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(Version 1.8) Now available!
Iris Island is an Adventure/RPG, set on a fictional island of the same name.
With 3 varying story outcomes, players are given the opportunity to set forth on their own path of experience gathering and quest completion.

Choose your gender and name at the beginning of the game and customize your look with 4 different costumes. Test your skills at: Fishing, Mining, Smelting, Cooking, and Crafting.

Chat with the locals, learn the history of the island, and get to know the strange and exciting personalities of the people whom live there.

March forth on quests to gain riches and progress on your adventure. Learn what secrets lie below, and have yourself tested to see if you can be a true hero.

Latest Blog

It's been awhile. (Version 1.8)

Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank every one of you who has been trying out Iris Island. I was amazed to see that after all this time, "II" was still getting downloads. And now we've made it past 1000! That is very exciting to me. So thank you again and I hope you are all enjoying your time on the island!

Now to get to some details about the new update. Some users have been having issues with little aspects of the game. I have fixed a couple of them and am continuing to search out answers to any other bugs you may be having.
None of these are necessarily game breakers, but if you are worried about running into these issues, please update your game to V1.8. And if you already have an issue with Warsh's mini-quest, feel free to email me (letsfilmsomething@yahoo.com) and send me your save file so I can fix you all up!

Here's what I have fixed in the new update:
~Update 1.8~

-Fixed Warth's crate mission to Food Store from breaking.
-Fixed Frem showing up in caves at the wrong point in time.
-Added reward in "Secret Forest" room.

What's that last fix you may ask? "Secret Forest room"? If you haven't found this place yet, I'll give you a hint:

"Stay on track, kick those feet, and don't forget to jump. The path to surprises may be out of sight."

Good luck and have fun!
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  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 10/30/2011 08:46 PM
  • 08/15/2019 01:27 PM
  • 10/30/2011
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no i only had to go back to before giving the guard outside a crystal ... and ive completed the game now ... i must say im quite impressed. first 'light' rpg ive enjoyed in a while
Thank you very much. I'm happy that you enjoyed it. :)
I found this to be a very fun game, and I enjoyed it alot. One thing though is that I don't think that the game ever actually tells you that you can jump, or how to do so. I didn't know that I could until I came here and saw it in a few posts.
Thank you very much! :D Really glad you enjoyed it. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, there isn't much to explain that you have the ability. The only clue I gave was the mine cart ride warning you that the track is out and to press 'A' during that moment. I probably should have had a tutorial at the beginning of the game. Would have been good for explaining the jumping ability and the sprint function.
Nice game!QUick question:i was in a mini game that i had to press A to jump the ledges but i fell down and now i am in a magma cavern and i cant get out,am i in a permanent situation and stuck or i can get out some way?
Greetings srnickolas,

First of all, thank you! Secondly, yes there is a way out. I'm assuming you are refering to the mine-cart mini-game. And if so, there are two pits that you can fall down in.

The first hole will lead you to the right side of the lower level of the cavern. Make your way to the left and look for a set of stairs leading to what looks like a rock-roof tile. You should see a ground tile, just on the other side of it. Here you want to face the flat rock, and while holding the 'Left-Arrow Key', press 'A' to leap over. Continue jumping in that fashion over the lava, until you make it down to the southern platform.

If you fell down the second hole, make your way down to the edge of the cliff. You should see a section of dirt in the middle, that is eroded. Stand there, and while holding the 'Down-Arrow Key', press 'A' to jump down. Then precede downward to the broken bridge and leap over its missing sections.

After that, you can find a tunnel to the south end of the cavern (If you see a warning sign your golden), go in and follow the tunnel to the left. It will take you to an elevator. This will take you to your next area and give you a way back down when needed.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks!!!Looks like i didnt use the A button in the game so far ,so i didn't know the character could actually jump!I always used the z button for everything... Great game!!!

another question:i found the elevator,pulled the lever and opened the door to it,but the character refuses to go inside,i tried getting inside a cart because there is a railing leading into it but that doesn't work either.How is it possible to enter the elevator?

Hey srnickolas,

That's very strange. After you pull the lever and the gate opens, it's supposed to allow you to walk in and turn to your right to flip the lever back. Then it's supposed to take you up to the next floor.

Perhaps there is something buggy with it. I will take a look and see if I can find any issues.

I'd say keep clicking with it, and try leaving the room and coming back.

I'll post again soon to let you know what I find.


Okay, I tested it and everything seemed to work fine. After you flip the switch, try to stand in place of where the gate was originally, and then turn to your right to hit the switch a second time. It should ask if you wish to ride the elevator.

I see though, that in your picture, the lever is down and the gate is still closed. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm trying to see if there is a way I can break the events and discover what what might have happened.

If you have a recent save before the elevator, you may want to revert to it and try the switch again.


Okay I figured out what was wrong! If you press the switch and then leave the room, the gate resets, but the switch remains flipped down. I'm going to patch this immediately and upload the fixed version.

