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Cruna Aktrid features a unique battle system, dubbed Greed Grid Battle. As the name implies, it's main concept is battle involving a resource (for ST/SR/SP recovery) and positions.

The battle flows pretty differently from the traditional turn based battle systems; The order your party acts is determined not by random determination based on Speed, but the order you give the characters orders. This way, tactical combinations are welcome for specific ordering. You can give orders as much as you want too, though it's limited by the corresponding character's AP. If their AP is insufficient, they can't do the order. Speed, however, determines how fast the order will be executed compared to the other party members and the enemy's party. The preceding character can cover the character after him/her's slower execution, thus shorten the gap between the characters to act.

Other important factor to mention is the grid, which consists 3 x 6 panels. The left 3 x 3 part is occupied by the enemy's party, and the right 3 x 3 part is for your party. Obviously, these panels represents the fighters' positions. Positions are essential in every combat since it affects who gets hit and who is not. Example , when there's a character that has someone in front of him/her. With Lock On or Shot attacks, the one in front of the character is the one who will get hit instead, protecting who's behind him/her. As with positions, some Specials will have special hit zones too. Like shot attacks, which hits the most front target in front, but not the sides.

About the resource, is the Excess Greed. The main thing is in certain percentage of a character's ST/SR/SP, the more it's gone, the more their defenses get cut, to the rate of half of the character's defense, leaving them more susceptible to attacks. Even more, taking a hit while guarding depletes the character's ST/SR/SP instead of their HP, until their guard breaks (ST/SR/SP is 0 by guarding). Maintaining ST/SR/SP is considerably vital for defense. More info will be detailed soon.

To remember while playing, the battles does not feature any miss when an attack actually lands to it's prey, or even critical hits. It is unfair for your detailedly planned shot attack that does hit a target but counted as miss, isn't it?