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Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #40 - New version is now up!

Woof! Iesus! This has been such a long day!

Hello internet! Right now I've finished preparing the update. I'm sorry for the lateness, but there was a deceased family member, so I had to take today and yesterday for that. I'm sorry!

But I now have been hurrying to complete the task, and here it is! Drekirökr is now updated! The bug report page is updated too, there you can see the list of changes. Or I can just copy and paste it here, heh!

Found issues on Demo Version, June 2015GRAPHICS
MISSING ANIMATIONS: Punch*, Kick*, Leather Glove*, Typhoon* --DONE
MISSING ICONS: Serpent skin*, Spiny skin*, Cleave*, Double Attack*, Leather Whip*, Leather Gloves*, Life Rain*, all Minuet passives* --DONE
MISSING GRAPHICS: Minuet overworld --DONE
Floating battlers: Crocodile, Lime --DONE
Stuck flames --DONE
Vance's character has a problem. --DONE
Chest Key's map graphic (glitter) changes direction, something it shouldn't do! --DONE
Use item background image on inventory screen has outdated parts --DONE

Change default configuration to Wait Mode --DONE
Hidden battlers can't be affected by animation opacity reset (I know what I mean) --DONE
Map animations aren't following the source event. --DONE
Battle results screen should include information about each character's gains --DONE
Check Lightningrod: It could be misbehaving.
Spiny skin tends to counter things it shouldn't! --DONE?
Language selector should save the last selected language. --DONE
Why the hay Minuet's description isn't being shown when the game is in English? --DONE

Training Cave redesign: main puzzle less effective than optional boss' one --DONE
A little wait after exiting the cave, because there is a "perspective change". --DONE
Also the exit event should be moved down one tile... --DONE
Great Architect's imaginery needs to block passage! --DONE
Why the heck the church treasure is a plain useless sword? --Actually it's Life Rain, need the ID to fix it on the langs o.o --DONE

Downgrade some parts of Minuet's equipment --DONE
I think I should up a little monster drops... --DONE
Red and Blue Flames should give AP, and NO Experience! --DONE
Hikari's Remedy will be available from lvl1 --DONE

Let's see... the updater is updated too! Hahah! And... yeah. There is an update package in the downloads section, you can grab it and paste its contents on your game folder, or just download the entire thing! There is no savefile corruption as far as I know, after all I didn't made any groundbreaking changes on scripts, just small tweaks to battle and stuff.

Hmmm what else? Yeah, I think that's it for today. I'm sorry but I'm sleepy.

Thanks for reading!


THE Captain's Log #39 - Reports!

Hello! I've just added a bug report page, which can be found at the project page navigation bar. Or you can follow this link:

This is meant to include all bugs to be solved. So, any issue you're having with the game, please leave a comment there. It's just to try and have everything a little more clean and tidy (?). Right now I've got quite a list of things to do.

Also, I wanted to mention that I'm not going to make an update until the next Saturday. This is meant to be in favor of players. Although if a fatal bug occurs, I will reconsider and make a proper fix just for that. But as far as I know, there is none of these.

The bugfix page will include when a new update is coming, just like a reminder.


In other news, well... Right now, between this site and GameJolt, Drekirökr has ALMOST 100 downloads. Hurray! Thanks people for your support.

This captain says he will see you later.


THE Captain's Log #38 - Demo is here! Finally!

YES! Although it was here since at least 1 hour ago, but my filename had an ascii character that wasn't supported by the... something on the page, whatever! öööö.

DEMO IS HERE! And it's both in English and Spanish! (how noisy can I be about that thing?). Anyway, I'm proud to present this, Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon, finally as a demo release.

Here are some screenshots in order to accomplish a spotlight in Best of Blogs #002, I mean, I want to maintain the quality in the gibberish I write. Because, yay! I was pretty happy to see that my blog was actually nice. I always think it is rubbish.

Things to note: I know there will be bugs. Or would I say, I'm pretty sure there will be. So, please, any issue you have, report it. I will be updating it, hoping it to be 1 time a week or so. If there is something stupidly bad, a greatly devilish crash or something, I would fix it ASAP.

