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Why, Ryu, do you want to... kill... me?
Why don't you understand... that... the destruction of the world is fate?


I don't understand!
Why does the world, and the people, why do they resist destruction?
Why don't they want to die?

I don't understand...

I will disappear now.
I'll dream about destruction.
Goodbye... Nikanoru...

Years have passed since Ryu and friends defeated the evil God, Deathevan, and peace has settled over the land. The church of Eva is all but a distant memory with only a handful of parishioners still left. The world-saving heroes have since parted ways and go about their separate lives, never dreaming that a dark shadow is looming on the horizon.

Ryu and Nina, now married and living in the newly constructed Township, have raised their children - Mina and Neyu - on the stories of their travels around the world. Mina, strong-willed and defiant, is sick of stories and longs to see the world for herself.

Seizing her chance while her mother is away and her father, occupied with running the town, is too busy to notice, she convinces Neyu to join the Ranger guild of Home Town with her. Soon, joined by a friend of their parents, the twins sign up for what seems to be a routine inspection of the near-by caves, but end up stumbling apon a secret that may destroy the lives of many innocents...

- Working Dragon Tear: In the original game, the dragon tear never really counted towards anything. In Hearts Aflame, actions and choices will affect your relationships with your allies and change things both in battle and out. Make someone a close friend and they may protect you when the chips are down. Make them hate you and you might not reap certain rewards.

- Home Base: A small town that you can customise will open up during the story. Like the original game you can invite people to your town. You will also have limited space in said town, so choose wisely.

- New Skills/Spells/Weapons: While I will be remaining true to the main staples of the series, there will be some new items, weapons, armour and skills added. This is especially true in the case of the new characters, though I will mostly be using the original base... with some slight changes and updates.

- Unlockable Skills: Each main character will have an unlockable skill. These skills will have varying effects depending on affection levels.

- Dragons: Dragons will work a bit differently than in the original game. Ryu was a full blooded Brood, but the twins aren't, so they'll have a harder time using their latent dragon powers. There are also some new dragons thrown into the mix, though I have, sadly, taken out GrnDragon. I figure that's a dragon unique to full-blooded Brood.

- Remaining True to the Source: I've loved the original game since I first played it (it was my first RPG) and it's the reason I even picked up RPG Maker in the first place. As such, I will try to remain as true to the source material as I can, while expanding what I can of the world. Expect some new towns, town expansions, dungeons and other small surprises, but most of the world will be akin to how it was in the original.

Mechanics will be as close as I can make them - but seeing as I'm doing this on my own, I'll probably change some things like the battle layouts, battle sprite animations and such. I'm not a good spriter, but I will try my best.

That said, if anyone would like to help out with a few things later down the track, I'd be happy for it. Especially with things like facesets for the new crew (and possibly the old), music remixes and graphic rips. I will try to do everything myself, though.

Check out the Character and Suggestion pages, too. I'd like to hear what you all have to say!

Latest Blog

Spriting Woes and Opinions~

Right, so now that THaNoY is out the way I can focus completely on this project without worrying quite so much about my current backlog of games.
:Looks at current backlog:
Well, maybe not stop worrying altogether...

Anyway, lately I've been focussing on spriting, namely ripping NPCs, animations and trying to do a few mockups of the newer characters. I... only just started so I haven't gotten too far into it, but I am proud of what I've accomplished so far. Sadly there are a few issues, though.

Namely animation frames. See, Breath of Fire II does something strange when it comes to chip and characterset animations. Main characters have three-step animations - which is perfect for RM games. However, NPCs only have two frames of animation when walking, which looks a bit odd for some reason. I've tried to remedy this by editing in a third 'still-standing' frame but doing so for every character that doesn't have one will take a while and does get annoying. That, however, isn't the only issue.

Chipset animation is also odd. With candles/lights alone there is a mix of two-frame, three-frame and four-frame animations. Which is really odd. You'd have thought the graphics team would have tried to be more uniform in that regard, but no.

Then you have the water tiles - especially the ocean, which has more than just the four-frame animations that the cliff-water edges and beaches have. It's a mish-mash of frame animations all over. That, I will work on. I'm thinking an ever-looping parallax for the ocean, with an ever-looping picture for the cliff-water edges.

On top of that is the fact that while most of the graphics fit in a 16x16 frame, some parts like to go beyond that by a few pixels which is another oddity. I'm working out the kinks with that as well.

Another issue is the rips I've found online are strangely coloured when compared to the rips I've made myself. This is most likely due to colour-reduction and I'm probably going to have to re-rip everything that isn't chipsets just to get the characters (especially battle animations) looking coherent. Oh well. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. ;p

Now, here's something I'd like your input on.

Since I'll be dealing with the characters from the old game and since Hearts Aflame is set about 20 years after the events of the original, some of the characters have changed during that time, not only in personality, but looks, as well. I've knocked together a few mockups using battle sprites to get a closer idea of the changes.

What I'd really like an opinion on is Nina - which version do you prefer? Keep in mind she's a mother now, so I changed her clothes a bit to match that. I rather like the long hair, myself, but am open to suggestions. Katt... well, again, I like the longer hair but there's really not much I changed with her because, well, she's the same old Katt.

And now, a look at one of the new heroes: Mina.

As you can see, she uses Ryu's base, with some of Nina's clothing. She's a nice mix of both parents. Any thoughts? Suggestions?


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This looks like it has a lot of potential.
I'm going to subscribe and there's nothing you can say to stop me.
Looks amazing.Remind me of the original one,totally subscribed:)
A Breath of Fire fangame? Liberty, I love you.

PS - I am a GIGANTIC BoF fan. My BoF love is even greater than my love for Final Fantasy. Feel free to hit me up when you eventually need a tester or two!
It's nice to see Breath of Fire getting some love. I'm looking forward to this.
This series IS my childhood, I can't wait to see moar!
Hey, I just thought of this fangame when I stumbled upon this: http://spriters-resource.com/snes/magna/index.html

Not sure if they're helpful or not, but they seem quite similar to BoF battlers.
Strange, I though Magna Braban was a real game. >.<; I even downloaded a rom of it at some point, or at least I thought I did. Huh.

Oops, read that completely wrong. XD
Thanks for thinking of this~
How is development going on this? Haven't heard much from you on it lately. I still have that menu script to finish up for you.
I'd love to see that menu script. I'm still working on it here and there though other things have pushed my RMing aside for the moment. Real life, it can be a bitch.
Looking forward to so many of your games, I'm a huge BoF fan as well. Which ones were your favorites? I really liked 2 and 3 the most.
Now how cool is this here?... but... why is there no demo? Hmmm probably working on other stuff... but... its so cool... and its way too long since its been added back in 2012... hmmmm... now I wanna play BF 2 again xDDD
Ummm... if you feel like working further on it someday, here is some feedback on the sprites:
I really like the "green" Nina. The Hair looks more adult. Katt looks great. Just another color or slightly different suit should fit the purpose. Mina could use more feminime arms & legs but the rest is very cool!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Hmmm probably working on other stuff...

You don't even know how true that probably is. I don't think I do either, though, so...
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence


It is a colossally ridiculous metal song (the video is so laughably ridiculous i can't look directly at it for more than a few seconds or i lose my shit). Your game's subtitle put it in my head. That's all.
Oo, you chose a good game to make a fangame of. Looking forward to this :D
What's the news on this or which of your games are you currently working on =] I'm a fan of your work.
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