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Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #5 - Slowly doing somethin'

This couple of weeks... well, they haven't been THIS productive, you know. I'm still polishing things, here, there, and there too --behind you!

--Ahem. Anyway, now at least, I have like 8 artworks. I've been doing that, defining and on some other cases re-defining characters. Some of them were just... more lame than lamest x'D. For example, three of them were almost identical. And that's lame even if they're soldiers. Except if it is in a SNES game like Breath of Fire or FinalFantasyVI. Ahahaha.
ANYWAY. That's one of the things that I've been doing. I also patched my thing with other patch, the Unlock Pics. I still have to give it an extenuate testing, just to make sure it doesn't makes the game crash or something, because it would be the worst case scenario (videos)! (? I robbed a TV Show name! mwahahahaha! I'm evil!).

The other thing, aside from that kind of testings, like testing the game on Win7 (for me it worked just wonderfully, I copied it as an standalone, no RTP, no clear-type problem, and it was a blank Win7! installed like... one hour ago x'D). That made me to feel veeeeery goooood you know C:. Still, RM2k3 doesn't works on 64bit PCs, but anyway! Not even great RMXP does, neither RMVX! So I'm not envyous. Well, only from Ace... stupid Ace... why have you to be the ace? Curse youuuuu Enterbraiiiiinnnn!!!!... *goes into a dark whirlpool*.

And lastly, working on the "script", story script I mean. I already had like... the important points, but there were a lot of voids too, so that's what I'm focused by now. I have like 50%, and counting 6 chapters in total (each chapter is like an "arc" on animes, with a main point and something to be accomplished -subplots-). Each of them, I presume, to be several hours. On the whole, it will be a big baby I think... Oh dear... what a "work" I got... ahahah... But anyway, that's the best part of it, since I will have a lot of Ragnarökr to do on my life. If it ends, I'll feel lonely :'C.

So, I'll stop saying stuff, just wanted to say something to make you all know that Orochii is still alive. Next time I'll prepare some arts to fill this thing. Caring to not spoil. Much. Hahahaha.

See ya folks,
Orochii Zouveleki


IMA MAKIN WALLPA PAH! (? dunno if pronounce is ok :C sorry)

Well, I'm doing little stuff for this thing. I had some spare time, a render, and some will to do it, so I did it.

In three sizes. I'll do more later on. I'm trying to give some time to drawing, with my pandafood, since I'm kind out of practice ahahaha! At least compared to what I do with Mr. Pencilman. Anyway, I'm losing my head.

Wallpaper 1 - Hikari 1600x1200 1280x1024 1360x768

Thanks for reading!


THE Captain's Log #4.5 - Vacation time

So, we were attacked by evil monsters, and all my tripulation died. I'll take a little while to rest.
Anyway, what I really mean is that this lapse I was off... like... weeks? I'm not very aware of how much it was. I was in the typical status of every college student. Lot of work and not much free time. Well, having free time, I would had some advancements on this thing, but I got a new baby, and I will make it grow first, since is a short project. It's for a contest, so there's a time limit.
The game has to be short, not more than 30min of gameplay (for any gamer). So I'm going for a "robust" linear storytelling roleplay game. Linear story, that is.

I'm not going to put this project on hiatus. I resist against it. I'm always thinking about it, and with the probability of doing something for it. I'm just going to let this notice here for say that "don't worry if there's not much new stuff by now, it's just temporal".

I'm spriting from time to time, if I get the time ahah... Damn, that was better when I thought it.

I'll try to get some freshy news ASAP, salut,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: Remember, it's not Hiatus. That's an ugly word... :C.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #4 - do we have something to say??

-It's the CAPTAIN's log, not tripulation's >:C!

(YES!! Recicling is good!).

--Anyway, this week... long week. Well, it was productive, most of stuff is already flying by this page. The inventory now works, it just needs the "item-usage screen", from which... ermm... items will be actually used...
1.You select item on the inventory
2.A new screen shows, with info about the item.
3.If the Item is usable, it will have the available targets shown.

I need to do the actual mockup, but the idea is like this:

...Oh well, actually I did the real mockup x'D. Much better... anyway.
The idea is to supply user the necessary information. If you saw the inventory... well it lacks the vanilla description. So it is here, on the targetting "subscene". I thought that filling the main screen with more text would had been terrible. It's way simpler that way.

