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Almost two years have passed since Squall and his comrades defeated the witch Ultimecia and brought peace to the world.

A peace that was short-lived.

Dollet, sensing Galbadia's weakness after the tyrannical rule of the possessed Sorceress Edea and the many conflicts with SeeD, rallied the resistance factions and remaining Timber military to their cause and set out on a crusade to reverse what the Sorceress War nearly two decades ago did.
Barely six months after Ultimecia was defeated, the world was at war again.

Balamb Garden and SeeD, originally intending to remain neutral in the matter, the route Esthar took, were called upon by the the Timber resistance factions after SeeD's contract with the Forest Owls was leaked. Unable to back out of the all-encompassing "until Timber's independence", Squall and his comrades were washed into the escalating conflict with Galbadia. Galbadia Garden, barely re-established, allied itself with Galbadia unconditionally, pitting SeeD against SeeD, the casualties beginning to rise massively.

And under the surface, a new threat is beginning to rise, a threat that will not only put many lives in danger, but change the world forever.

The team of SLH promises to deliver the highest of quality in sprite ass detail.

Latest Blog

BiWeekly Update No.2 - 2/3/2022

Ok, so, I'm a little late on this one...but I just moved house, and I think most people would struggle to maintain regular productivity during a move.

Key in-engine updates:

- The first two sections of Part 1 are fully greyboxed. The locations this covers are: Deling City, Balamb Garden, Balamb Town, and Dollet. I am currently working on greyboxing Winhill fully, it's around 60% done. The remaining sections required/not touched for Part 1 are Timber and a few dungeons, though dungeons in general I'm doing less greyboxing for since I'm not using references.
- Rough gameplay elements for these are also in place, but they are not priority.
- At about halfway through the overall story for Part 1, the scenario takes about an hour and a half to run through.

With general progress updates out of the way, I'd like to discuss a couple of design decisions.

1 : Lore Expansion

A very key angle I have aimed for with SLH is to not unmake any established lore that FF8 provides. While I was writing collaboratively for the game over the past few years, I saw a lot of people going for the angle of 'I can fix it', rewriting key aspects that they deemed 'poorly done'.

I've never really agreed with this take, because I don't think FF8's lore is poorly done. Perhaps not entirely well presented in places, but the game is also not forthcoming with information -- it must be sought.

The only real 'rewrite' I have done is changing the Poison element to Dark, and switching up some of the GF oppositions to suit.

So coming into writing SLH as a whole, I instead try to ask what supposed 'gaps' I can fill in naturally, adhering to conventions established in game. These are things like each city's main exports, plotting out unestablished but inferred smaller towns and unexplored dungeon areas. Which brings us to the game's second dungeon: The Old Timber Mill.


The Old Timber Mill saw around 70 years of continuous use, with operation even continuing during the Galbadian occupation at first. However, the Galbadian regime became suspicious of it being used as a Resistance hub, and its operation was violently shut down, with the wood logged from Timber's forests instead being moved and processed through a Galbadian built and controlled facility. The old building still stands, unused, though rumours have long circulated through Resistance members that there may be a secret way in and out of the city in the building.

Needing to seek access to Timber but lacking a clear path from the south east, Rinoa's group seek the abandoned facility for this very reason.


The Timber Mill is a puzzle-based dungeon, though it has been occupied by monsters and animals during its years abandoned and will have encounters. The area must be explored thoroughly to find and open the secret passage that will allow progress into Timber.

2 : Player Character - Seifer Almasy

Seifer's inclusion as a playable cast member has long been decided, though not discussed at length on this game page. During the aforementioned period of writing collaboratively for FF8, I met a number of people well-versed in Seifer, and came to more deeply appreciate him as a character. Looking at SLH's overall plot, upping his involvement to playable became an easy decision. And in that same vein, I am treating his inclusion the same way the original promotional materials treated him -- his story is of equal footing and importance as Squall and Rinoa's. SLH gives me an opportunity to explore their relationships to each other, and how each has coped with the aftermath of the original game.

Brief Rundown

Following the defeat of Ultimecia, the brainwashing that had taken place in Deling City was lifted. Ingrid Deling, Vinzer's successor and the new president, demanded immediate extradition of Seifer Almasy for war crimes. However, Garden rebuked the demand, refusing to turn him over and instead claiming he was Garden's responsibility. The debate was still in place the war reignited, and thus has been left at the wayside...for now, at least.
Seifer's actions and movements are carefully monitored, but he has relative freedom of movement and agency within Garden and occasionally outside, provided he is escorted. However, events of SLH have resulted in Seifer not only being locked up in the disciplinary hold...but breaking out of it. Again. Naturally, the circumstances will become clear during the game.