Now, let's make it to the final release! Whick I really really really hope to get the next year, because I will be working as mad. YEAH! Mad! klhvjknfvjksfskfndfjuk!!!.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #37 - Multi-Language Support is now on!

Hi all! This is me, your captain. Thanks to NewOld's old script (heh), and a lot of tweaking and adaptations to my liking, but mostly because of NewOld's work, Drekirökr is proud to be the first RPG Maker game with multi-language support, which is actually able to be translated by anyone just by changing a single, HUGE file, but anyways.

I actually don't know if this is the only one, I'm just... rambling. ANYWAY.

So yeah, Drekirökr can now be freely translated, no need for the editor. There is one thing though, and that is because of unicode characters. English is fully supported as long as I know, Spanish too since I had to make sure it was (Dreki is primarily on Spanish after all!). But depending on what characters are used, the parser will make them look something like this.

But oh well... Maybe someday in the future I will be able to show my love ♥♥♥. <-this is \xE2\x99\xA5, tried fixing it, but the script editor can't deal with most Unicode...

Now here is another screenshot for a thing related to the language support.

This is how the language file looks. This one for instance is the eng.lang file. There you can see all my Engrish thrown together.


On other news, well, things are looking pretty good actually! I think that if I make the last area I need for the demo, there will be a release shortly! Though... I think I will be needing some testing beforehand, but all things considered, MAYBE I can get a release this month!

Wish me luck please. Thanks for reading!

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #36 - We've reached a hundred!

This reminds me of how I was saying things like "if we get to 90 I'm going to make an artwork" etc. Ok, let me get a pencil... I'm a little out of practice.

Thank you people for your support! Either if you subbed or just passed by. Thanks a lot for your interest on this game.

On another news, there are several new improvements to the game. I've been quite busy, so I think the demo will not be out until maybe the end of June. I'm sorry for that, but time will be used for good.

- Multi-hit skills. I've implemented these in two ways. Skills that repeat themselves (this causes them to be able to change target if the actual target is dead). And skills that deal damage several times while the animation is running (these don't care if the enemy dies while the skill is being performed).
- Better animations! I've been working on some animations after making my custom animation editor, and yeah! They look nicer, I think. I still use the default animation editor for some things because my editor is still... starky?
- Things! I've been doing several other things. Bugfixes, and stuff.

Thanks people for reading!


THE Captain's Log #35 - You're (not) active

Hi! Seems like something I can miss miserably, but here it goes.

International release of the playable demo is coming this year, before July.
(Horns and trumpets)

YES! It seems someone is actually doing extra work!
By the way, by "international" release I mean English and Spanish versions. Sorry, that's all I know... And by "international" I mean I will put it here in RMN and some other Spanish RPG Maker community. Sorry, again! I've got a life, hurray!

Let's see... This is the progress... thing:
INTRO -> FOREST -> CAVE -> CITY! (end of demo)

Technically, I'm close to half, in terms of finished stuff. There is much more done, but these are things that either need a little more polish, or just need story events and all that easy/fun stuff :^D.

That's it. Let's see... estimate delivery? June 2015.

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #34 - Baboon, sign and sky colouring!

Hi people! So, I've got two news and an old (?).

First off, its the baboon and sign status conditions. These two replace the old Silence and Banning statuses respectively. Silence works just like a regular silence status, forbidding the usage of magical skills. Banning on the other hand forbids physical skills.

Now, Silence becomes Baboon, where the character is transformed into a baboon, making him losing all magical capabilities, BUT doubles its attack.
Banning on the other hand becomes Sign, which transforms the character into a sign with an X, which makes it unable to do physical moves but raises its magical capabilities by 50%.
I think this gives these statuses a little more personality...

Now the sky colouring. This is something I already had implemented, but needed some tweaks and some work. Also battlebacks weren't prepared to work with this. I need to make the sky semitransparent, so the clouds end up being like a mask that covers the plain colour of the sky. Here is an example of the change made for the grassland:

Left is before, Right is after.

