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The Four Heroes of Light, destined to beat back the tides of Darkness. Lost to time, these Lineages of Might and Magic will be called apon Time and Time again to save the World and Protect the Innocent from the Dark.
~The Oracle of Phermises

In the small village of Hone, the Town Hero, born of the Lineage of the Heroes of Light, has been kidnapped. A small group of willing villagers (and a reluctant traveller) are sent to get him back, but their journey takes them farther than they would have believed.

Adalard - A rather rotund Noble who spends his days tending to his garden and mixing with the well-to-do.

Quivia - A sorceress who enjoys experimenting in her tower and can use many dark magics.

Mauricio - A travelling Red Mage who just happened to be in town at the time.

Gunnar - A friendly Dwarven veteran of the Wars, who has a great eye for detail.

Together these unlikely heroes will find themselves entangled in a race to save this Era's greatest heroes before all Light be extinguished from the World.


Started for an original resource competition in 08, Noble Quest began when Kaempfer and I teamed up.


Latest Blog

What's the story, Morning Glory?

Some time in 2008, Gaming World held a small competition where you had to make a game or demo with only original resources. I wasn't going to join, but then a friend of mine, Kaempfer, asked me for some help with the charactersets for the game he was creating.

I was happy to agree. So I jumped on Messenger and we got to talking about what he'd need. From there I got involved in the creation process and we bounced ideas off each other, making things up and planning the story and ideas out.

I ended up making charactersets, faces, monsters, music edits and a lot of other little things like side-content, the AP system and a lot of other little things. He made the majority of the maps, added story progression and came up with the main plot ideas.

Together we crafted a neat little project which ended up getting second prize in the competition.

Afterwards we decided we wished to carry on the game and spent hours messing around with it, adding bits here and there, editing things and making new graphical overhauls. Then came the splitting.

It was as simple as just moving on in different directions. He wanted to take the game one way, with rips instead of original content and I was too busy with other things to bother. Years passed and we dropped out of contact.

I kept looking back at the game from time to time, thinking "I should probably finish this game one day." The thing that held me back was the thought of Kaempfer making his own version, but I think enough time has passed, with enough distance that I can show this little gem the light it deserves.

I am working on revamping the graphics so that they're mine, as well as editing some of the story and characters a little to give them a more 'Liberty' touch. I'm also looking in to finishing the damn thing. XD

So, here's the first part of that little gem. Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoyed the history lesson. ^.^
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  • 12/23/2012 05:27 PM
  • 12/10/2014 04:58 AM
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I really like the main character's walking animation
After I defeat the Warden, I can't leave. It says the door has been opened and for my party to get out of there, and that's it, and my way back is blocked.

I'm assuming then that's where the current demo ends. Which is too bad, because I was really getting into it. Hopefully you are still working on this, because we need more games like it.
I'm glad you enjoyed it~
That is the end of the demo, though (I thought I put an event there to let people know that >.<; ) and it's on my 'to finish' list, so it won't be getting dumped. It's one of the projects I'm very sure I want to complete.
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