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Fragile Hearts is an anime inspired comedy RPG, much deserving of your time and praise. It is one of my official RM projects and consists of eight full episodes in all.

This game features hilarious anime portraits, 2D environments, and some really funny characters and plot twists. The complete game is now finished and work has begun on the sequel.

A prophecy tells of a "chosen one", the only one with enough strength and power to defeat the recently resurrected evil overlord. Unfortunately, the wizard sent to find him is a bumbling old fool who is losing his marbles. The witch who is meant to protect him is nowhere to be found. The chosen one himself? Well, long story short, he doesn't play a major part in this game. Follow a small band of "replacement" heroes as they do their best to foil the evil toils of the overlord. You'll meet many interesting characters along the way, like Amia, the crippled dominatrix, Poko, a blob that everyone wishes would die, and Iggsley, some stupid kid's imaginary friend.

Special Features:
-Magic spells that can be bought or found
-An animal recruitment system
-8 full length episodes
-Consequential endings which will drastically change the world for the sequel
-Boasting with extra content, including a director's cut (development hell)

"I clearly remember laughing out loud on several occasions, which matters to me!" -Oblic
"I don’t believe I have ever played such a memorable game in my life" - Nathan from INDIEGRAPH
"This is the most surprisingly awesome game I've played in a while" -KingLes98


Latest Blog

Portuguese Translation Incoming!

Thanks to an awesome RRR member by the username of PRM, Fragile Hearts 1 is getting a Portuguese version in the near future!

This is the first time one of my games will be given the chance to reach a wider audience, and I couldn't be more excited. Maybe one day I'll finally get to those French versions I've been mulling over for a while... probably not until the trilogy is completed though.

Anyways, I'll post more when it has been released (will be at mundorpgmaker.com).


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As soon as I start the game and chop off the princess head - when go to fight the guard I get The file sword strike cannot be opened. = game breaker - any help - thanx ! And I'm playing the fixed version !

It sounds like you don't have rm2k3 rtp installed, I've sent a pm to you about the issue. Hopefully that's the fix.

If anyone runs into this please let me know!

Wow, this game was a hit in RPG Revolution, but here it has just 38 downlaods?! Damn!

Haha, I wouldn't say it was quite a hit there either. Someday though... someday...
Any suggestions for the new version?
PLOT 10 a bit of parody on the ancient fantasy setting about standard ancient evil sealed long time ago and waking up to destroy the world so you gotta rise up to actually destroy it and not seal it.
Mechanics- I really liked the backstabbing which means free exp without fighting.
Shame there was some only in the beginning. I really liked when fergus started changing his look in the beginning when he got sword and shield. Shame nothing more changed after that. I really hate logical dungeons so I will just say there were beatable.
Dialogues- Funny and witty oh and good. Did you use inspiration from webcomic Errant story for witch? Fergus is obvious for anybody who ever watched few animes and old man heh totally not sure when he came from.
Locations were just enough for plot nothing more.
The biggest bad point I met was the last boss fight. At first I thought it was supposed to be bug. Ke hept doing nothing or cast spells that did nothing. Did one or two hits and Hp had quite a bit. I was dieing from boredom thank goodness there was awesome cutscene after it. I think the boss was the final parody making so totally boring when he is usually supposed to be close to unbeatable.
I hope to see fragile hearts 2!
Thanks! I'll make sure to fix up the end boss battle for the new version as well. I've had a couple complaints about him now.

I've never heard of Errant story, to be honest. The Haddy/Gulliver and Haddy/Fergus relationships were inspired by a number of well known anime sources, namely Slayers, Full Metal Panic, and Familiar of Zero. If anyone gets a chance to watch FOZ, it's pretty funny, with the same style of humour as this game.
Hmm..The game doesn't seem to want to work for me. It keeps giving me "the file vehicle cannot be opened". I've tried both versions 1.1 and 1.2.
Sounds like an rtp error. Do you have rm2k3 installed on your computer already? If not, you'll need it (RMN won't let me include it in the download). If you already have it, there may have been an installation error of some sort, so I'd just try installing it again. If you still have problems let me know and I'll see what I can do!
Just finished playing the game and I was wondering..What animal recruitment system? Is that feature no longer in the game? Or did I just completely miss it?
Wow, you're fast!