And here how it looks in-game. It's the same graphic, on different game times. The change is made with *magic* (???).

There you can see the baboon and the sign statuses on action too!

And that's it for today! Salut!

Progress Report

THE Captain's Changelog #33 - Improved Animations!

So, hello! This is a pretty small changelog or something, but it's something!
Aside from making Aleko, I've been pushing a new thing into the game.

You see, I love Romancing SaGa 3, and one thing this awesome game has is the gorgeous animations. Monsters flying around, being kicked and pushed against the ground, and characters doing shit too.

<ROMASAGA VIDEO> Highlight at 4:29

Flipping, rotating, moving... This was not possible for me to do. So, I implemented something to fix that!

<RANDOM Tests with animations! >

I also implemented more stuff for animated backgrounds. I already had implemented moving layers. There is actually multi-layer support for backgrounds (some over the battlers, others behind -these behind are meant to scroll-).

Backgrounds now have frame-by-frame animation support. When a background is bigger than 320x240, it animates. By the way, since the game emulates RM2k3's resolution, background images are now half size, and resized ingame, to save some memory usage.

So, summarizing. You can add infinite background layers, either over and behind. Both over and behind can scroll sepparately. The base layer, on the other hand, is the only one supporting frame-by-frame animation. This of course because I think frame-by-frame animation is more costly. But wanted to implement it nevertheless... I'll see where I use it :3.

That's it for today. By the way, if you see the end of the video, you'll see something happening. Try this code inside a Script call box, best if it is the Fork conditions one because it has unlimited space.

system 'start http://www.google.com'

(Sorry, if I try putting it inside code tags, this happens).
system 'start [url]http://www.google.com[/url]'

That's it for the bonus, salut!

Progress Report

THE Captain's Log #32 - Changelog heheheheh

Howdy ho! Here is your captain again! Today, eons after the past update, here I come with some changelog thing. Most of these things are already known, I mean, I've been posting images and stuff. But anyway! Here is some of what has happened since the last update, in a written form!

- Map HUD. This includes the small lifebars at the top-left, and the minimap to the top-right.
- Changes to the battle HUD. Now each character and enemy has a mini-HUD, this replaces the standard battle status window.
- Implemented the item synthesis system.
- Various bugfixes, mainly in battle.
- Multi-group management is now limited to specific situations, instead of the original idea of having it always available.
- Passive abilities. Done 17 out of 32.
- Flying enemies now have some special properties... And these special properties are countered by a specific passive ability.
- Implemented abilities that affect weather.

I'll be uploading a video some day this week with all this things and stuff.


Game Design

THE Captain's Log #31 - Future changes

Hello mighty readers! This is me, your capt'n, talking to you like always (except for all those months where I write no word).

Well, here I am, talking to my log again. Hi log. Today's entry is about changes. Or may I call them, additions.


First of all, I've been like hundreds of days been planning and writing exciting and wonderful passive skills. Because yes! Passive skills are coming!

Thing is, I dislike stuff like "add X strenght". I like more the kind of stuff from Pokémon. Things like "this guy can't be damaged by indirect damage" (Magic Guard, I love Sygilyph). Or "can't be damaged except by super-effective attacks" (Wonder Guard). Or "Attacks made by or received by this guy never miss" (No Guard - Sorry, Guards are cool! "orz).

You know, I like things that need proper thinking! So I stole a lot of ideas from Pokémon took inspiration from various sources. All characters have 5 passive abilities to learn, which are part of the skill tree. And one of these 5 is exclusive.

Another way to get passives is thanks to Fylgja (akin to summons). Each Fylgja has a special passive ability, which when the fylgja is equipped, the passive counts. These passives are also possessed by the fylgja when you fight them (before recruiting them, you know the only way to know each other is FIGHT! -okay nope-).

Other ways of getting passives are equipment pieces. There is one passive for example, for which I took inspiration from Touhou Mother (a RPG Touhou fangame), it makes all skills cost zero MP, but your max MP is 1. Thing is, in my game you can die from 0MP, so you're PRETTY fragile against MP damage.

