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Version 1.3 Patch (January 13th, 2020)

Hello, all. I have uploaded a new patch. I highly recommend you install this if you've downloaded the game already. If you haven't, don't worry about installing the patch - the main download is fully up-to-date.

To install the patch, simply paste the files into the Exile's Journey folder and overwrite.

NOTE: Each patch file contains EVERY change made since the game's initial release. If you missed a patch, don't fret! Installing the latest patch file will bring you up to speed.

As usual, thank you to everyone for your support and bug reports, and special thank you to the Discord users!


Strategy guide by Firefly84 is now included with the game.
The Empower skill now works properly.
Mana and HP regen are automatically removed outside of battle, and there's an added NPC who will warn you of this.
Upgrading equipped staffs/swords no longer results in retaining your original along with the upgraded version. In addition, if two characters have the same weapon equipped, it will ask which one you would like to upgrade.
Resting at inns and using save points now replenishes health/mana and restores status for every character in the game, and not just those in party. In addition, resting at inns will reset screen tint. The only exception to this is resting at Kniryk's home, which will not reset the screen tint.
There were a few enemies in the game that would only initiate a battle if you press the action keys - this is fixed.
You can no longer walk on the sky at the cathedral.
There are no longer two spells called "Sonatina of Souls" - one has been renamed, and its effect has been changed.
Cutscene with Elpin near the end of the game no longer repeats.
Typo fixes.
Tileset error fixes.
You can now go up the stairs in the Blood Cavern.
You can no longer go to the Shrine of Ifrit early.
Bugged boulders and treasure chest in the Enchanted Forest fixed.
Various enemy stats adjusted, especially in the late game.
Alacrity and Slow have been nerfed, and Morgana no longer learns these skills.
Bug that can possibly stop you from exiting from the western entrance at Forsaken Castle Arddlech has been fixed.
Possible exploit that allows you to bypass a puzzle in the Ice Cavern has been fixed.
You now longer lose agility at any point when leveling, but it does cap around level 50 for each character.