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Something I did

Heys all, I finished a new game and am trying to get it greenlit. There's a page up for it here:


Check it out, maybe help me out?


Insert cat joke

Hey guys, here's a thing I made for IGMC 2015.

Also, I'm going to use a Twitter account as a place to announce when I do things, which'll probably be better than always using the AAG blog for it. Expect long bouts of silence followed with nonsense.

Progress Report


I'll tell you what, a youngster with a tool in both hands has no hands left to do drugs. ~Hank Hill, 1999

Long time no see fellas. Time for some real talk. Get your real talk faces on. And maybe your reading glasses.

Firstly, I just want to say I love this s**t. I stopped game-making for 3 years, didn't do anything game-making related whatsoever. Picked up VX Ace recently, started fiddling around with it. It was like coming home. I'm back.

I want to go commercial with this.

I'd never originally intended to go commercial when I did this stuff before. Obviously that means I need to be a lot more careful with how I go about things. So, here's the thing:

Leaving aside the question of whether I'm even capable of being more than a 2-bit playa in the commercial games world, should I be worried at all about my dev past? Let me list the strikes,

- Use of illegally translated copy of RPG Maker 2003
- Use of rips from commercial games
- Use of music I have no permission to use

Like I said, never intended to go commercial, so didn't really care where resources were coming from, as long as it got the right feel across. Nobody cares when it's just a hobby that you're not making any money off of. At most, I can expect a cease-and-desist, and that's really more for trademarks (like fangames.)

But what about when I'm transitioning to commercial? Should I expect this kinda stuff to bite me in the ass later on if I make it big? (/pipe-dream) Obviously anything I do now, I either make myself, or check the terms-of-use for commercial viability, to ensure I don't get any lawsuits in my inbox. But do you guys think anyone's gonna see me selling stuff now, look at what I've done in the past, and want to knock me down Garland-style?

Basically what I'm saying is, I'm considering jumping names and releasing under another pseudonym. It'd be nicer if I could consolidate everything under the 'Neok' name, but I don't know if I want to risk it. The mods' will know everything, but hopefully they can keep secrets? Hell, my identity'd probably be pretty obvious from the first game. Or even just how I talk.

I don't know, what do you guys think?

If things go bad, maybe I can just completely jump ship and start making p*** games instead :D.


Shall walk the earth again...

So just an update on my current status. I finished with the whole dying business about 2 weeks back, so now I'm busy resurrecting myself (For those not in the know-how, I died about 2 months and 2 weeks ago). Hopefully in 1-2 weeks time I'll be 100% again, as long as I don't screw anything up or do anything stupid, like die again.

Anyways, during this being dead period, I've had a lot of time to think about things. Specifically, I've been thinking about AAV (for those not in the know-how, Alter AILA Variant (AAV) is the sequel to AAG) and how I'd ever make it a reality. If I ever decide to take the plunge.. well I'd definitely need to get some kind of outside help. So on that note, if you're reading this, and you might be interested in giving me a hand, drop me a line sometime. Just bear in mind, I probably won't even consider starting proper work on AAV until like a year or two from now.

I'm also considering dropping some cash money into hiring some talented artists/musicians/coders to give me a hand with this. For the most part, I'm looking at RPG Maker VX for the program. Cause frankly, I'd be stupid to try and make an epic RPG in other more mainstream languages like Flash or whatnot. Though I may have already failed the stupidity test by even considering making AAV. It's up for debate. Stupidity aside, if you know anyone who has appropriate talents for the job, then again drop me a line, let me know.

Anyways, on another more exciting note, AAG has made PC Gamer frontpage! http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/02/26/the-top-five-rpg-maker-games/

Starless Umbra is, like Alter A.I.L.A Genesis, a tribute to the dedication and quiet madness of some of RPG Maker Network’s creators.



No internet

Hey guys, my computer died (currently using a friend's to post this). It's gonna be a little over 2 weeks before I get full access back. I managed to backup the fandisc so no worries there, but I doubt i'll have time to work on it after 2 weeks since I'm going back to school.

Anyways, see you guys in 2 weeks.


Guess it's about time to wrap this up.

Alright, I've uploaded the open-sourced final version of AAG. Pretty much, all the secrets have been revealed at this point (plus the battle system getting utterly broken'ed :D) so there's nothing else really left to hide. Now you can load it up in the editor and mess around. Be warned that this is about as bad as Kentona's Heroes Realm in terms of game and database load times. You'll see what I mean..

