, but the plot will need some reworking to reflect that (some details below).

  • I want more emphasis on the ship you get from Duke, so I might make that the main mode of travel at the end of part 1, and make the airship the only way to get into the Sriole area, but have it basically driven for you until you pay off its cost (still figuring that out).

  • Ghandek (continent for part 2) will still be a largely unexplored place by the world, due to harsh waters one would have to sail through. This is to make the stuff with Jerry work without the southern winds.

  • Updated the mode-7 plugin some more so that it now renders vehicles. Heroes/vehicles can now be hidden as you'd expect. This is great because it eliminates some processing overhead, and the need for my wonky workaround for getting vehicles to draw. Still trying to fix an evil invalid floating point operation error that has something to do with map events though. It's been the bane of my existence ever since adding Mode-7. It's something related to pointers/dividing by zero/fuck knows.(fixed!)

  • I'll actually probably rename the Isis continent due to the negative connotation it might have thanks to those ISIS twats...

As for the demo I promised... I kind of got side-tracked with a new project of updating DynRPG with a ton of new classes (which is almost done), so between that, the world map stuff above, and probably some plugin optimization, it'll probably be another month or two. I've basically been working on that stuff every chance I can get, so have faith!


This looks pretty good. How far along are you? *subscribed*
It's been long since anything has been released with Everlasting Journey. I hope it isn't cancelled, the screenshots show that the game would be very good indeed. I hope PepsiOtaku gives us a download link soon.
Oh look comments! It's still being worked on fairly regularly. I'm hoping to have a new demo out by the summer sometime, with all the new systems, maps, graphics, etc that I've been working on. I have a production blog over at http://www.rewyong.com/ej/
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Hell, when that damn demo comes out!? I'm dying.
Devil's in the details
This looks very good. Looking forward to this.
I wouldn't expect a demo anytime soon honestly. I still have a lot of work to do. I ran some beta testing back in September to see how people responded to the story, and while extremely positive the results were, there have been some big issues I've had to revise since then. When I finally do get a demo out, it'll definitely be something special. :)
Resident Terrapin
I, for one, am very glad this project is still being worked on...............
I really like the look of this game, at first glance I thought this was some kind of weird comedy game (especially since I saw that shrooms video). But now it seems like a generally fun game where a lot of crazy things happen. I absolutely adore the fairy tale style of this game.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
This game looks good both visually and in a HEY FUN way. gg.
Resident Terrapin
yo finish this game homes
Yeah can we get an update? ):
I mainly update my production blog via the link above the comments. I've been busy with RL stuff over the past several months, but I'm starting to get back into rpg making over the past month, and am currently remaking some maps with a new custom tileset. Before that, I was remaking all of the inner tilesets in the game. A lot of the work over the past year has been story and dialog reworking. Going forward, will be similar work on the later half of the game.
Are we ever getting a demo or something playable? I've always been interested in playing this.
When it's done! :P
Looks amazing! Love the choice for random MIDI's. My subscribe button isn't working! Please PM me realse details! :)
.........Please hurry up.... :(
Devil's in the details
.......Please take the time to keep up the good work :)
Yo, three years and no demo. C'mon homes... I'm sure you have enough for a demo by now! Let's see dat demo!