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Balancing fixes for those who tackle the battle outside of Keldor early.
You can now learn a healing spell for Kniryk prior to the battle by a green-haired elf in the village. If you've already completed the battle, you can get the spell from him regardless.
You can now leave Keldor before the battle takes place.
The demonic portal mini-map now subtly displays a recommended order in which they should be completed, although you can complete them in any order. The recommended order is only displayed when you press 1 to enlarge the map.
Fixed some glitches related to playing the Desert Song.
I've increased Oreth's HP slightly to improve his abilities as a tank. In addition, he now learns a new ability at level 18 - Provoke. This causes enemies to focus their attacks on only him. If you've already surpassed level 18 with Oreth and missed out on getting the skill, please send your save file to me over on Discord and I'll add it for you.


Fixed an issue where the player could potentially skip the cutscene where you meet Adaem and have him added to your party.


Equipping elemental staves now grants you the ability to use tier 1 magic.
Tileset errors.
Divine Judgement is now usable by Kniryk and Myrna.
Arctic Spell Book can now be used on Oreth and Mryna.
Removed the apparently clairvoyant NPCs in Colhaven; they now only appear after after the Arwald section is completed.
The tiny rocks on the world map in the ocean are now impassible.
The captain now leaves the castle shortly after you begin the Kraken side quest.
Dummy Kniryk sprite in the Styre Forest is now properly hidden.
Testing remnant that could be used to raise Myrna's level is now removed.
Duplicate Oreth and Mryna sprites should no longer appear in the Groeslon Abbey basement (I think - this bug has been pesky to fix).
Cutscene at the bottom of Mount Mynydd is no longer skippable.
Treasure chest in Tywyllmire Bog is not retrievable again. (This is a case of one fix leading to another thing becoming broken.) Also, the sequence break is no longer possible.
Bug that occurs when leaving from a certain tile in the Shrouded Woods is now fixed.
Kniryk's dialogue no longer occurs when examing items in Croespentre during certain sections of the game. This should have been fixed already, but I somehow missed some.
Top floor staircase in the final dungeon is now fixed.
Sharks and mammoths no longer initiate battles when traveling by air. I actually removed them entirely during the final section. I hope this isn't too bothersome to anyone, but it would be extremely time consuming for me to fix otherwise.
Some soldier dialogue in the fortress near the end of the game has been updated.
After both boulders have been blown up in the Dwarvern Cavern, the minecart no longer appears to prevent bugs.
Safe Boots are no longer for sale anywhere, since they are essentially useless and overpriced versions of the Protective Boots.
The Temple of Light quest will now show as completed if you finish it without ever technically "initiating" it by speaking to the researcher in the fortress.
Probably some other things I forgot to list...


Strategy guide by Firefly84 is now included with the game.
The Empower skill now works properly.
Mana and HP regen are automatically removed outside of battle, and there's an added NPC who will warn you of this.
Upgrading equipped staffs/swords no longer results in retaining your original along with the upgraded version. In addition, if two characters have the same weapon equipped, it will ask which one you would like to upgrade.
Resting at inns and using save points now replenishes health/mana and restores status for every character in the game, and not just those in party. In addition, resting at inns will reset screen tint. The only exception to this is resting at Kniryk's home, which will not reset the screen tint.
There were a few enemies in the game that would only initiate a battle if you press the action keys - this is fixed.
You can no longer walk on the sky at the cathedral.
There are no longer two spells called "Sonatina of Souls" - one has been renamed, and its effect has been changed.
Cutscene with Elpin near the end of the game no longer repeats.
Typo fixes.
Tileset error fixes.
You can now go up the stairs in the Blood Cavern.
You can no longer go to the Shrine of Ifrit early.
Bugged boulders and treasure chest in the Enchanted Forest fixed.
Various enemy stats adjusted, especially in the late game.
Alacrity and Slow have been nerfed, and Morgana no longer learns these skills.
Bug that can possibly stop you from exiting from the western entrance at Forsaken Castle Arddlech has been fixed.
Possible exploit that allows you to bypass a puzzle in the Ice Cavern has been fixed.
You now longer lose agility at any point when leveling, but it does cap around level 50 for each character.


Fixed major bugs in the Water Cavern.
The mirror status effect now goes away after 10 turns. The Phantom effect now lasts slightly longer.
Upgrading the Icebrand now works properly.
Cold Stare and Mana Sacrifice are both now usable by Dargor.
Low Kick now ignores defense.
Holy 2, Dark 3, and Violent Hurricane are no longer learnable from Spell Books. This is because of a glitch that occurs when the player teaches these spells to certain characters. The least time consuming way to fix this bug was for me to replace them with different, but similar, brand new spells.
Mana Sacrifice now costs the user a high percentage of their total MP which should make it less exploitable.
Song of Curing now works against toxic.
Tileset error fixes including some sequence breaks.
Fixed inaccurate treasure counts.
Typo fixes.
You can now re-enter the basement of the Tower of Mad Laughter after completing it.
Fixed body doubles in Groeslon Abbey.
Statue puzzle no longer ends early in Tower of Mad Laughter.
Serenade of Ice is now slightly different than Ode to Winter.
Shadow Sword is now non-elemental as the description states.
Fire Oni is now weak to ice and water.
Using Garlic in the Vampiress boss fight now stops the bats from regenerating health.
Full Moon Slash now works properly with all weapons.
Fixed bugs relating to the Escape skill during Act III.


The skills Alacrity, Slow, Enhance Intellect, and Stupidification can now be properly used.
Endless bat encounter in the Enchanted Forest fixed.
Treasure count in Styre Forest has been fixed.
Spike traps in the Demonic Crypt have been fixed.
Various typo fixes.
Dragon Spear no longer attacks twice (sorry, but this was an error and makes the spear more powerful than it is supposed to be.)
Repeatable dock dialogue fixed.
Sequence break in the Temple of Light fixed.
Minor tileset error fixes.
The main download no longer comes with developer saves.
You can now re-enter the Shrine of Ifrit after Act II begins.
Sequence break in the Poison Cave in the Enchanted Forest has been fixed.
Kniryk starting HP slightly buffed.
Saving while underwater in the Water Cavern no longer results in you getting stuck when you reload.
Unreachable NPC in Colhaven is now reachable.


Initial post-beta release.