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Date, create, and share!

Assuming the role of a male high school student in Japan, the player will meet, interact with, and date a number of female characters with the goal of winding up with one of them at the end of a 101-day calendar. Yeah, you've seen this all before...or have you?

In other romance sims, there's little reason to replay the game again once you've pursued all the characters you're interested in. But Heartache 101 allows for a variable female cast. The number of characters in the game is completely open-ended!

You can create new characters and add them to the game, share them with other users, and add characters created by other users. You can create the images for custom characters from a template, or use images you created yourself, or images from any source. (only "standing" images of characters can be imported; there is no event CG in the game) A simple scripting language is provided for writing story events. You can also customize some of the music.

The game system itself is in part a visual novel interface with gameplay that include conversational decision-making, board game-like mechanics, stat management, financial management, and more.

Latest Blog

New game forthcoming, some might like to know

Since I've been asked many times if I would ever make a sequel to Heartache....

Well this is not a sequel. In very many ways it's radically different. But some might find that it partially retains a bit of the same feel?

So I'm posting the first public screenshot here, and whoever is interested, look for a game page up in the next week or two with the title "Where One Citizen". Game is not complete yet, but after 10 years of development it's about time to start showing it!


Guardian of the Description Thread
I suppose, instead of replacing the main download link whenever an update happens, you could make a post on the Testing page that links to a MediaFire-hosted download (or some other external link) for updates until things settle down more? Doing this will still tell the beta testers, or other subscribers, when the newest version would come out (Gotta love notices!) without bumping the gamepage to RMN's front page. I least I think it would work that way!
The game is awesome but i cant get to meet some girls that i seen in the credits but i dont know their names one has black hair and one had hair the same colour as miki's
Yeah but if a bug is worth fixing for testers it's worth fixing for everyone.
It's silly to be worrying about this. It's not as if I'm spamming.

Thanks, and here are some hints:

There are three ways to meet Akari (dark-haired girl):

Method 1 -- In a Miki event, for a set of two choices with the first being a Mind check, take the second choice. Later, there will be a choice with a Soul check in a Keika event. Take the first choice and pass the Soul check.

Method 2 -- In a Riho event, for a set of two choices with the first being an Athletics check, take the second choice. (you won't be able to get Riho's ending, however)

Method 3 -- In a Tsubasa event, for a set of two choices with the first being a Mind check, take the second choice. (you won't be able to get Tsubasa's ending, however0

Once you have gotten Akari's affection up a bit, there will eventually be two opportunities to meet Hinami (orange-haired girl).
Guardian of the Description Thread
@flowertheif: *shrugs* I dunno. If it was a serious enough offense, I suppose being contacted by a mod would be a clear sign that you were doing something wrong. Ultimately, the decision of what to do is yours.

@Animetor: Did you meet... the blonde!?
Damnation! I got the miki, keika, akari, and shihoko ending, well, the were availiable, and then, on that very last day, all of them (exept Akari)told me through the 'grapevine' that I hadn't talked with them for ages and I got minused (is that a word) a lot of points for each character. Sigh, I cannot believe it! I was so brilliant in doing everthing too. Shame I only had one telephone call to make every night.
By the way? Is Akari just seeing things or is she not hallucinating and it actually is real, Akari is simply the bestest! But it intrigues me of the things she's seeing, Akari kind of reminds me of myself, apart from she dosent do anything to hide her feelings and acts like me when I am at home. Anyway, skidding off my original question. Is Akari hallucinating or are the things she sees real! Tell me! I need to know! Also, I cannot believe that robot seller, 7000 yen, it left me bankrupt for life!

Guardian of the Description Thread
Ichimaru_Gin's blat

I take it you never bothered to upgrade your phone plan with orbs. That increments the number of calls you can make by one for each upgrade. Then again, I don't really know if it works like that, as I've only upgraded once ever. Then again, the upgrade also costs 3,000 Yen on top of the orbs. If you were having money troubles thanks to the robot (which I've never gotten), then, yeah. Kinda stinky either way.