I will give a lot of examples, because I know beforehand I'm not the most creative and innovative in the world for this idea ("I'm running to the registry to claim copyright right now!"). After all, Pokémon *aliens*.
Actually I'm going to try and put the inspiration inside parenthesis.

(This could be considered spoilers...).
Counterattack - Small chance of counterattacking physical moves. (almost any RPG).
Air Juggling - Improves chances of hitting aerial enemies. (life maybe?)
Cost Reduce - Reduced MP costs by a 1/6. (RPGs, ie. FinalFantasy).
Element Affinity - Partial element resistances become full resistances. (PkMn somehow).
Alchemist - Item effects are doubled. (FinalFantasy).
Mana Flow - Skills cost 1.5xMP, power is raised by 25%. (MMORPGs in general I think).
Concentration - Ups evasion by 5%. (Lineage II specifically).
Weakness Policy - Raises attack and intelligence after being hit by super effective attacks. (PkMn).
Sturdy - Survives from one-hit-KO if HP is completely full. (PkMn).
Elemental Bonus - Raises power to any element the user is resistant to. (idk).
Infinity - All techniques cost 0. Max MP is 1. (Touhou Mother <3).
Sheer Force - Physical moves have improved damage, but lowers their accuracy. (PkMn, and I know the orig doesn't does that but I would hate to cut secondary effects from skills </3).
Provoke - Raises the chance of being targetted by enemies. (Lineage II).
Focused Force - Physical moves have less damage, but makes them rarely miss. (contrary to SheerForce).
Wolf's Reflexes - Ups the chance of evading physical attacks. (I'm guessing MMOs).
Owl's Wisdom - Ups the chance of evading magical attacks. (variation for Wolf's Reflexes).
Barter - Gets discounts from shops. Raises selling prices. (FinalFantasy, some ring in Lufia).
Gale Wing - Raises speed and evasion when under Hurricane weather. (PkMn).

Elemental Sensitivity - Effects of element affinity are doubled. (variation for Element Affinity).
Weak Guard - Defense is reduced after each physical damage. (PkMn's Weak Armor).
Glass Cannon - Intelligence is doubled, defense drops to one. (trope).
Denial* - Character can't be healed. (grief five stages).
Anger* - Permanent berserk status. Life drains each turn. Character can't be healed. (Idem).
Bargaining* - Loses MP in exchange of gaining life. Character can't be healed. (Idem).
Negation* - Negates all passive skill effects. Character can't be healed. (Idem).
Acceptation* - Complete vulnerability to state changes. Character can't be healed. (Idem).
Neutrality - Ignores any elemental affinity and weakness. (idk).
Squat - Graphic is shrinked! Can't hit flying enemies. Half ATK, ups evasion. (FinalFantasy tiny).
Giant - Graphic is doubled in size! Doubles ATK, can't evade, AGI is lower. (Squat variation).
Sign - Can't do physical techniques. (because of a ROM corruption in Mario 64).
Baboon - Can't do magical techniques. (variation for sign).
BOOOOOOM - IMA FIRIN MA LAZORRRRRR! (can't do anything else except LAZOR). (meme).

Umm, so yeah, that's the thing!

I've ALWAYS wanted to make an animated sequence! ;_; And I'm going to do something pretty similar to what I wanted, but with still images. I want to animate them by camera movement, and transitions and stuff. I know this can be done with RPG Maker's image commands, but I want to try and make a video, for several personal reasons (and because RGSS3).
I'm pretty sure I'll be doing more sequences like these later on for several important parts on the game. Actually, for consistency, I must.

Now let's talk about a demo. Let's be frank, I've been working as much as I can, but I can't promise nothing this year. This semester is HARD AS RUBBER DUCK! But I care to work little by little on everything each spare time I have. It's slow as duck, but it's going somewhere...

So that's it for now, thanks for reading this HUUUUUUUUUUGE wall of text. If you did read, you deserve 3 cookies :T.

Orochii Zouveleki