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Soon after the events of Koli's Sorrow, Koli and his gang decide that it's time for them to go and help a recent issue that they believe they created- Cursed's death caused all of the airships around the area to drop down and crash, leaving a wave of destruction throughout Central City. However, there's more to this all then the group suspects, and it becomes slowly apparent that their sorrows are not yet over..

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Thinking of the future and past: Koli's Sorrow

All right, so I've been thinking for a while about my place here on RMN and I've noticed I've made a habit of having these grand ideas and them ending up going nowhere. Sanctum Security was a failed attempt at a more versatile game, and Malum Immortalis was an attempt at a more interactive story. However, both of those games were in VX as en engine, and more recently there was the release of VX Ace.

I moved to this new platform and decided on my next two projects, the first of which has already begun. I've already implemented the old idea's class system and pumped through about a fifth of the project on my own. Now we arrive at the relevance for Koli.

My first idea was to create a final game to say "Goodbye" to Koli and his world as it's known now. This isn't to say that we'll be saying farewell to the world forever only that Koli himself is now quite old, and three games is a fine lifetime for a sacractic character to survive. So, The third installment of Koli's Sorrow: "Invenire" will pop up on the site as a demo in the coming months and will star a new protagonist alongside out familiar friend.

This brings me to my second point. The original Koli's Sorrow games were okay, but I've obviously evolved greatly in my time creating these fun little things we call games. I've decided that as soon as Invenire is complete, I'll swiftly re-create the first two games in a remix for Vx Ace with a bigger and badder world and system. This will be an "Anniversary" kind of thing and will be my final farewell to Koli, but as I've mentioned before the world will live on through his successor.

My point of the blog here? I'm curious;
What has your favorite aspect of the Koli's Sorrow games been?"
Is there something manageable you'd really like to see in future games?
Are there elements that you believe the story is missing?
And any other information would be greatly appreciated.

With much love, Storyteller.
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  • 04/30/2011 06:03 PM
  • 09/22/2018 12:54 AM
  • 07/18/2011
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Am I the only one that actually enjoys playing the Koli's Sorrow Games?
Also, maybe we could work together on a Koli's Sorrow 3.
You'll need to re-submit your game's download. The player's location isn't set.

Fixed. Thank you. *facepalm* I'm stupid >..>
You'll need to re-submit your game's download. The player's location isn't set.
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