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Modified battle screen with demo graphics.
  • Travio
  • Added: 01/26/2013 03:13 AM
  • Last updated: 03/02/2024 03:52 AM


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Huh, this is a pretty cool battle screen.
Oh, right - forgot to mention this: I'm not sure where I'm displaying the equivalent of MP yet. I'm still experimenting with it yet - it's the only portion of the battle screen not 'finalized' in my head layout.
Turn your back on your enemies to confuse them!
Hah - yeah, I'm just using default RTP graphics for (almost) everything until I can get the main parts of the game finished, and I had to shrink the battlers down using scripting to get them to fit for the time being. The actual graphics are going to be one of the last things I worry about, especially for situations like this that're going to require almost entirely custom built graphics.

... now that I look at it, I realize that player battlers aren't affected by the screen tone. I'm going to have to adjust the viewport they're draw on.
Updated to include the new party size and layout on the screen.
Should do like the original Suikoden and zoom in when you roll a critical attack ^_^
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