Now, let's move to monster making! I'm ended revamping, and now I'm doing new ones. Replacing all those FinalFantasy/LiveALive/otherSquare placeholders... making them more to what I want them to look like (or something like that).

The third thing that passed this week is that... well... the remapping of Havoc... I think it was this week... or was the past one? Anyway. The chipset is now complete! And now I can move to the next, which is the Phamas Forest (trivia -?-: Phamas comes from Poritia Phama, a kind of butterfly -formerly, the name was random, and was just a name for a faerie forest haha, but I checked it, and for me, it made some sense, since faeries NORMALLY have butterfly-like wings-).

And that's all! Hope this entry went in a... interesting way or something. Just to not bore YOU!1! that much.

...Wait, this is my log,
Orochii Zouveleki -the captain and lone developer (brave music goes here)-

EDIT: Oh BTW, I just updated the "Systems and asdfg" page. I don't remember it's name because I renamed it to "Systemathics" (and I have THAT POOR memory). It now has some details regarding skills and stuff... just some things I wanted to clarify and bring out from my chest.

Progress Report

The Log #3 - Revamping monsters

I've been doing the monsters since like 2 years ago (and there was a nice lapse that I did nothing!). So, who's obligated to redo them? If you guessed, you're right.
Gladly I didn't made a lot, just like 20 or so (from almost 200). And they were kind of small. Very small. So that's other part I'm... fixing? Pardon my poor vocabulary.

Oh well, anyway, there are nice sprites though that I just made some fixing on some parts, or even just played with the pallete colours, and done! After all, that's the part that have been changing a lot on my style lately.

Enough talk, let's take a break! Here they go.

I also have been uploading some of them (the most radical changes I think) on DeviantArt. Not only revamps but also some major sprites (whatever it means).

And so here ends this entry. Hope it gets to... interest you? Anyway,
Orochii Zouveleki

Progress Report

Captain's Log #2 - About things here and there... (Mar 11, 2012)

I have not much to say, to be honest. I've been tweaking here and there, and spriting and doing small things to some chipsets (I've the main tiles for the desert town).
And I made a huge, maybe too big monster x'D. It uses almost all space! (224x152 from 320x240). There's a little bigger one but anyway...

I just love big monsters ='D...
The other things I do regard mainly about tweaking the battle. I've almost all stuff done, and much easier/cleaner thanks to... well... that new patch. I now just need to remake the scan ability and do some kind of "template" for customs skills (I have the idea, just need the time to get it to work!).

We'll pass to a less boring issue... I talked 'bout the desert town chipset, so I present you all a little tile testing, for post's sake.

And lastly, a new boring issue. My game is one of those that features zillions of weapons, armor, items, skills. I'll better cover that part on a next edition of... Capt'n Log!!

I forgot you! Capt'n!

Have a good day,
Orochii Zouveleki


How's the CSS?

Well... I did some tweaks here and there. Probably is worst than the vanilla theme, but I'm still on it...
There are some thematic stuff though, even if you can't know that by now (because it's SE-CRE-...T? -how am I supposed to pronounce that?? you know nothing of syllabic division!).

Anyway, just so you get to know... The comments are "System-graphic" themed. The green-and-blue theme is used on the game anyway. So it's supposed to be... really thematic. I'm still planning to add some little sprites here and there, but dunno, I'll do it later. Hooo, how I love pixel art <3!

Ok, so here's the entry. And as this thing is about the CSS, you can do some... ehrrm... suggestions. I'll... take them into account. Things like "this thing makes my eyes bleed" and that stuff.

Thanks for all again, have a good day!
Orochii Zouveleki

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log (Feb16, 2012)

Okay, some time ago, I said something about maintaining this thing alive, either posting images, or something. Well, here comes the attempt to do it. Just so that those people that have some interest on it don't get to think that "oh well, that guy is just blabbering, but never does the things he says". Well, sometimes I get to be like that ='D, but with my RPG Maker gaem I'm different!

So, anyway, let's start THE captain's log! (?).

-First of all, the first three zones are now done! That includes the worldmap (Fierro zone), the Training Cave and Fierro town itself. I need now to get to do the forest and Havoc town chipset, and that would be a great graphical-wise advancement =D! And yeah, some more NPCs... but anyway.

