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All is darkness. The Dragon King has captured the Princess and stolen The Legendary Hero's Ball of Light!

You are the Legendary Hero's heir. You have been assigned a most dangerous task: to rescue the King's daughter and retrieve the Ball of Light.

The journey ahead will be tough, but it is your destiny. Three Sages await your arrival, each willing to reward you with mystical items of great power.

Gather these three items, let your wits be about you as you gain experience, weapons and armor as you battle your way through Alefgard. Rest if you must!

Search out the Dragon King's lair and face your destiny, in the role playing epic, Dragon Quest.

Additional Features:

+Official Japanese to English Translation
+New Weapons, Armor, & Items
+New Bonus Scenario
+New Monsters & Bosses (Not Custom, From Dragon Quest Series)
+Bonus Dungeons
+Mini Games

Notice: This is a non-profit fan game. All rights are reserved to Square Enix Co.Ltd/ Armor Project, Koichi Sugiyama©, and Akira Toriyama/Bird Studio.

Latest Blog


To anyone who still remembers this project... hello. It has been some time. I'd like to first thank those who personally reached out to me about this project's status during these years and I'm sorry for not responding to your messages. To be completely honest so much started happening around 2018 and it snowballed from there. And even now I'm not completely sure about my own health status but I digress. I'm sure everyone has their own struggles.

Anyway, this is about the status of this project and how I honestly feel about it. So, I was alerted to the fact that the download link was broken. That was odd to me. It's on Google Drive and I could download it just fine. But today I took the time to go through my Drive and saw that there was a flag icon next to the file. I reached out to Google and they informed me that the file had been taken down for legal reasons.

"This item was taken down for legal reasons and cannot be appealed."

This was news to me. If I had to guess maybe it was DMCA'd automatically by Google. I don't know. But here's the new link if anyone still wants it. The actual homepage download link was also updated. Sorry about that.


As for the development of the game itself. I know I kept saying that I would finish the game. And I really wanted to at the time and to an extent I still want to complete it. But truth be told I pulled it up in the editor and I don't know what the heck is even going on with all the mangled Frankenstein bits of common events that make it work. Even the comments I left in there to explain why things happened are dumb. I really don't remember how much of it works.

In addition to this, I'm honestly just trying to get my life together and be a normal functioning adult. I've faced a few setbacks (I'm sure we all have during this time), mentally and physically that made me realize just how fragile life can be and how much of it I've wasted.

Lastly, I'm sure those of you who've been following gaming news know that Dragon Quest 1-3 are being remade in the HD-2D engine. I started this project to create the best version of Dragon Quest 1 you could play and I'm certain that the HD-2D Remake will make that statement irrelevant. I know when I'm beaten so I try to pivot to something else.

With all that being said, I would truly like to at least tie up loose ends and release a cohesive project without all the random extra content but I'm not going to promise anything anymore. My promises in the past obviously have held no weight to them and ultimately disappointed a lot of people.

As of now the project will be put on Hiatus and I'll let you know if anything changes. Until then, take care of yourselves. And take care of each other.


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I'm happy nothing too crazy happened to you, that was a bit concerning.

Also seems like you might be becoming sensitive to Blue Light which most computer screens produce, and there is actually a filter you can get (I remember a co-worker of mine telling me this that was for OSX devices, might be possible that Laptops/desktops have that option too). Hopefully your condition will be reversible, and when you do come back I suggest you start wearing protective lenses or for the sake of your health in general you can have a trusted friend help you out with your game.

If the project dropped all together is fine too, your health is more important.

Agh, you guys are so nice. Yeah, it seems that way, that I am probably highly sensitive to blue light. I will try to get one of those filters or some glasses or something. I just had no idea how damaging blue light was on the eyes. I'm fairly young so hopefully my eyes can recover from this. I would love to have somebody help me out with the game but I don't know anyone who could or even would.

That being said, I will finish this game. I've come too far with it to quit. Thanks again for your words of encouragement. You've been around for this project for a while and I'd hate for it to not be completed.

"Casts Revive"

"But it didn't work"

But hey, though! I'm sorry I've kept everyone waiting...without any updates. I've been working on the game very slowly, as still my eyes die if I look at a screen for too long. Even on low light settings they feel like they're burning.

Dragon Quest XI comes out next week and I probably can't even enjoy it. I've gotta wait for my insurance to get reinstated so I can get my eyes checked out and continue this game like I want to. In the meantime, there is a demo up which is essentially the entire game remade, but yes it's still incomplete.

Again, to everyone that is interested in this product I'm sorry for how it has slowed down, but it is my intent to finish it.
Your eyes are far more important than a good game.

Thanks so much! I will take care of my health first, and then continue full speed on this game.
Where's your legendary game release at?
Happy new year Ljink!

Where's your legendary game release at?
Happy new year Ljink!

Holy, it seems that I didn't get this notification, sorry about that. The game is still slowly but surely making progress. I have some health issues, and a college capstone that I'm still working out before I can fully commit to this game's final release. As I've told others, I really want to work much more on this game but at this time I can't work on it as much as I'd like. Please understand.

And happy belated New Year to you too!
Okay Thank you Ljink for your response and I want know if you are going to finish your other rpg game father? I hope your health gets better soon and have a great day + also don't give up of what you worked on your projects so far because you have great potential of becoming a good developer. I understand of what you are going through is difficult with the whole blue light issue but to be clear I'll love to see the final release of dragon quest remake but I do believe you take much time as you want before going back at your dragon quest project. I'm going to sleep on slimes now. I'll come back later to see of what you have made progress so far in your projects. Good luck Ljink and enjoy the slaying on those annoying smiling slimes.
Can you Update please on your game progress?
I hope he returns, but if he's active on anything else then you can try contacting him there.
Here's hope Ljink is well first, and eventually complete his promising project, second. The download link went down so I thought to host the game latest Demo version 1.0.1 (already patched) meanwhile on my own OneDrive, link in this RMN forums thread :

It has been way too long sadly I think something has gone wrong, shame.

This project really seemed promising.
Hi, link seems to be down. :C Is there a chance to get it somewhere?

Here is a temporary link (15 days) for Dragon Quest + Demo since the link is broken. If the filesize allowed by RMN is 400 MO, I guess it can be uploaded on the website.
Edit: Else, Govinda posted a link to it: Old/Lost games topic
ok. why are all of the project files missing? I can't play the game... it's stupid
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