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Progress Report XXV: Nope, not dead. Really.

It's been 4 months or so, huh, since the game's last update... No, the game's still running, though... TOO SLOW, I'll admit! There're Dark Souls II, then PSO2 still running, then more games, then going to Japan for playing some arcade games there, then etc, etc, etc. But my main reason is... Still Nusakana. Boy. The crews are currently struggling with their school, too.

It's only a very small update. I'm only visiting here to grab some images for promoting Cruna in another forum. I'll have to get Nusakana ready ASAP...

Catch ya later.

Progress Report

Progress Report XXIV: New specials! Several Stuff!

Lemme count it... Hmm... Hurricane, Blower, 2 other specials for Lyka, then Skirilt Sraig above, Boomerang Throw, and 10 other style route stuff for Ashen! So much! Making them broke the record number of frames for 1 character in Cruna Aktrid to 72 frames! In kaduki-styled format, it's the same amount of 6 full frame sheets!

Map progress is doing well, and the story eventing too. Though honestly, the other stuff is more or less slow.

And seriously. This:

Is a real pain in the butt.

Sadly, I'll stay away from working Cruna for a good while (don't worry, the other crews are still working :P). The reason is simple, though. Nusakana, another project, had its' progress around 70% - 75% now. I'd think it's better to focus on Nusakana. I'll expect that the game will be done around July or so! And that means I gotta rush too...

See you guys next time!

Progress Report

Short Update: Not posting progress report yet, still preparing

Several fiasco happened, like exams and got sick... Belch! Some great deal of wasted time!

Rest assured, the team IS progressing. But the justice for reporting is not yet enough! By then, please be patient for the justice to come!

Gotta go back


Fairies ~ Part 2

Now let's continue the topic of fairies of Cruna Aktrid... Last time I covered how someone became a fairy. Then the part 2 will detail more about their characteristics compared to their former human form.

Biologically, there are distinct differences between fairies and humans. The anatomy of the both of them is practically the same. The differences are:
- Wings

The instant you notice a kid that have a detached wings, yep, the kid is a fairy, indeed. There are many records that fairies mostly don't flap their wings while flying or even still can fly after their wings are badly damaged. So people concluded that the wings are only decorations. Some theories argue that the wings are excesses of spirit energy from a fairy. It is applicable since the wings left off pixie dusts, dusts that are actually condensed spirit energies. But the existence of wingless fairies, that actually can't fly at all, became the key of a fairy's wings' existence; they act as a symbol that the fairy can fly.
The wings' form supposedly differ with each person randomly, but there's a rumor that the wings' shape represents the fairy's personality... still no concrete proof or study to support that rumor, however.
- Greater metabolic prowess

Fairies' body may be really similar to a normal flesh (actually, they're very indistinguishable to human flesh, being bloody too), but the cells aren't really any flesh, they're spirit energy. It makes wounds heal faster for fairies, though applying jamus is still faster. Well, other than that, they still feel pain like humans do. They don't feel anything with their wings, however, nor any study proves that.
- Greater spirit manipulation skill

Human themselves can do this, but... Their body is composed of spirit energy. Not only they have much more spirit energy to use, but their body is a living catalyst! Still, fairies are like humans, they need to learn how to do some spirit casting. Probably almost all fairies still need a catalyst or two to cast something.
- They will revive if they die prematurely

As living grudges, their purpose to live is to fulfill their final wish to die peacefully. Let them die without peace in mind will simple let them revivable. Conveniently, they can adjust the timing where they can revive and when they do. The older body vanishes and will reform a new body, in tip-top shape, save their stomach contents. Inconveniently, they don't vanish with their clothes, so expect a fairy to appear unclothed as they get revived.
Did I mention "save their stomach contents"? Despite this fact, fairies still strife to feed themselves. The motive is simple: They don't want to starve. It's possible to die from starvation and get revived again, but they'll still feel hungry and being hungry is very bad and painful with lack of energy, with their tummy still roaring too. They find it better to just simply eat as usual. Being starved is unbearable to fairies. Not feeding oneself is just a ticket to a long starving hell.

That's all about fairies for now. There's one part that's still unexplained though... Wingless fairies. What are they? Shouldn't fairies unexceptionally have wings? Explaining in the blog will just spoil the fun about them, so stay tuned and play the game as it got released! ;)

Game Design

Nutshells: Ashen

It's been long since Cruna Aktrid's previous nutshell blog. This time, I'll cover one of the playable characters! Properly, it should be Lyka first to have a coverage, but since Ashen's portraits are the first one that got mainly completed, she gets the turn. This part won't be as far as spoiling nice bits of her secrets!