There are pets you can buy in episode 4, but that's about it right now. I plan to expand it to include a bunch more of them later, it just wasn't something I was able to do yet because of time constraints. In the future, I hope to be able to put in a sort of "capture" system in battles ala pokemon, hopefully by the next release. I suppose I forgot to mention that in my latest blog though :P

Thanks for playing!
>> I basically just made an account to comment on this game, so! Here goes. Overall, I found it to be a pretty enjoyable experience. It's cheesy, but not in a bad way. The homage to just about every generic high fantasy plot, in tandem with all the anime tropes were pretty well done.

Game wise, it had a pretty good difficulty curve- one which is -ensured- by the fact that there is a limited amount of experience and gold you can accrue in the game, since monsters don't respawn, and there isn't exactly optional areas. I will confess, I was mildly dissapointed by this. Doubly so when I hit level 16 from killing the last boss, and found out I could have gained a new attack, if there was only more things to kill and eat. Er. Loot. Murder, Maim and Loot. Yeah. I have a certain fondness for bullying monsters- getting loot from an area, and then coming back to bully the monsters again like a jerk. The lack of respawns and inability to really revist areas sort of prevented me from doing that (And the lack of inns and such likely would have proved fatal in tandem with that).

One major offbalancing factor I found was the stores in watra...which I essentially used to increase everyones defense by 90 >>... in tandem with buying all their final gear. I also jacked Haddys MP, agility and int up the wazoo. Fergus got similar treatment in regards to his attack and agility, and some extra defense. >> I didn't particularily bother with his MP, since his power strike (Read: All of his skills :/) -quickly- becomes useless (It does less damage than his normal attack by end game. Less than half, in fact. It pretty much just seems to do a set 50-60 damage...with upwards of 70 if you defense down someone. And that was with the 460 attack power of the great sword, and Steroid..er Attack + abuse. ..which is embarassing compared to a consistant 280-380 damage...with high points of 890-1100~ ish damage from crits)

On one hand, I can see the importance of selling the stat boosters, as they give the player a certain degree of being able to customize their characters (And it compensates for Ferghus terrible special attack tree >>). On the other hand, ...it is just a touch broken, and if I had decided to put all the effort I had divided between 3 characters -solely- into Ferghus..I would have likely -decimated- the last boss.

The reason I say this, is because Physical damage scales -very- nicely, a fact I noticed when Fergus was outdamaging Maddys tier 3 spells by a fair amount (And he's able to consistantly toss out 'Attack' command spam). It didn't exactly help that Maddys spells were somewhat scattered- and had a number of...gaps in them - so I couldn't be sure if her abysmal damage was because I was supposed to be taking advantage of an elemental weakness she just never gets to exploit. (I never found anything past bolt 1 :<).

Basically, it summed up as >> Ferghus outstrips Maddy as a nuker midpoint during the game, and never quite recovers from it. :s.

Really, in the end, I would have been a bit happier to see her skills balanced out a touch- or for her to have some sort of...Magic damage buff or some such, so that she didn't become an afterthought combatwise by the end of the game.

>> I don't have any realm qualms with midard, however. It would have been nice to be able to get him a weapon, so he could gain some degree of extra damage output- for all those turns I didn't need to heal, but. He functioned exceptionally well as a healer, so I had no qualms there.

So- yeah. I apologize for the rambly nature of this. I found the games story pretty fun, I enjoyed the setting- I just found the balance a bit questionable here and there. (One of the songs ..in the cave before Ordin? ...The tourney city.. Was mildly grating due to a high pitched tone that sort of trails on for a bit, but otherwise- I found the soundtrack sort of nostalgic, because I recognized alot of the themes).

It also occured to me that It's quite possible to get stuck at later areas, if you squandered your heals and and such- because areas stop giving you free hp/mp respawn points. (The castle is a notable and appreciated exception to this- though I only really needed to use it after I killed everything in the castle..and I didn't really need to use it that much due to super Ferghus.)

So yeah. Er. That's really about all I can say, on that.

