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Fragile Hearts is an anime inspired comedy RPG, much deserving of your time and praise. It is one of my official RM projects and consists of eight full episodes in all.

This game features hilarious anime portraits, 2D environments, and some really funny characters and plot twists. The complete game is now finished and work has begun on the sequel.

A prophecy tells of a "chosen one", the only one with enough strength and power to defeat the recently resurrected evil overlord. Unfortunately, the wizard sent to find him is a bumbling old fool who is losing his marbles. The witch who is meant to protect him is nowhere to be found. The chosen one himself? Well, long story short, he doesn't play a major part in this game. Follow a small band of "replacement" heroes as they do their best to foil the evil toils of the overlord. You'll meet many interesting characters along the way, like Amia, the crippled dominatrix, Poko, a blob that everyone wishes would die, and Iggsley, some stupid kid's imaginary friend.

Special Features:
-Magic spells that can be bought or found
-An animal recruitment system
-8 full length episodes
-Consequential endings which will drastically change the world for the sequel
-Boasting with extra content, including a director's cut (development hell)

"I clearly remember laughing out loud on several occasions, which matters to me!" -Oblic
"I don’t believe I have ever played such a memorable game in my life" - Nathan from INDIEGRAPH
"This is the most surprisingly awesome game I've played in a while" -KingLes98


Latest Blog

Portuguese Translation Incoming!

Thanks to an awesome RRR member by the username of PRM, Fragile Hearts 1 is getting a Portuguese version in the near future!

This is the first time one of my games will be given the chance to reach a wider audience, and I couldn't be more excited. Maybe one day I'll finally get to those French versions I've been mulling over for a while... probably not until the trilogy is completed though.

Anyways, I'll post more when it has been released (will be at mundorpgmaker.com).


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My mind is full of fuck.
Looks good
From what I've seen and from what I've read of your blog, consider my interest piqued. 'Scribed.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Fergus looks an awful lot like Gourry from Slayers. . .
Fergus looks an awful lot like Gourry from Slayers. . .

"Fragile Hearts is an anime inspired comedy RPG that makes fun of all things anime, RPG, and Fantasy related."
Good looking game, Subscribed :3
I was playing this earlier and it was so riddled with bugs...but...it was f*cking hilarious until I hit the black hooded dude.
Indeed it is, and I hope to have solved all the bugs for the next version. The CBS will be no more, which will make gameplay much more generic but at least it will be much smoother and straightforward.

Did you get stuck at that boss, or you just didn't think anything after that part was funny? The short walkthrough I posted yesterday gives a quick and easy way to beat that boss if you need.
How... interesting, I wouldn't say it was anime based though.
I have taken down the tech demo download. It was just a tool for me to get feedback from, and doesn't really resemble what the game has become (in terms of gameplay).

I hope to have the real demo download available very soon, as I've been very hard at work on it all this week and even the 4th episode is close to being finished.

If anyone really wants the tech demo for some reason, I haven't taken it off megaupload yet, so it is still available through RRR. I recommend waiting for the real demo, however.
It’s great to hear all the progress you’ve been making! I’ll definitely have to change my review to clearly state “Outdated” in the title, when you release the new version.
Thanks LWG, your review was beyond helpful in making my changes. I hope to have fixed up all of the major points you touched upon.
I'll see about recording some videos soon to try and gain some downloads. I think the game spent a couple hours on the main page :S
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Well, the maps and pics are gorgeous, but I don't find the story or battles quite up to them.. (definitely liked Esoterica 100% more!), I'm only at the beginning though, confronting the blackhooded character.
Battles are a bit complicated to explain. I had one tester who though they needed to be toned down, and one who thought they needed to be harder. What we have right now (I hope) is a balance between the two. The story is just plain silliness, which is definitely deliberate :)
Battles I think have a fairly decent balance right now, neither terribly difficult nor too easy. You can see the enemies and you can evade them if needs be, or fight them. I was able to beat the game without too much difficulty on an average Level 11 Party.

I think battles can be a bit repitious in that most of the time you are using the same kind of attacks throughout, but I will be quick to say it doesn't live up to your past work (Eden Legacy had an awesome system that worked wonders, Estorterica which I forgot about until another poster mentioned was creative, and the original tactics system meant for FH would have been great if it wasn't for the complexity in the coding.

The toning down might have been more do to how repetitive the fights get here, as it did seem to be lacking in the creative juices. But the main focus here is primarily the story itself, so trying to go too far out of the norm with game play and battles might have interrupted that.
Yeah I just couldn't seem to catch a break with my added features for this game. Even when I tried to throw a bunch of added touches at the end (diagonal walking, final stand attacks), it seemed to mess everything up and had to be taken out. However, this game seems more suited to beginners anyway, and you're right when you say it's more focused on the story and comedy than anything else.

Nevertheless, as the sequel will be a direct continuation both in terms of story and gameplay, I do hope to have a bunch of new features and tweaks to the gameplay that I wasn't able to implement for this one.
Well some bugs remained for example if u play as Midard and enter cave in which u have been as Haddy it triggers Haddy's events again and even Episode 3 restart. On episode 5 entering i got this error http://i651.photobucket.com/albums/uu234/Neo32ru/34.png
If it is not bug and u know how to fix it pls tell
Thx for the bugs, I'll find a fix as quick as I can. I think it's a graphic that was taken out.

EDIT: The file needed (lok13) is now in my locker. Save it in the Charset folder in the Fragile Hearts1 game folder and things should work.

I'm gonna upload a fixed version of the game later today.
As soon as I start the game and chop off the princess head - when go to fight the guard I get The file sword strike cannot be opened. = game breaker - any help - thanx ! And I'm playing the fixed version !
Wow, this game was a hit in RPG Revolution, but here it has just 38 downlaods?! Damn!
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