Hang tight, I'll have this taken care of in a jiffy!
The elevator has been patched up. Feel free to re-download now and everything should work fine.

If you saved in the elevator room, leave and then return. It will reset everything to normal.

Thanks so much playing!

Thanks for your fast response and solution i will download immediatly and continue playing!
I can't find where Frem is. I'm already in a cave and it says I must follow Frem, but Where is he?

Have you met Frem before, or are you getting this message unexpectedly?
Send me a private message when you can, to tell me where you are at in the game and I will see if I can fix your problem. I'll message you back that way to avoid leaving any possible spoilers on the comments section.

Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
My turn to get help :(
Down in the mines I'm in a very dark area..was hoping to find a lamp but no luck :)
Is there a way out or will I be wondering in the dark for the rest of my life :)
Thank you

Found my way out of that area, ain't I smart......well, not really all that smart..I'm now lost deeper in the mines..all that burning lava...

Will I ever breath the fresh air of Iris Island again ??? :)
I really need help with some of the skill stuff. I'm not sure if you're still updating this game, etc. but 1. I don't know how to catch crabs. and 2. I don't how I'm supposed to obtain sand (for smelting glass) or thread to make fabric. If you're still looking over this game, I'd appreciated it if you replied.

Thanks. ^_^

Sorry for the late reply. Here's what you'll need to do:

1) Once you've reached the target level for crab fishing, pick up a crab pot at the Merchant's shop. Next you'll need to head over to the docks where you arrived on the island. You'll now have access to your boat. Board the boat and from there you'll search for crabbing location in the ocean (Marked with a crab token). Place your pot and then leave it to soak for a while. The longer you leave the pot in, the better and bigger load of crabs you could get. I recommend planning out a route for yourself and making stops at all the different crabbing locations to get into a good flow of waiting and catching. And if I remember correctly you will need one crab pot per location and there should be six crabbing spots in total. So pick up a few pots at the general store.

2) Both the sand and thread can be obtained by pursuing the pirate quests. Look for an abandoned pirate ship, just to the left of Magma Caves. You should see a secret pathway to the left. Once you get far enough in the pirate quests (The quest in which you gather materials for the ship), another ship will arrive at the docks. This a trade-ship where you can pick up materials for your crafting skill. After you have completing that quest, the general store will be stocked with new materials to continue aiding in your crafting skill.

Thank you for trying out Iris Island, it means a lot to see you taking an interest in my game.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions regarding these topics or anything else, please let me know. I will check back here soon to make sure you're all set.

Ha-ha, yes my friend, you will see the light again. If you haven't found the elevator yet, here are the paths to look out for:

In the big lava area with the broken bridge, look for a sign down towards the bottom warning miners to stay clear of the area. From that sign, head down into a tunnel that will lead off to the left. At the end, is a elevator, flip the switch and once the gate has slid to the side, walk in and then turn right to pull the lever once again. This will take you to a miner's camp. If you had your run-in with a couple of adventurers down in the lava-invested caverns, you will have heard about a secret path leading out of the caves. You can find this path just to the right of the elevator in the mining camp. Look for a hole in a wall with some rubble beneath. Jump up into that hole by press 'A' and then precede to jump through the obstacles inside to reach the other end. Climb up the rope and you will be outside.

If you have not run into these adventurers yet, take a right from the "Miner's warning sign" and head to another cavern filled with lava. You will see a burning skeleton above you, laying in front of the lava stream. Interact with it and you will meet them. They will help you out of the caves directly if you wish.

Thanks so much for playing Iris Island and I hope you've been enjoying it so far. Let me know if you make it out okay and if you need any more help.

I'll check back soon.

hey i downloaded the game n its great so far...im tryin to make enough money to buy the house.so im delivering crop crates for the farmer,rite now he gave me a crop crate n told me put it in the warehouse n gave me the warehouse key.. i went to the 2 warehouses in the market district but cannot place the crop crate anywhere... is there another warehouse or am i doing something wrong??? do i have to deliver the crate somewhere else??? i have spoken to every1 else in the town but the crop crate is not meant for them...the farmer still tells me to deliver the crate first....

I'm unable to get past this part. I've went to the cave-dweller's village, let it turn into some magma-crystal medley, and was told to go outside. So, I went to the miner's cave and down to the lava section (after the dark cave). After entering the scene, I saw the dialogue for Freem saying "Me... tired." (Or something along those lines. I'm not able to get past this section:
I've tried the other end (on the northwest part of the map), still no go... T___T

Hey eevee93, I believe he is asking you to deliver it to the Food Store (Building with an apple on the sign). You can find it in-between the Pub and General Store. Look for a backdoor behind the Pub and once you are inside, place the crate in the middle of two other crates at the end of the wall.

If you have any other troubles, let me know.
Is this still being worked on? Like updates or any thing?