Also, "minused" is totally not a word. "Subtracted" is what you were looking for.
Hello people, flowerthief this is going to be my lastest post ever! They have finished the new forum! So I will probably post on it unless I like this forum better, it is just that that forum has a lot less people and is more like a community as there are only, at last count, 26. Members. I'm not going to put the link for it or the name, because it is kinda nice, only having 26 people. Sigh. Peace is so nice. Since this may be my last post, I shall say farewell!
Namarie mellon-nin! Namarie!
Farewell friends! Farewell! (The translation is there because I know a lot of people will not have ever bothered reading the lord of the rings, or learning ther elvish sub language Quenya)
If this isn't my last post, just in case, i will post on here to make it known, it is not that likely though. Sigh. I will miss you all!

Oh No! I just looked on the site, and it had been on for like a month already! And then I looked on the members page, and they had deleted all the members it seemed! and no-one from before had re-registered! NEVER!!!!!!!!!Now only the two makers of the site, DonFan, and spazta are members! NO!!!!!!
I will have to stay on here! For some reason I'm not sad! How can this be?!
If you were having money troubles thanks to the robot (which I've never gotten), then, yeah. Kinda stinky either way.

And the robot didn't do that a good job anyway, I know.
my robo janitor rocks. used it for the last 3 sundays in the game and it did a perfect job. i had gotten 3 salary raises so i raked in like 3,000 yen each sunday.

BTW, visiting the station gives you a shot at finding the robo janitor dealer. it's kinda pricey, i think it was like 6,000 yen.

As far as I know, there are at least 3 phone upgrades. Every time you pay 3,000 yen more to upgrade, in addition to 5 and later 6 orbs.

It's worth saving the game manually once in awhile, not just relying on the autosave.

About Akari's route....
I wanted it to mirror the way in which paranormal reports heard from a secondary source can be interpreted in more than one way. When you hear weird things from a secondary source such as a friend or acquaintance, you can usually find a way to explain it all rationally. But...just maybe there could be something crazy going on. Whichever your favored interpretation, you can never be 100% certain of it. Similarly, with Akari's story, I did intend it to be as ambiguous as it seemed. However...
I think the story slightly favors the paranormal interpretation, doesn't it?
Guardian of the Description Thread
Must... not... hit.... the spoiler!
i remember seeing a japanese nintendo 64 game with the same type of gameplay
Release v0.62 has many changes to customization in particular including features that have been requested. If you are using the customization features, be sure to see my explanation of what's new if you haven't already.
everyone be sure to run a play through of the latest build. I'm sure you will find a pleasant surprise when you see your favorite characters on screen.
Guardian of the Description Thread
everyone be sure to run a play through of the latest build. I'm sure you will find a pleasant surprise when you see your favorite characters on screen.

This comment kinda makes me want to get it, but I want my attention to be focused elsewhere.
Taking a page out of the Legionwood tactical exposure manual, eh?

I can say "eh". I'm a Canadian, eh.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Legionwood? I thought we were calling incessant spanning of the front page the "Davenport effect" because of this game being on the front page least once a month?

But what would I know?
There is new built-in story content in v0.70 including:
- a secret character
- Hinami's story route slightly extended
- new cheating/jealousy events

You can now hold the L button ('q' on the keyboard) to "smart skip" through text. It will only skip through text if you have already seen it, or if it is a generic event. R or CTRL can still be used to "stupid skip" through any text.

Also, new customization features I've mentioned on the custom content page, countless bug fixes, etc.

Because of the new story content and changes to record-keeping, old saves and records will not be compatible with this version.

edit: Marrend found a bug today that was rendering his custom content useless so I've fixed that one too.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Arghh! This game is on the front page every day.
I am reluctant to try it out though. I will look at the screenshots. And maybe subscribe... depending if it looks good. :\