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Mapping Meandering

  • Melkino
  • 02/28/2014 11:34 PM
My progress has been slower than I'd like it to be because I've needed to spend most of my free time on mturk to pick up whatever pocket money I can find. During the slow days (or mini bouts of burnout) I put a little bit of work into the game, such as making plans outside of the editor, and chipping away at my giant mapping to-do list.

Since the last time I updated on here, I've finished editing tilesets for various nature areas. These include plain green grassland, snowy areas, and other variants of "dying" land that reflects how industrialization and its resulting pollution has been slowly warping and killing nature.

I've also completed many interior maps for Misthaven Cliffs, as well as almost all of the maps for Tribane Valley, an optional area that opens up to the player after completion of a certain prison dungeon that I've put off working on for months. It's not even the second dungeon anymore, either--it's been pushed back in favor of a different one that introduces Remi and Altair. However, there is something foreshadowed in the Remi/Altair storyline that later affects Moshi's storyline, as well as giving a greater understanding to what she does in prison when the plot's focus comes back to her.

The hardest part is getting started, though. I know what to do, I have the to-do lists to check off, and the desire to get this part of the plot over with so I can finally move on, but the problem is that I keep telling myself that everything I write concerning this plot point sounds extremely stupid. Eh...I'm hoping to push through it in time.

Thanks for reading.


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Good work, Melkino. Glad to hear you're being productive, on this game or otherwise. Keep up all that hard work!
I just want to let you know, for what it's worth, that I think this is one of the best games currently in development.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Slow but steady wins the race, at the cost of growing anxiety and a sense of worthlessness based on the modern culture of now-or-never.

Have fun keeping on ;V
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Making games is hard, yo!

But keep in mind your game is looking great ;)

Keep at it at your own pace.
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