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Natura is an Action RPG released in 2009 by the Spanish team J&L. It features a heavily modified version of Xiderowg's Action System, beautiful RTP-based maps with a fitting atmosphere and an exciting story. The Director's Cut version improves upon the original in many areas to deliver a smoother experience.

Natura is about 3-5 hours long. Its download is about 75mb.



Script - ARPG System (Xiderowg + Edit) Single player based ARPG with weapons, secondary weapons, etc.

Script - Custom Message Script (Moghunter + Edit)

Engine - Sprinting (Original) Many engines allow the player to run when a particular key is pressed. The speed of the player is a custom, appropriate one (instead of the default 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6). It's part of the Stamina engine.

Engine - Stamina (Original) It shows the player's stamina. It is consumed when actions like attacking are performed. It recovers itself slowly when we don't do anything.

Engine - Akk's (Original) Automatically used objects that provide the player with some extra stamina. It is a very important factor in long battles.

Engine - A.I.D.'s (Original) A.I.D.'s (Akk Instantaneous Dispenser) are equipment that change the way Akks are used. Each one has a different purpose.

Engine - Suspicion (Original) At some point in the game, the player will have to go through an hostile environment without becoming too suspicious. If the suspicion bar is filled, the game will be over.

Engine - Custom Shop (Original)

Engine - Pull & Push (Original) The player can push and pull some objects in a realistic way.

Script - Max. Item limit (Moghunter)

Script - Custom Title Scene (Moghunter + Edit)

Script - Custom Menu (EOG + Metalero + Edit) A custom single player menu by EOG with edits by Metalero and us.

Engine - Conversations with portraits (Original) At some point during the game, conversations will be shown with pictures instead of text (with each character's drawing, too).


YouTube Trailer ~ LINK
Natura (Mediafire) ~ LINK

Thanks for playing!

Latest Blog

Natura DC Released!

Thanks to Gourd_Clae's incredible beta testing, the Director's Version of the game is more polished than ever and is now available to download!

So what's different? Here, have a look:

- Quick FAQ and in-game Controls screen added.
- Slight changes in the game's soundtrack.
- An overall wave of bug fixes. <3 Gourd_Clae
- An improved translation.
- A revisited, shorter introduction.
- Revisited cutscenes: completely new scenes and some changes to existing ones.
- Disappearance of the more monotone bits of the story. A more homogeneous experience.
- Disappearance of the minor sidequests to favor a more straight-forward plot.
- A change of controls to emulate the more efficient model we came up with for Natura 2.
- The player has now the ability to turn without having to step forward.
- Gameplay balancing: Better stat growth, weapons' damage formula revisited, updated enemy stats, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Non-limited saves, reduced overall stamina cost, improvements in enemy AI, ...
- Gameplay balancing: Improved item distribution, additional shops, equipment buffs and debuffs, ...
- Improved Custom Menu: Visual improvements, includes current objective and amount of money, ...
- A more intuitive A.I.D. system to improve the process of Akk consumption.
- Some new weaponry.
- New character animations.
- A severe map redesign of some of the already existing locations of the game.
- Updated puzzles.
- Updated credits.

Doing this has been really difficult, for it is even trickier to work around an older project than doing things from scratch. However, I felt that it was necessary. Huge thanks to Archeia_Nessiah for her early review, which pointed out many issues that I attempted to correct.

Now it's time to get back to Natura 2...
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  • 11/22/2009
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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Finished the game,was pretty good
not fond of the ending wondering if theres multiple endings?
and if its possible to get to the chest on the left of the final area?
"I cannot complain when your icon of choice is a penguin"
Hello! Sorry for the very late reply! No, it's not possible. It's a small deception!

And I'm afraid that there are no other endings for Natura! I understand if you were left with a bittersweet taste.

Thanks for your kind words!
"I cannot complain when your icon of choice is a penguin"
I cannot believe I hadn't logged in this website for so long to miss this review! I'm very grateful that you put such dedication into writing this.

A very fair and constructive criticism, and I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed its story as much as we enjoyed coming up with it. I really hope I can pull everything together and finish Natura 2 in the future.

A question though; did you play the Director's Cut version, I assume?
Half of the game is too eyebreakingly dark. almost stopped playing because of this. BUT i'm glad i didn't because i would have missed out on a well-made game. the combat felt dynamic, if a bit clunky sometimes. the amount of save-points could have been balanced better, but i guess it's better to have a few too much than a few too less. Overall a very good game, that motivated me to keep playing. thanks for creating and submitting it.
"I cannot complain when your icon of choice is a penguin"
Overall a very good game, that motivated me to keep playing. thanks for creating and submitting it.

Thank you SO much for letting us (me, these days) know. I'm very happy you were glad to have kept going and enjoyed it in the end.
I keep on getting this problem as an event appears of the main character entering the
Nest but it says I am missing an audio file.

Hi, I'm getting this bug after the game's introduction. I tried re-unpackaging it but I still keep getting it.

Exception message: Error de Script Message EX en la lĂ­nea 502 de tipo 'RGSSERROR'.


can you help me with the boss alamagest? how i suppose to defeat him?
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