Ai Shen Hua, called by the others "Ashen", is a native of Xan village. She's a talented summoner, although she hates her task as such, training every day without gaining any rest. She has no time with her friends. She barely had any friends.

Mysteriously, it was only herself that received the harsh schedule. The others were spared. She's alone to bear the weight. Questioning the ridiculous treatment, she decided to follow her (other) grandfather out of her village with her friend that intends to study to become a blacksmith, Lyka. She ran away from the ordeal. The only thing she's grateful of from the training that she can use it for many things, notably healing without spending any penny for jamus.

The decision to run away led her to a better life, at least, for now. She's on her own, and she's free to do what she wanted with her time, including approaching Lyka. Being a growing woman, she's still embarassed with her feelings, and with lack of any social experience, she unleashed her (minor) wrath with violence, at least to Lyka alone...

As things goes on, blah blah blah, she follows Lyka, going back home to where she actually ran away from... She does this for another reason she ran away too.

Despite the abusive behavior of hers, she's actually more adept in using the Lost Arts, generally, spirit casting. She's a good damage dealer that musters the light elements: fire, wind, and light. Her physical prowess is... well, passable. Spirit casting skills usually don't lock an enemy; they're relative to the casters' position. Better predict and aim well before launching the attacks of hers. But sure are their output are great. Invest in Jack of All Trades route to maximize her offensive output!

If you need her healing capability more, you can focus to invest in Nurse route to make her your trusty healing machine. The Nurse route provides what great healers need! Quick response for healing, great healing output... And that's all...? At least she still can act as a shield while the others are in health...?

As much as she hates her fate, she's indispensable in the battlefield for the reasons above. She's generally a little slow though, so try not to give any unnecessary openings to the foes. Oh yeah, her SR is generally higher, so you can have more leisure to barrage some shots.

Ashen's Stats Summary:
HP: So-so
SR: Extra
ATK: Passable
DEF: Passable
SPI: Good
RES: Good as well
SPD: A little sluggish

Progress Report

Project Report XXIII: Holy Network!

Yep, MegaMan.EXE will be fightable in the game as a secret boss! You gotta literally walk through nooks and crannies to encounter, him, though. His encounter spot is invincible. And by the time you fight him... You might feel sorry for yourself.

Staying true to his legacy, the damage he dealt are all fixed and regardless of defense too, according to the original games' damage number. Like the sword above, nifty, pristine 80 damage. Oh, I'm making sure his AI is built around deck of chips, and that's 30 chips for a folder! His attacks gonna be very variative according to the chips' original effects. I'll make sure the chips' execution is stay true to the original, including the animation frames and hitbox! But gotta start ripping so much of his framesets, though! :D And beware of Zeta Cannon!

But that obviously is a big fat lie :P

April Fools!

No way I'm using Capcom's property without their consent, right? Well, I'd say fake screenshots are still fine!
MegaMan.EXE sprites, panel, and background from MegaMan Battle Network series. Property of Capcom.

Now for the holy real stuff...! I really am intending to give real updates to you!

Yeah, I've uploaded a screenshot of testing her portrait. Yep, the illustrator have done her initial portraits! Greatly done! He took a really long time to finish them, though, even just for her face emotions. Surprisingly, though, the body part was quickly finished in just mere 2 days... College really sapped his life for hobby.

And after a long time of consideration (to make it, that is! I was still lazy...), now the command will show who will you command as you press up or down. Pretty much people complained they forgot to command the other members since they don't know at all that they can press up and down to select them. It's been added, and I even made it show the character's current AP.

Last but not least, we've made a nice jump of map development. There're still a lot more to go, but any progress is welcome, especially since I personally really dislike mapping...

Oh yeah, gotta boast that 40k+ views for now and 45 subscribers! I have to thank you guys for your support! #boastingend

Ok, time to jack out, folks!


Fairies ~ Part 1

Fairies! But they'll barely think for becoming a godparent soon. They mostly still think like kids, and look like kids! But what do you expect? No one initially born as fairies, and most fairies got their memories of their former life locked. They're clearly alive, but they were dead once.

Papa bear is watching you~

There's no such sentence as "A fairy was born". One can only say "He / she became a fairy". Fairies's body are collection of spirit energy that turned into living cells. How can one turn into a fairy? Only humans, creatures with greatest greed, can become one. Once they die, there are two possibility: they simply die, or when they have a very strong will for living like there's something that they fully regret, their soul will draw spirit energies nearby and the spirit energies will turn into flesh and took shape as human beings, acting as the soul's new body. One can say that fairies are living grudges.

