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(Version 1.8) Now available!
Iris Island is an Adventure/RPG, set on a fictional island of the same name.
With 3 varying story outcomes, players are given the opportunity to set forth on their own path of experience gathering and quest completion.

Choose your gender and name at the beginning of the game and customize your look with 4 different costumes. Test your skills at: Fishing, Mining, Smelting, Cooking, and Crafting.

Chat with the locals, learn the history of the island, and get to know the strange and exciting personalities of the people whom live there.

March forth on quests to gain riches and progress on your adventure. Learn what secrets lie below, and have yourself tested to see if you can be a true hero.

Latest Blog

It's been awhile. (Version 1.8)

Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank every one of you who has been trying out Iris Island. I was amazed to see that after all this time, "II" was still getting downloads. And now we've made it past 1000! That is very exciting to me. So thank you again and I hope you are all enjoying your time on the island!

Now to get to some details about the new update. Some users have been having issues with little aspects of the game. I have fixed a couple of them and am continuing to search out answers to any other bugs you may be having.
None of these are necessarily game breakers, but if you are worried about running into these issues, please update your game to V1.8. And if you already have an issue with Warsh's mini-quest, feel free to email me (letsfilmsomething@yahoo.com) and send me your save file so I can fix you all up!

Here's what I have fixed in the new update:
~Update 1.8~

-Fixed Warth's crate mission to Food Store from breaking.
-Fixed Frem showing up in caves at the wrong point in time.
-Added reward in "Secret Forest" room.

What's that last fix you may ask? "Secret Forest room"? If you haven't found this place yet, I'll give you a hint:

"Stay on track, kick those feet, and don't forget to jump. The path to surprises may be out of sight."

Good luck and have fun!
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  • 10/30/2011 08:46 PM
  • 08/15/2019 01:27 PM
  • 10/30/2011
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Is this, like... that one island on runescape, but its own game?
This is actually rather fun, in a grind out your skills kind of way. I do wish that the characters were a bit more fleshed out and that your walk speed wasn't dependent on your SP (I like to go fast when I 'grind'). It also would have been nice to have a few more things to do - maybe gathering and planting. Also, catching butterflies for that angry guy might've been an interesting mini-game of sorts. But it's still pretty good for what it is thus far.
I'll give a review once I finish it. :P

Give it a try peeps.

I've actually taken a lot of influence from runescape into this project, as you can probably tell. Spent a lot of time on RS's island. Haha.

Thank you very much! Yeah, I should have put a lot more work into the characters personalities. Kind of went short on that.

I hope the SP bar isn't too in the way. I tried to balance it a little to give people a good distance. Wanted to add a little something different in the game by having it.

I like that idea; Catching butterflies for Garvik would have been hilarious. (Him having a soft spot for butterflies.) lol.

Thank you very much for all the information. Looking forward to the review!
{Yeah, the shortcut is that hole in the wall, next to the elevator. Just stand in front of it, with the upper arrow key pressed, and then press 'A'. Your character will jump up into the hole.}

Sorry but where the hell is that 'hole' next to the elevator i can't find it nowhere plz tell me were exacly is the hole.

Sorry for the confusion with the shortcut. Glad you found it. :D

If you need help with anything else, let me know.
sorry for the misunderstanding but i'm saying that i can't find it , can you tell me where exacly is it?

Oh! I'm sorry. Look to the right of the elevator. You should be able to see a hole in the wall, directly above some little rocks. I will post a screenshot for you when I get home.
i thought it was in the magma down because i'm stuck down there the elevator door is closed and i can't get in to go upstairs .

tnx anyway.

Did you activate the lever? Use that to open the door and then again to close it and ride up.
im uh stuck in the area with the little blue people. i cant go anywhere. the one mentions being hungry but i cant do anything. theres also a blank space which tells me "switch off" but nothing happens. please help
Hey chthonic! :D

First thing you'll need is a crystal. You can get one in the left side of their village, at the top-left corner. When you have one, go back to the hungry cave dweller and press 'enter' on the round dug out dirt spot to the right of him. You will leave a crystal there and he will follow after it. Then, the pathway will be clear for you.

I don't know what blank space you are referring to. Can you tell me where it's located?

thank you so much ... i had to go back a bit though. it wouldnt let me place a crystal in the spot. i went back to before i entered the village and it worked fine.

in the first area of the 'town' on the backside where the guard is, one of the houses enterances says (one of the dwellers must be sleeping inside) it's by the campfire. the space thats in shadow to the right of the house cant be walked on. but if you select the space it says switch off
Good. Glad you got it to work, I hope you didn't have to revert back too far.

Interesting. I believe I know what that is, and it's not supposed to be there anymore. I believe it's a leftover event from testing. Sorry about that. It will be removed in the next update.

That event may have been what disallowed the crystal to be placed too, now that I think of it. The guard scene is probably what I was testing. I did have alot of issues with him. lol
Submitted a review of this game. I hope you read it!
I most definitely will! Thank you for writing one. :D
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