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DE kindly provides a list of all Joker/Darkside locations. Check this if you're stuck.

Inner Core Shaft 2 - Leon
Abandoned City - Erin
No Man's Land 2 - Indy
No Man's Land - Gray
Orbital Prison 3 - Violet
Sewers - Jake
Main Prison - Dread
Rebel Base Prison - Hawk
Slums - Silvra
Bridge Facility - Jeebes
Warehouses - Reeves
Oberon Tower - Kugar
Factory - Tinder
Underwater Facility - Aila

Mirror bosses:
Slums - Jake/Reeves
Core Shaft 1 - Celia/Tinderbot 2
Outer Perimeter 2 - Leon/Galde
No Man's Land 3 - Gray/Lavitz
Rebel Base Central Area - Hawk/Aila
Dam Facility - Erin/Silvra
Manor - Indy/Kugar
Jackal Labs - Scott/Jeebes
Underwater Facility - Violet/Tinder
Below Stynx 2 - Dread/Tinderbot 1

Signature Banner:
From a long time ago when we had forum signatures..

TV Tropes:
AAG has TV Trope pages! Check out how many stereotypes the game makes/breaks.
Main Page
Wild Mass Guessing

Cover Image:
Masterful cover image of Leon from iloveflash!

SNES Cartridge:
If only.. (Thanks to Sum Gai!)

Hidden "Mystic Arte":
ARPerson9 found a secret skill that even I was unaware of..!?

Warning: Late postgame spoiler!

Alternate Style:
Skie Fortress made a neat rendition of Leon. Check out the full-sized sprite sheet here.

T-Bot Mk. 3:
DE put together a sprite to use for AAG's T-Bot Mk. 3. I had to tone it down on account of it being too bad-ass.

Warning: Postgame spoiler!