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The purpose of this page is to help define some of the concepts or terms used in the game that might otherwise be unfamiliar. It also serves to give a brief description of certain places in the world of Atrium.

Antesis- The use of Elementra to control natural forces (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, etc.)
Ataosia- The group that left the Plebeian Collective to follow after Edacian.
Atrium- The name given to the world.
Avalon- The capital city of Lucera.
Baron- A noble of the Lucerian Kingdom that is given authority over a province.
Cinnero- The empire that descended from the Ataosians, whose dominion is mostly the eastern half of Lapathia.
Creators- The group of nomads that discovered elementra and built the torches.
Elementra- The substance that makes manipulation of the elements possible.
Gonnyan- A kingdom, secluded from the Lapathians, in the northern wintery regions of Atrium.
Haft- A mechanical device that manipulates elementra.
Lapathia- The main continent where the Cinnerean and Lucerian kingdoms originated.
Lucera- The kingdom that descended from the Plebeians, whose dominion covers Carmine, Apolyton and the western part of Lapathia.
Muscan's Grotto- The name given to the cavern where Elementra was discovered.
Nebula- A thick chemical vapor that engulfs the planet.
Omnesis- A manipulation of Elementra by scientific or other means.
Post Auroram- The time period since the construction of the Torches. Abbreviation P.A.
Protesis- The use of Elementra for constructive purposes. (Healing, Refining, etc.)
Sempiternis Tenebris- The time period before the construction of the Torches. Abbreviation S.T.
Shadow's Fist- Formerly, the intelligence agency of the Lucerian Kingdom
The Cloak and Dagger- A clandestine organization that operates out of the town of Amorath.
The Petrus Canyon- A great canyon that seperates Cinnero from Lucera. Home to powerful monsters.
The Plebeian Collective- The group of humans that followed the Creators lead after the construction of the torches.
The Resistance- A rebel organization that operates out of the town of Belforge.
Torches- Devices powered by Elementra that refine the Nebula.
Vunedoaha- The capital city of Cinnero.