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"Celes, the chosen Savior of mankind, must embark on an arduous journey to receive the blessings of Tsufanubra's overseers and take her rightful place among the heavens. Little does she know that a crazed fanatic plots to usurp her position, and has other ideas in mind for her divine inheritance..."

Eons ago, the world and all of its splendours were created by the magnificent and all-powerful being simply known as the "Creator." It wove the threads of life, and upon creating the planet of Tsufanubra, spotted it with its most cherished life-form: man.

Having gifted mankind with all of its blessing and necessities, the Creator simply watched as man forged his own path in life, and over the decades crafted himself in to a race of truly wondrous individuals numbering in the millions.

The Creator, however, grew tired of this creation, and thus gave life to three heavenly Kings to watch over and monitor the world in his stead. Overseeing their lord's creation from on-high, the Three Kings of Tsufanubra guided their people into an age of peace and prosperity for countless years to follow...

Then that fated day cameā€”the day wherein a great darkness spilled from the opposite world of Arbunafust, and threatened to dominate Tsufanubra and all who lived upon it. The efforts of this otherworldly force, however, were thwarted by the Three Kings. They gifted mankind with four divine relics, then simply waited for man to take back what had been stolen from them.

With the aid of their overseers, man was able to forcibly remove the invading force, and cast it back to whence it came.

Their purpose completed, the relics bore themselves into the earth, forever shedding their light in silence so that mankind could attain eternal peace.

Latest Blog

Making an MP3 Version. Any recommendations?

Hello friends, fans, and newcomers! I hope you're all enjoying Chronicles of Tsufanubra, but even if you're not... well, thanks for giving it a chance in the very least.

I'm currently putting together an "MP3 Version" of the game for fun now that the "official" game has been released. When it's finally uploaded, this download will be completely optional and you'll have to go out of your way to choose this version. The MIDI version will always be the main download for multiple reasons, with a major one being its small file size.

Before I make any real progress with this, does anybody have any suggestions in regards to the music they may like to see (HEAR) make an appearance? This will obviously only work if you've played the game already, but if anyone knows of any awesome tunes they think would work well in this project then fire away, because I'd love to hear your suggestions!


Ack! You made this game page without my knowing?!

If you need any help with this, i'll be willing to assist you.
Oh, don't worry, I'll definitely need a tester some time down the road, and I'll know EXACTLY where to look. Haha. =P
Awesome! The original DF is my favorite of the series. Can't wait for this to come out.
It seems to be everyone's favorite, which is why I decided it deserved a remake in the first place. Lol. That, and its (roughly) 5000~ downloads sort of persuaded me. Hahaha. =P
Sweet! Looking forward to this. Hopefully DF Origins is still in the works, but I'll take any DF game I can get.
Hopefully Dragon Fantasy Venitura II is still in the works.....

Any reason why you aren't using the SNES Dragon Quest games rips? It IS a fusion of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, after all...
I don't think I'll be working on Venaitura II any time soon. After this game is released, the only game in the series that I'll consider canon is this remake. Then it'll be DF 2, followed by the Eternal Paradise prequel I'm working on, and finally Eternal Paradise.


Dragon Fantasy> Dragon Fantasy II> Before Paradise (EP Prequel)> Eternal Paradise.

Also, I just wanted to use some Mac and Blue tiles+ a random assortment of RTP characters and such. I've never made a game with them, so thought "why not?" I'm a fan of the style, strangely enough.

Glad this series still has its own little slew of fans. Makes me happy! Lol.
Ever since my LLG of the original Dragon Fantasy, you have enslaved me to the games. >_<
It is an addicting force of nature, YES!? Ha ha ha ha ha! Lol. Though I think half of it had to do with the old-school-ish charm/feel of the original games. I mean sure, the original Dragon Fantasy had terrible dialogue, but I still found it fun regardless of the simplicity of everything. Trying to replicate that is actually pretty hard! I don't know what the hell I was doing back then...

Ever since my LLG of the original Dragon Fantasy, you have enslaved me to the games. >_<
I'm hoping not to become like this person. I just want to enjoy a good game.
No, well, yes, but I was referring to being a slave of the game. Though, if it really is that good, I'm definitely going to become one.
No, well, yes, but I was referring to being a slave of the game. Though, if it really is that good, I'm definitely going to become one.

Don't! Don't!


Edit: Kidding, of course.
I demand that all who come to play this game become a slave to its greatness, and forever after serve me as their one and only king...!

World domination plan in progress.
Roflcopter :D
The other day, I was wondering what you were up to lately.
I played DF2, but not the first one. I'll wait until this version is done >:3
Which may take a while. But I'm receiving absolutely amazing maps from Corfaisus, so I think it's well worth the wait.
My Document containing the Script to Dragon Fantasy: REMADE got corrupted, and thus no longer works. This saddens me to no end. I'm thankful, however, for the fact that I only had 3-5 pages not implemented into the actual game when it got corrupted. I just have to write those select few scenes again, which isn't THAT bad.

Just a little update on the game's "progress." Lol.
Excuses are unacceptable. Travel back in time and retrieve that shit.
Oh, I've rewritten the lost scenes and have made decent progress past that point, actually. It didn't take too long, but was a bit of an inconvenience. I would have rather kept what I had, because I remember it being much better... but what I replaced it with will have to do. Lol.