-Second, I'm again using Disharmony patch. I needed the OGG-looping functionalities, and now it seems to behave much better (no more laggyness it seems! I need to test it on my P4256MbRAM). I changed it before for that thing, that ugly lag it caused. So, as it seems to be solved (this PC is maybe between standards and performance seems to be good even on the worldmap, where lag was just HORRIBLE!).
(Just if you were wondering... I was using before an audio library named "Audiere" for being able to read OGG. And just if you get to have the curiosity, I'm using BetterAutoEnterPatch to skip titlescreen, PicPointerPatch to make possible the use of a variable value as part of a image name, and a little extra patch to "remove" the Autobattle selection window).

-Third, I'm changing "evented skills" for... well... "coded skills". For custom behaviour on skills, I did some changes at statuses and checks and stuff for "target selections". Now, I can do the selection much easier, and custom behaviours can be much more powerful than before! That, thanks to the use of the recently released DynRPG SDK. I'm still getting the basic "functions" done for that stuff, but by now, some things already started to take form!

And, as always, I'm delaying the menues ahaha! But anyway, I'm thinking about stuff that could make that part easier too... Using some set of "fake script calls" (comments and that stuff).

Thanks for the patience if you get to read this! Salut,
Orochii Zouveleki


Ragnarökr Oficial Atlas - 1st Edition

And here it is. Behold! The "mighty" plane of Midgard! All hail! From left to right...

The continent of Aleko, where the adventure begins! Here we have three human settlements.
Fierro, a mining town, where melee soldiers are trained. Our protagonist, Hikari Morishita, lives here.
Havoc, a port town, not much more than that...
And finally the town of Aleko, the place where the marvellous (?) Aleko Academy is.
There are also two important "passages" that communicate one town with the other. The Phamas Forest, which is between Fierro and Havoc, and the Haleko Mountain Pass, which communicates Havoc and Aleko (I'm very original with names --yeah it's sarcasm haha).

Ardmore. A place with not much of interest, although it will be a recurrent destination. AND it's way too far from Aleko, in terms of monsters! (these are really beasts).
Ardmore has a nice set of 4 towns!
New Parnassus, the reconstructed town. It's main attractive is his port, but also is where the Parnassus Combat School resides (here students prepare themselves and later move to Aleko Academy, where they specialize).
Heitlod, which is near Parnassus. Not much to say. Nothing on it is decided (by now it will be one of the "extra towns", so it's "reserved" for a little surprise heheh).
Similar case goes with Giles, another extra town.
And Ardmore Capitol City, the continent capital.
Also, towns in this continent are connected by trains.

Now... Cyr! This is a cold place, which has only one settlement. That is, Cyr. The port is located very far from town (being at the coast, when the town is between mountains at the central area), but is connected by train lines too.

Yamashiru, also called neo-japanese empire! The only territory that's not allied with the rest (by diverse motives). Features the high-tech city of Eddie! (you see the reference? Eddie?). As a sidenote, our protagonist is native from here.

Central, the great divergences continent. It's inhabited by multitude of tribes and races. The Utgarim have their settlements here too, whose have grudges against humans, but still are kind of pacifists. There was once, though, one utgarim attack to one human town, the Old Parnassus.
There are also the Nok tribe, whose just live peacefully between the mountains.
The Central continent features 3 towns (Abasantis, Abantiades and Syrinx), along with the ruins of Old Parnassus. Most of these towns are located in the west part of the continent, near shorelines, being Old Parnassus the only one that went inside it (and was destroyed).
Also there are the two ‘relic towers’, one of which is the Syrinx Tower (which gave the town it's name) and the Tower of Victory (you know something 'bout Nirvana?).

There's also the east territories, which are still unexplored. The Vanaheim continent and another large land mass simply called "the unnamed territories" (they are so hostile that are supposed to have no civilization there, only what would the monsters do by themselves).

And that's the end of our chapter! Hope you enjoyed it or something.

Game Design


Well, came to maintain the thing alive. Here's some of the artworks I made from time to time. They're not for the project itself (not used in any moment), but are still related and treated like concept art.
Here they are, hope you like it.

In chronological order, from oldest to newer.

And by any case, here's my deviant: orochii.deviant.com

C'est tout, adios,
Orochii Zouveleki