(You can view his design in the images tab)
In terms of Seifer's design, I knew I wanted a few key elements:

- Some kind of hood
- Some elements of armor or medieval 'knight'
- Maintain the original palette

Which the final design manages to accomplish. The back silhouette invokes the profile of a medieval knight's attire, along with keeping Seifer's symbol and trademark white coat. The hood is present to hide his face/identity, though he was unable to fully let go of his trademark colours. Portions of the boots were inspired by the Bodyguard's Attire from Final Fantasy XIV, which I felt was an appropriate point of reference given the gear's clear Seifer inspiration.

On that note, Squall's design is not inspired by the Allegiance gear, though it looks like it. I'll probably talk about FFXIV: Shadowbringers in another blogpost, because while SLH's story has not changed at all in response, you'll definitely find similar plot points in both games.


Seifer's main specialties are damage and enmity. Although he has high STR, his focus on group damage means he's less about boss focus (especially in his early kit) and more about crowd control. As a tank, Seifer's enmity generation is a Provoking move which raises his enmity level to max and bottoms out the rest of the party's, so if not serving as the sole tank, it's best he goes second.
Seifer has a few drawbacks - his base kit is elemental leaning, with several moves using Fire-based attacks. He is also not a proficient magic user, instead using chi-based energy to create magic-like effects, and therefore has the lowest number of GFEs he can link with.

Another drawback to Seifer is that his kit starts out with no self-sustain and lower defensive stats, so he relies on the party healer keeping a close eye on him and regular refreshing of his enmity draw. Later on he gets more of his own self-sustain (or can be bolstered with the Alexander GFE), though he'll still need healer support if not using a curative GFE.

What's this about 'secondary tank'?

Although not relevant to the first part of the game, the game mechanics and kits are, naturally, being developed for the game as a whole. From Part 2 onwards, you'll have access to a Reserve Party that can be subbed in at any point during combat, if you so wish. There'll be several benefits to this, least of which being able to have flexibility regarding elemental weaknesses and playstyles on the fly.

Alright, so that's all from me this fortnight. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace again now that the move is (mostly) finished, though I won't have access to my main computer til tomorrow.


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if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I've tried doing that before/using SFonts with the ripped font from FF8, but the real problem is that it's too pixelized for the games res. FF8 was only 320x240 iirc, possibly even smaller, while SLH is 640x448. To be honest I'm kinda comfortable with the current font since it's readable, clear, concise, and alike enough that it doesn't break the basic vibe.
This looks interesting and I'd definitely would like to play the full game someday! I too am trying to work on a Final Fantasy VIII story related RPG; Laguna's Quest. It'll be the whole "dream world" scenes but more fleshed out and not so, randomized like they were in the game. But the hard part is finding the proper sprites to use. I may not use a GF system like it was in the game, that way it'd be Laguna's story without Squall's help. I just got RPG Maker, thanks to the Humble Bundle, so if you want to help me out with the scripts, that'd be great. Good luck with your game too!
Subbed. I love FF8 too, and this looks really cool.
This is gorgeous and a tribute to a personal favorite of the whole series, cause it inspired me to ask how RPGs worked while replaying it. ^__^ Gonna give it a try!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I don't know why I wasn't subscribed to this game prior to just now even though I've been aware of it forever. Problem rectified! Game is shaping up to be really nice looking, can't wait to see more updates!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I've been browsing game profiles and come to the realization that posting small updates and generating discussion in this comments section is allowed and probably encouraged


(ask me things because at this point I can't remember what I've actually mentioned/explained and what I haven't)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
An excellent Rinoa ass.

Sauce 'er ass? I heartilly ri-know 'er!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year

lockez how dare you make me read that pun
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year

micro updates are better than none at all right
The GIFs don't look that smooth, but I'm assuming it's because of being GIFs. Otherwise these are some slick animations.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Yeah I still need to do a bit of smoothing out. Tweening/using the RM animation editor isn't something I'm inherently familiar with (I usually just put the squares down and tween) but that's kinda lazy so I'm trying to brnach out.

Making RM animations is difficult, but getting to match the SE's is even harder (those two do, more or less)
If you need some help, I love doing that XD o/
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
If you need some help, I love doing that XD o/

I will second Joseph's amazing ability to create RM animations.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I might actually take you up on that sometime. I'm currently flying solo until I've done a bit of catch-up work, but when I finish up the Dollet maps I might shoot you a PM.
\o yey! o/
also cash you make me blush
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
guess who just finished the dollet dukedom mapping

this moi

expect some more significant progress being posted here since dollet was a key milestone and is the last area being 'replicated' for part 1
All those dollet's screenshots are really nice. And SLH is still going, it's a wonderfull christmas news.
2016 will be an interesting year, Dissidia arcade, ff7 remake and maybe SLH part 1?
I was wondering what you were doing. So you're trying to replicate the FF8 world with all custom tilesets like the headmaster's office? I wish you luck since that is a enormous task. How much of the FF8 world have you finished?

Out of curiosity..will this game have something to do with that "one guardian force" or that Moon?