Of course, it's not without any cost. Using a new body, the body barely connects with the soul's memories. The fairy's former life memories are still locked, but they'll eventually remember them again. They live to ensure they don't have any regrets to die anymore. Once they're satisfied to the point they can die in peace, they'll vanish, and their souls will be brought by the Takers to the Nirvana, the usual dying procedure. And the most notable change for one became a fairy is their fairy form is the person's child form. Some theories proposed that fairies have their form as a child (again) because the spirit energy available is never enough to reconstruct their body like their former adult body.

Several fairies had their mind matured already, even drinking booze. Age wise they can be legal... but they'll never age at all.

Fairies bear wings, and that produces pixie dusts, which are barely useful to the fairy him/herself on its own. Wings only serve as a fairy's symbol that they can fly, and just that. Other purpose possible is to eat up some room. Fairies still can fly even if their wings got destroyed. The wings will reappear again and again, anyway.

I'll continue writing about fairies in another time. There's so much things that I can explain about fairies of Cruna Aktrid! If you want to ask me, I think that Cruna Aktrid's fairies is a parallel to other world's elves. Yep, no elves in Cruna Aktrid.

Progress Report

Progress Report XXII: 4 new enemies! And 70 frames made for them!

Phew, making sprites are a load of heck...
Please, no more spriting for now! I'm resting!!!

Yep, 4 fully animated enemies! Fun fact: The nurse fairy has the most frames of those 4, and none of them is for attacking. Her AI is the most unique one so far. Though damn, making them are satisfying.

Now to think of it, the team has made so many kinds of enemies. It's time for many edits in the future for reducing the team's headache. Several sprites are still in progress, and I'm still waiting for the illustrator's work.

See ya later, folks!

Progress Report

Progress Report XXI: Header updated and slight tidbits.

Yep, updated the header. I wish I can put a full res illustration there, but I'm more confident on spriting, and the illustrator is still busy with college stuffs too. And more, other 2 projects is on works, which, are doing pretty smoothly. I'll start sprite stuff on certain time.

Anyway, I can only show off our spritework so far for the map. There's still more to go, however.

Ta-ta for now.


Spirit Tools

The illustrator hasn't drawn any portraits, I'm working on other projects too, yada yada yada, I'll take my time telling some stuff about Cruna Aktrid's world today. This time, it's about Spirit Tools.

That's not how you use a cauldron, but it's survival, anyway.

I've mentioned briefly about Spirit Tools in "Energies in Cruna Aktrid" blog, but now it'll be detailed. Spirit Tools are, as the name implies, uses the wielder's spiritual energy. They can be weapons like Ghembo's guns, Alex's bunker, and Dolores' cauldron, but they aren't limited to those. It can be a vacuum cleaner, stove, furnace, fan, sewing machine, any tool that needs energy!

Spirit Tools work by merely using the spirit energy that circulates around the wielder's body, then convert them to the energy that the tool wants. A stove, for example, will convert the spirit energy into heat energy, making the stove aflame, enough for cooking. The spirit energy is used by the user's control, so there's no chance of any accident of energy overload from the tool itself, only by the user's whim.

Spirit tools is one of those lucky technology that got survived from the calamity. In meaning, the schematics, documents, etc, is not lost by the devastation. It contributed on the rebuilding of the new era. Well, at least Traust didn't revert back to a prehistoric civilization again... Most recent technology at the time of the calamity got blasted by the explosion, so... Yeah, spirit tools are lucky.

Catalysts are not spirit tools. However, spirit tools may contain a catalyst. Catalyst are used mainly to strengthen the output. Well, catalysts are catalysts, so it's still possible to alter the spirit tools' output by spirit casting, even using the spirit tools themselves as a catalyst. A spirit flamethrower can be made to spew water instead with sufficient skills.

Alex and Ashen had the side effect of spirit overuse overcame their body. Chloe will use one too. It'll be only a matter of time before Chloe's body to rely on spirit energy.

But use of spirit energy in general has its own risk, using spirit tools not excluded. Although normally the body is not reliant to spirit energy, actually, they do! Normal living beings will not show reliance because without any use of spirit energy, the amount is more than the body needs it. However, with the use of it especially in continuous term, the body will found the spirit energy lacking. The body will signal this with fatigue, when the body feels dependent enough. Very long time of use, and the body will forget that they have stamina. Even running will need spirit energy instead of stamina.

Considering the tools' fuel is a renewable energy, it's the 2nd most popular peripheral for daily lives, only behind easy-to-build steam machines. Making a spirit tool is pretty costly, but it won't demand any charcoals!
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