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The Story

The storyline of this game is very basic: Ralph goes out to the arcade during a storm. He had just switched on the Pac-Man machine when the arcade gets struck be lightning, and Ralph gets sucked into the game! After beating the first stage, Ralph enters the Mother Board. He discovers that he has been held captive by the mighty lord Pac-Man! He has to complete a total of 20 more stages before he can escape the arcade machine.

This game adds a twist to the original favorite, Pac-Man. All levels still incorporate the basics of the original, but warps, obstacles, and creative themed levels add unique aspects to the game.

The Features

-Fun Pac Man levels much like the Namco original with unique aspects
-Cool shop system all made with VX eventing
-Unique items and obstacles
-Professional looking installation screen
-Exciting plot
-Amazing cutscenes
-Downloadable Bonus Pacs so the fun never stops!
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The Reason

The idea of the project was to do as much we could with the level editor and events without using a Pac-Man script, although two scripts will be used in the game, (just for a splash screen and windowed/fullscreen mode option) they will not affect the overall game play. This just proves how far the RPGVX editor can go. We want to show beginner RPG makers that a great game can be made without the knowledge of RGSS2.

The Staff

I am not the only person working on this game. PL_Random (known as "PivotDude90thCentury on YouTube) was a great help to me in the mapping of the levels. He has mapped about half of them, and I would very much like to thank him. Although I am the coordinator of this project, he introduced me to RMVX and this game would not exist without him. He is a new member to the site and has played his fair share of RMN games.
I also received some excellent help with the bonus level system from Kisareth Studios, and the face graphics for Pac-Man's robotic staff where found by Ferris95. I would like to thank them for their great help.

See more on the CREDITS page.

What's New (Pac Ralph Blog)

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Latest Blog

More Problems

As I've said before, I hit a wall in the ghost system, and as of now I have done everything I can with shop.

PL_Random haven't gotten together yet for the ghost system, so I can't promise that this will be out by 2011.

I'm sorry that the production speed of this game is crappy, and if you subscribed and are disappointed by the few updates, I apologize.
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  • 12/14/2010 11:14 PM
  • 07/29/2011 02:02 AM
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Waka waka waka waka waka...

Pretty cool. I didn't know pacman was capable of a plot.
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