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Almost there

  • Sauce
  • 07/16/2012 06:57 AM

Our first release is nearly upon us. I haven’t really checked on the game page in a while and just realized that most of the videos are pretty outdated.

Here’s a quick peek at the new systems look by Bones and an example of cancelling enemy encounters.

I honestly cannot figure out why the lighting with my recordings are so off. Anyway, dungeons are setup so you have the option/opportunity to skip every encounter.

The narrative is depicted through several concurrent point-of-views. For this first release, we’ll be leaving out quite a few of them. One reason is that our cutoff point for this release has several of those other plotlines incomplete/seemingly irrelevant and somewhat distracting from the main story. None of the other perspectives are irrelevant, but you won’t see the connection by the end of the demo. The other reason is that they’re not as polished or as compelling as the Phenix storyline. You will meet many of them along the way, though.

As for how long it is, I’m not sure. I haven’t attempted a single playthrough of the game. It’s certainly longer than many completed games.

So anyway, stay tuned. Should be ready in the next two weeks, but we do want to get some external testing going the week before release. Post here if you’re interested in doing some beta testing. Nothing fancy. Bugs, grammar, etc.

Also, we're looking to try some new system sounds for cursor commands. Anyone got any suggestions?


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I love the how you can skip combat like that. Are some monsters unskippable? It would be really cool if level had something to do with it. Like maybe if you weren't a high enough level to skip the combat you are still able to get a preemptive strike?
Also, I would be very interested in bug testing for you. This looks cool and I have lots of free time right now.
Skipping combat is cool, if you're in a hurry. I'm glad that there is an actual pattern to the act of skipping, because otherwise a lot of players would simply spam one button while walking through a dungeon, which would lead to detached gameplay. It would be great to make certain battles unskippable, such as a powerful enemy guarding a rare treasure.

Do the enemies respawn if you leave the area and come back in?

Combat looks great and flows pretty smoothly, partly because of the teleport animation. It certainly adds to the coolness factor.

I'd really love to be a tester for this game, but my work schedule is too hectic right now, so my free time is basically nil. However, I'm definitely looking forward to the release and I'm glad you guys are still polishing this gem. I was getting worried for a little while...

@D - The too low level to skip, but do get a bonus for correct command is a solid idea. I haven't thought much into that kind of detail because there's currently not enough open world freedom to advance to higher level places. Dungeon crawl is fairly minimal. Maybe I could use that concept to indicate to the gamer that their party is underleveled at the moment?

@Zadok - This Green/Purple indicator is by far the most simple version that we're employing. For the most part, the enemies that chase you are skippable. If they're just standing guarding something, then no. And yes, they do respawn.
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