I found it a very fun, though occasionally flawed romp through popular anime and fantasy tropes. ...Cumulating in a curb stomp battle.

P.S. I really find it dissapointing that If you have to put up with Haddy berserking and generally being flipping useless in the last fight- you then -lose- her as a party member in the next game. Yes, it's so you can have 'help from above' in the next game- but it still sort of bites. Having her berserk cast, would have been somewhat..interesting. Alternatively, cranking her magic stats for that fight -would- have made sense, and would have made her more useful (Even if/especially if you balance the stat boosters).

Overall, it would be sort of nice that if you have to tolerate the last fight basically being ferghus doling out any real damage (Doubly so if you had the gall to kill the old man :<... I had him live, of course), that you garner some way to get her back at least end game.

>> It basically boiled down to me doing both endings, so I can see how the mage town place is under her leadership...and than simply switch to the ending where she gets to stick around with me- since I'd rather have her running commentary throughout the game >>. *ahem* Yeah. I'm actually done now. Honest. Seriously.
Holy Crap, That's alot of words.
Thanks so much for that awesome bit of feedback! That's 2 people who have made accounts just to comment on this, haha!

I really appreciate the commentary about the balancing, and I'm going to use this as a guide when fixing it up for the next version. The reason for the imbalances basically boils down to the fact that there are so many ways to play this game and make it easy for yourself in the end, or some people just skip all the battles completely and make it really difficult for themselves. I can definitely look into making Haddy's spells better though, and perhaps I should do something about the ability items in Watra as you suggested.

One thing I want to say about the ending (and I should probably make a blog about it), there's a bit of a problem happening right now where I'm at in the development of the sequel. That is, the choices you make don't really have any affect on the game until episode 4, and that's... well, not very nice for players who want to experience both sides of the coin. I'm looking at different ways to fix this and add in extra goodies and whatnot so that nothing is a total waste of time. Nothing is set in stone on this issue yet, but I assuredly will find some ways of dealing with it soon.

Anyways, thanks again for the post. I will be sure to refer to it when making adjustments!
Glad I could help, sir =3

Tweaking Haddys later spells so they are bit more nuke-arriffic will no doubt be appreciated.

And, getting Those spells you're missing. I -scoured- each area, and I never did find a Lit 2, 3, all thing, As I recall. ( Distinctly recall having gaps in spells :<. Lowell. >>)

Anyways, good luck in all the version adjustments. I'm going to go back to lurking now.
Good fun so far, poor crackers getting used.
I just got to the first save point, and I'm already smiling or giggling at almost everything. That Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz song I'm ashamed to admit I recognize, character portraits from Guardian Heroes, and that damn scrolling panorama... it's got parodical value out the yin-yang. Also--and luckily for me--examining the usual suspects (shelves, portraits, non-descript tables, etc.) is proving to be a most worthwhile venture, lol. Yes, four barrels, one description... I just have to look at them all to be sure there isn't something funny there.

If you haven't already, you really need to check out the English dub of Shin-Chan one day. It reminds me a lot of this!

One thing I would recommend thus far... to make a stealth area, I once experimented with making guards move in a fixed pattern with lines of sight, lots of variables, and whatnot. The castle could have been like that--though I realize you might have been going for a "stereotypical stupid guard" effect. :)

(And in a way, I should never recommend that, because I love avoiding battles.)
Shin-Chan, eh? I will definitely look into that (I've been devouring anime series lately).

It's funny you should mention the stealth area. The sequel has an area that sounds to be exactly as you've described! I'll probably consult with you on it, since I haven't quite finished with it yet!
Operation: "Murder Everything That Moves"- Will likely be underway soon.
I have a design suggestion!

Some of the character sprites you use have completely different pixel art for each direction they can be facing. I would suggest you change the Events of such sprites so they dont turn to face you On Button Press--for example, the sprite that represents the Broad Sword, the jewel that gives you instant Stat increases, etc.. And, you can have enemies, like the Watcher, move in a direction without them actually facing that direction, so their sprites don't change.
Eek, yeah, that has been a constant plague for this game lol. I have edited a bunch of them but I have probably missed about half of them :P I guess it's an ongoing process, haha.
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