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Mt. Mysidia Preview Video

Here's a little preview of the first major dungeon of the game, Mt. Mysidia. This video shows the first few floors and rooms of the mountain, but it's actually pretty large.

I am aware of the small graphical bugs present in this video (it was the first time I had encountered them) and I fixed them immediately following this recording, so please don't report them to me.

If the monsters seem a little tough, it's mostly because I hadn't trained the party in the previous small dungeon leading to Mt. Mysidia (the Mysidia Cavern). Normally, characters would be about level 10 by the time they reached Mt. Mysidia. Hope you guys like it!


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Possible story spoiler (just theorising):
You mentioned that Ellie, the summoner, will join in the demo, correct? So will the Elder of Mysidia send Cid and the party to find Ellie to take her to safety to King Edgar while Cid is going to report his discovery in the Research Facility?

And around 8:15 is a Draw Point you mentioned several months earlier, yes?

I have the strange vibe that Cid is a fusion of several Final Fantasy VI characters, mainly Locke, Edgar, and Celes. He should be called "FFVI" and not "Cid" with that. ;P
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