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Akiko Tsbuaki's goal is to find her younger (adopted) sister, Kita. She had joined the Hunters from the Suri Branch. Hovever, there's more than just finding her...

One of the latest generation of the Tsubaki family, though by name only. Akiko is quite serious, though a bit laid back. She had recovered a full year in a hospital as a child, and trained with a nameless assassin upon growing up. She also joined the Hunters a few weeks after, in hopes of finding her lost (adopted) little sister, Kita. However, it's more than just a search and rescue for her.

Akiko's technique is consists of a style where Akiko has the blade of her dagger pointing in the opposite direction. However, upon learning with her mentory, she's able to use moves that consist of her dagger's blade pointing in the foreward direction. She is able to mix and match.... Also she's able to use pistols because of her training as a Hunter. She prefers daggers for combat, but can pull out a pistol, or two, for those hard to reach enemies.

Age: 16 (In the beginning of the game, she's a child, so about 12 years old(?) at that part. After the child part she's 13 years old when she's training with her mentor) (Becomes 17 at the end of the story)
Likes: Daggers, Ninjas, Fighting games (That does not rely on DLC), Anime, Action films
Dislikes: Predatory DLC and Microtransactions (Video Games), Rap music, Mathematics (with a passion), a couple of RWBY characters (Ozpin and Cinder apparently).

Originally one of the latest generation of the Karatina family, but had been adopted by Akiko's family. So she's kind of both. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but rumor states a red haired child is with one of the government officials of the Arc Empire.
She is a kind and innocent little girl, with powers no one knows about. In terms of her magic powers, she just knows how to cast fireballs. Kita doesn't want to fight anybody, but if she's backed into a situation where she has to... she fights, but later regrets it. Poor girl.

Sadly, she doesn't know any of her biological parents. However, no one asked. But records show that Kita's biological mother had died of childbirth.

Age: 11
Likes: Hatsune Miku, Anime (She gets inspired with some inspirational quotes from good characters.), Anime music, retro video games (Super Mario World for example), Cute anime characters, being around those whom she cares about
Dislikes: -Currently unknown at this time-

- ARPG Battle System - Just to be different.... Why not.
More later...

Latest Blog

New things

As you probably noticed by the game's Genre, but the game's now an Action RPG. I decided to switch battlesystems from what it was going to have in between the last blog and the this one. Now it's using the Lycan ABS system instead of a side view battlesystem. And I'm paying close attention to detail, with the help file on hand, to make sure the game works good. Of course graphical detail, like charset animations, will have to wait till later.

Right now, I'm currently also rebuilding parts of Suri, which has been reduced from a 2/3 country megapolis to a more modern sized city, though you'll only go through part of it. And there's where my terrible mapping skills will have to be put to the test.

Next, I also have more plans to attempt to bring this game to see the light of day..... again.... but that'll have to wait for now until everything for the main meat of the game is finished.


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The next demo, although the status is on pause, will be a bit of a surprise for the new year, happy playing the demo you got.
Hmmm..... Maybe I should continue making this on my free time perhaps?
A Beta Version of the Prologue is out! Try it out now.
Hmmm... I'm thinking of changing Moon's look, but keeping the White Mage Robe intact. Yeah....
Wow! The Changes Blog was a mouthful, I can't believe i typed that much in short time. Anyway, I'm going to keep working.
The current Prologue Beta is getting Outdated. I better get the newer beta done soon.
Oops... overdone it with the Images again.
Another beta for Prologue has arrived. That's all I got.
My mind is full of fuck.
What download link? Is it RC?
Woah! I can't believe those fit! Well, you saw it, imaged Bios. Although they might be updated while newer Parts are being made/updated. I can't believe I can do that.
Get ready because I'm almost done with the final Prologue, with new title that is still being planned out.
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