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Randomly generated Barbarians hate Mages almost as much as they love gold. Whilst questing, a Barbarian learns of a tower in which lives a particularly rich Necromancer. Kill the Necromancer, get the treasure!

Old-school Nintendo hard mechanics in the vein of the early Castlevania games.

Default Keys:
Navigate Menus - Arrow Keys + Enter Key
Movement - Arrow Keys
Get on stair - Up/Down keys
Attack - Z
Secondary attack/item - X
Jump - C
Gamepad support is built in, must be configured and enabled under the games options menu.

Music by
Jack Van Oudenaren (ABSRDST)
David Burton (Groovemaster303)
Trevin Hughes(Jredd)
Otaku Mod
Stair handling method by
Extra thanks to the
Rawcritics and Mossmouth communities for putting up with me bouncing ideas off of them

Latest Blog

Testing Linux Port

So I've finally gotten around to making the game sort of work on native linux! :D

The port added a bunch of various small bugs throughout that I need to discover and fix (for example, some things have been enemy weapons appearing too far from enemy bodies, which should all be fixed now), so if you notice anything that seems buggy with the actual gameplay please let me know! Also I could use info on how well the game performs, does it run smoothly or lag, etc.

Known problems right now:
-Highscores are missing completely. I have yet to reimplement the networking components.
-The scanline screen overlay is messed up; it is not rendering how it is supposed to.

Installing the game:
1. Decompress the archive
2. Execute install.sh (should set file permissions and copy some stuff over where it needs to be)
3. Execute "game" file

The installation script doesn't install any of the libraries the game might need (guess I need like an installation scripts for each common distro? Or to figure out packaging) so if the game gives an error about a missing library post it here, and see if you can figure out what you need to install/I'll see if I can figure it out.

Stuff the game needs for sure, all libraries MUST be i386 (32bit):




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This looks hella cool. I'll definitely be playing it as soon as it's out.
Oh, so there's no download available yet? For some reason I thought there was, and when I went to download it I was sorely disappointed...

Oh well! I'm looking forward to the day that this is released! Looks pretty freakin' sweet.
Welp. so much for my attempt at testing.... Sorry about that! Downloading the full version now.
"My father told me this would happen."
I'm glad I caught this. I'll be giving this a go later tonight, you can be sure.
I get this when I start it

Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower
Access violation at address 0061FA9B in module 'barbarian_nt.exe'. Read of address 00000008.

Or this

Barbarians and the Necromancer's Tower
Cannot create file "C:\Windows\System32\config.ini". Access is denied.

Or it's just a black screen.
Is that the 1.1 Windows release? Or is that the linux one I just put up for testing (in which case those error messages are completely bizarre and I've got some stuff to figure out). Also, what operating system?

I just clicked the Download button. I now went into the Downloads area and chose the windows one, I'll see if that does it.

(edit) Okay, it works now; thanks!
You can turn fullscreen on and off in Main Menu > Options.

To kill the blue skeleton, the melee attack is dodgeable. Jump away when he pulls out his sword, then get close to him quickly so he'll keep backing away (keep him backing away so that you have enough room to dodge his attack).

Or you can totally brute force it since it's just the first boss and all.

Oh cool, guessing you figured all that out then!
Can't believe I missed this one. A Castlevania hack of sorts? Count me in!!
Who translated the game to Spanish?, there are some funny mistakes.
Really good at getting the feel of old castlevania. I liked it :)
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