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Testing Linux Port

So I've finally gotten around to making the game sort of work on native linux! :D

The port added a bunch of various small bugs throughout that I need to discover and fix (for example, some things have been enemy weapons appearing too far from enemy bodies, which should all be fixed now), so if you notice anything that seems buggy with the actual gameplay please let me know! Also I could use info on how well the game performs, does it run smoothly or lag, etc.

Known problems right now:
-Highscores are missing completely. I have yet to reimplement the networking components.
-The scanline screen overlay is messed up; it is not rendering how it is supposed to.

Installing the game:
1. Decompress the archive
2. Execute install.sh (should set file permissions and copy some stuff over where it needs to be)
3. Execute "game" file

The installation script doesn't install any of the libraries the game might need (guess I need like an installation scripts for each common distro? Or to figure out packaging) so if the game gives an error about a missing library post it here, and see if you can figure out what you need to install/I'll see if I can figure it out.

Stuff the game needs for sure, all libraries MUST be i386 (32bit):




Version 1.1 Uploaded

Amazing how more bugs show up as soon as you release the game, right? The online highscore submission was breaking on some systems. When changing settings to the release build from the beta, something got changed to where the game error log script was also not actually writing out to the file, whoops!

Both of those are fixed now.


Game Completed!

Now that the game has survived a gauntlet of testing, Version 1.0 is here.

Also check out the snazzy game manual! http://www.tyrovc.com/barbarianandnt/manual.html

Hope you enjoy it!


Barbarians and the Beta Test

The game is now basically complete, minus fixing any bugs. I do already have a few people that have been testing the game throughout its development, but for the final stretch before the first "finished" release would anybody be interested in helping out by adding more eyes to the bug hunt? Especially since the game has an online highscore system (currently full of test data to be removed on the official game release) I would like to catch any bugs that could have a major effect on score.

My current completely arbitrary release target is the 31st. Let me know if you're interested!
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