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Danais is a young boy with a forgetful mind and a tendency, since a baby, to stray from the village. He is, however, quickly humble and obedient to his older sister, Farrah. His father taught him to be a great swimmer. He only carries around one weapon for the entire game, a staff that he could use to whack baddies or charge up and unleash a burst of energy. He is more skilled in healing magic than harmful magic.


The older sister of Danais, who has sworn to protect him at all costs. She is, however, often admonished for being too hard on her younger brother and scolding him too often. She graduated at the top of her class and has a strong work discipline and no-nonsense attitude. She, like her brother, carries around one weapon for the entire game, with the same properties. She is more skilled in attack spells than healing magic.


Skarsgaard is a member of a notorious gang of bandits looking for fame with his plan to rob the Everdale houses during the birthday party. He hides out around the village and tries to eavesdrop on conversations. He is shown to be heartless but frustrated with his own failures. But perhaps some good can come of him when he is shown his true incompetence?


Baines is a knight wandering about in Eerielight Cavern in search of his daughter's dog. Not much else is known of Baines, except that he lives in Spring Village. He carries around a sword and is not skilled with magic. He joins your party shortly to help you through the cavern.


Jaden Jackknife is a bounty hunter who you accompany shortly for the case of the town's missing children in Woodluck Forest. Not much else is learned of Jackknife except that he is a bomb-throwing expert, which he utilizes during the battles in the forest.


Captain Grizzlybeard is the owner and head whackjob of the majestic pirate ship, the Mighty Matey. Although he has made quite a name for himself and his crew, he is ageing and unmarried and he is worried he has nobody to carry on his legacy. When he sees Danais, he finds him to be the spitting image of him as a child and offers to have him kidnapped so he could "adopt" him, calling him "Nemo" in the process.