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Check: Chapter Two
The Holy Bishop
Sky and Apple have received a strange chess piece from an Empire General named Zarmen, and have escaped their hometown of Yuita under pursuit of Empire troops. Confused as to what this all means, they travel to the town of Ecuij, a liberal city of the rich whom see the Empire as tyrants, as they look for answers and refuge.

This is the second chapter of a multi-chapter saga named Check. Any save file from the first chapter CAN be carried over to Chapter Two, however a previous save file is not needed. The game can be played as a new game, starting from the beginning of Chapter Two.


Transferring save file from Chapter One to Chapter Two
It's really simple.
Look inside your folder for chapter one, and find the 'Save01.rvdata2' file (The '01' number represents what save file it was saved to; if it's 01 it will be the first save file. If you saved to the second file in Chapter One, you would want to take the 'Save02.rvdata2', for example).

Take this file, place it inside your Chapter Two folder, and play the game as normal (But choose Continue rather than New Game).

The game will ask you to save once again before returning to the title screen. Once again, select continue and choose the save file you just saved to, and Chapter Two will begin.


Just as last time, the credits are included in a text file within the download.

Game is now available, thanks to anyone who plays! ^_^

Notice: There's been a few people having issues extracting the game from this websites download. It's worked for 99% of people, if you're downloading for the first time, go ahead and do it from this site. However, if for some odd reason it doesn't work, I've zipped the game rather than using RMVXACE's compiler, and you can download it from the MediaFire link below:

Mediafire Link!

I hope it all works out, and thanks for downloading!

Latest Blog

Evolzar Laggia.

Everybody hates Evolzar Laggia. Even the people who use it, hate it. Everybody does, even if they don't know it.

I mean... Seriously? It's Solemn Judgement, with legs, and a high 2400 attack points! And with Rescue Rabbit, most people can get out one per turn.

This is very annoying. Especially if it happens on your opponents first turn. And during your turn, they sit up on their throne and watch every single little move you make, waiting to negate, negate, and negate again.

Let's not even get started on his evil counterpart, Evolzar Dolkka. Just as easy to summon, but can negate any monster effect, and destroys the monster it negates. All for one exceed material. That mean's he can do it twice.

Such is a description of the Yu-Gi-Oh! deck type 'Dino-Rabbit'.

It's not very fun to play against.

However, at least once in our lifetimes, we all have that one moment where we triumph over the norm that is this over-powered deck. Your opponent gets complacent on their throne and yet loses their footing as you start a move that they perceive as harmless, which ultimately makes them loose their footing on their glorious throne, and fall down slowly, yet heavily to the ground.

Such is my story of the last 10 minutes.

This is my story.

In news related to the Check: Chapter One remake, I keep accidentally clicking on the project folder for Chapter Three, and then accidentally working on it. It will be coming soon though. I'm just... Enjoying the development on Chapter Three? I'm thinking about making a trailer. I don't want to go over the top, but a trailer would be nice, since it'll be a while in development anyway.

I'm just not sure how to make a trailer about a game that focuses on... Dialogue. Although to be honest, I've tried to improve everything in Chapter Three, and make it an all round... Very nice game.

Maybe that's what I can try to show off in the trailer. ... I'll aim for that.

Well, more news soon, I guess!
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  • 07/29/2012 04:59 PM
  • 06/29/2017 07:55 PM
  • 07/31/2012
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again i tried and still exact fail is all it says
again i tried and still exact fail is all it says

Uploading to Mediafire, will inbox you when it's done with the link. Sorry about the inconvenience!
pretty good game, lots of character presence. Two dungeons and a town. I couldn't find chapter 1 but if it's available I'd totally play it. Developer's sites are all down and I'm guess there isn't gonna be a chapter 3.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I couldn't find chapter 1...

Thanks, I already know theres an RMN profile for that game, but there is no download. Until I found it that is.
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