At this point, this is the final release of AAG. There's still some bad bugs mainly related to the battle system but there's no way I'm going back in there to figure them out now. Time to move on to other things~..

Speaking of other things, AAG's fandisc is coming along nicely. It shouldn't take me too long at this rate. It oughta be released sometime December with any luck. Some screens:

Now most importantly, if you would like a cameo in the fandisc, please let me know. What I need is the following:

1. A name
2. A character sprite
3. A short blurb, whatever you want to tell the world (of AAG players).

Anyone who's played YDS' Christmas/ Summer community projects will know what I'm talking about. It doesn't have to be you specifically. If you want your project's character to cameo, that's cool too (For example, instead of Nightblade, I could have Shadar from his project Demon Legacy)

If you don't want to provide a sprite, then I'll choose one for you from what I have, based on my interpretation of your digital persona >:D.

Edit:Edit 2:

Decided to throw together a gamepage with all related AAG videos. Also added another gamepage with some fanworks. If I've missed yours, please let me know!



Needing some opinions

Warning: There are spoilers hidden in this blog about what characters you can use in the game. Reader beware!

I'm currently in the process of putting together a bit of a fandisc-styled side-project based off AAG, and am in need of some opinions.

How the game works, is that the original cast of AAG (plus bonus characters) will be split up into teams of 3, and you'll get to play as one of these teams (though you'll be able to unlock and use the other teams over the course of the game.) The idea is that these teams will stay static. So if you picked a team with Leon, Erin, and Scott for example, then those are the 3 characters you'll stick with unless/until you choose another team later.

Now the question is, how should I split up the characters? There's no doubt that some characters are inherently better than others, though you could argue that it depends on the situation and what's available to you.

Something else to consider, is that I'm thinking of making little 'skits' involving these teams. So if you wanted to see what certain characters might say to certain other characters, maybe I can form a team with those characters.

So with the 20 characters available, I want to make 13 teams, with each character being present in 2 separate teams (without having the same two people be on two teams. So if Leon is on a team with Erin and Jake, then neither Erin nor Jake should be with Leon in another team.) One character will sadly only be on 1 team since the numbers don't match up. For now, I've designated that role to


So I put together some sample team allocations. First example is "Theme" teams. So just some possible configurations:

Erin Indy Leon: The Strikers
Scott Violet Gray: Team Awesome
Indy Celia Jake: Small Childrens
Leon Gray Celia: Space Invaders
Jake Dread Erin: Special Operations

etc. etc.

Otherwise, I could just have completely random teams. For example:

Leon Lavitz T-Bot II
Erin Tinder T-Bot
Indy Jeebes Leon
Gray Reeves Erin
Violet T-Bot Indy
Scott T-Bot II Gray
Jake Aila Violet
Dread Silvra Scott
Celia Kugar Jake
Hawk Lavitz Dread
Galde Tinder Celia
Silvra Jeebes Hawk
Kugar Reeves Galde

So.. thoughts/ opinions? If you want to suggest certain team configurations, that'd be cool too.

EDIT: Also, save-files game page is now up.

EDIT2: Decided to hide some of the theme team configurations so that it'll be more of a surprise~



Argh/Fool is a trooper, and has updated Alter A.I.L.A.'s tv tropes pages with tropes for Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis! Definitely a fun read, but be wary of all the spoilers...


As well, Jaymonius completed his LP of the main game. http://www.youtube.com/user/Jaymonius


ARPerson successfully breaks the battle system :P.

And this is spoiler territory for anyone who hasn't made it past the second area of Orbital Prison, but..


Missileboater kills a boss that was suppose to be un-killable. :O


Bug patch already..

I accidentally forgot to change a variable back from when I was testing some things. Because of that, a certain set of late game bosses can be killed in 1 hit. *Sigh...*

I was hoping not to have to do this, but I'm uploading a patch. BEFORE YOU APPLY THE PATCH, MAKE SURE TO SAVE USING ONE OF THOSE BLUE CUBE TERMINALS, OR ELSE YOUR GAME MIGHT FREEZE. If your character graphic disappears afterwards, save a second time using the terminal, and it should reset itself.
Nevermind, I've figured out a way to stop the world map freezing bug. It's not a perfect fix, but it'll do. Also, while we're waiting for the admin to approve the download, here's some alternate links:

Also, this news is much cooler:

Jaymonius, Deckiller and Marzen64 are all making LP's of AAG! Check them out here:

Jay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yItv5e_JNAc
Dec: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOY_jgSqFfA
Mar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N4PWNAh-HY
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