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The True Cutting Iron Sword

Test battle against the Eidolon, Odin. Odin is immune to magick attacks, and uses physical attacks like Skyward Sword and Flourish of Steel against you. He will sometimes put up Ullr's Shield, making him invulnerable to all damage while he regenerates health. There is a way to remove it, but I'm not telling! ^_^ If this battle drags on for too long, Odin will quit playing around with you and use Shin Zantetsuken, instantly destroying the party. Auto-Life will NOT save you from this.

Odin stops attacking and begins charging Shin Zantetsuken once he is at 50% HP or lower. Players will have to destroy him before he is able to use it! Defeating Odin will grant players his Nethicite.

Protip: Slow affects the charging speed of abilities, and can buy you extra time to deal with him.

More about Odin...
Ancient Text Regarding Odin
As the legend goes, Odin once walked among the Gaian races, and held court over what is now known as the Empire of Palamecia, thousands of years ago when it was lush with dense forests and greenery. Then, it was known as The Twelvewood. Challenged to battle after battle by those who coveted his power, Odin came to believe strength was all that mattered... (the rest is illegible)

Odin is a very high level battle. The party I used in this video were all level 255, specifically built to test this fight. I imagine players will have a much tougher time than I did. ^_-


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Nice of you to include some of FFXIII Odin's abilities into your Odin's skillset.

So we can safely expect that a LOT of end game content to have zillions of HP to remove? Final Fantasy XIII series were managable at that due to their battle system, here it's just taking forever and I'm not very good at battles which drag on and on.

Also, are there any plans for a demo or something or are you planning on releasing a full game only at this stage of development?
here it's just taking forever

Doing max damage per hit, it would take only 11 hits (at least one million damage) to force Odin to start charging Shin Zantetsuken. That's "forever" to you?

I figure it goes without saying at this point, but I always end up having to say it anyway; enemy stats, much like every single other thing in this project, is still in development and can (and will) change to fit game balance. :/

Also, are there any plans for a demo or something or are you planning on releasing a full game only at this stage of development?

One demo will be released, covering the entire Burmecia and Sanubia nations (including the Gold Saucer), and then no releases until we're done. No ETA on either release yet.
This is so well done and I'm so happy to be lending my writing ability to this project.
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