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This page will be updated with pictures and a full roster of characters soon.

Ryu (Light Dragon Clan)

Class: Dragon Warrior

Back story: Member of the Dover Family, Ryu is the next slated leader of his house. While he lost his parents at an early age, his grandfather, the present leader of the family, raised him. Ryu is able to transform, albeit for a short period, while many of his clan cannot.

Vos (Dark Dragon Clan)

Class: Sorcerer

Back Story: Member of the Chetrye Family, and hated by all of them, save the one he lost, his mother. Vos' primary ambition is to distance himself from his family, and to make his own way in life, though he finds life without the pomp and finery difficult.

Treno (Dark Dragon Clan)

Class: Rogue

Back Story: Deposed Leader of the Red Wind, a band of bandits who, while notorious, were not known for their violence or hostility. That, however, has changed, and Treno has taken Windia as his new home, hoping for a quieter, more simple life, while taking the odd job on occasion.