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Let's Play by AniFangirl

A little update to present a let's play made by AniFangirl.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Many thanks to her for her time and dedication.
I hope you will continue to do let's play for other lesser-known games.


Life Precious is qualified for the Alex d'Or 2013 contest

Alex d'Or is the main RM contest for the french community, where RM projects of the year are presented to be judged, nominated in various categories, and awarded for the best of them.
To be nominated in any award, a game must first be qualified as a playable/interesting game by the jury. It's mainly to avoid wasting time with joke projects, and to decrease the number of projects to evaluate, by keeping the most promising of the bunch.

Life Precious has been judged good enough to be among those lucky ones.
That's great news for the game, given its ambition and limitations. I don't expect any nomination, since there's a lot of great games this year, with more to offer. It still is a small victory for this project, fulfilling its main objective: making a decent game with RM VX Ace Lite and beginner skills.

While most of the most interesting projects are in french (la 7eme porte, Zeeshan, Wano x Yaxto, The Other, Black Dressed Autistic 2, Fleur, le tombeau de Taal Rash'a), you should also check a few of them.
Mainly Ludu and MegaMike, perfectly enjoyable without any mastery in froggy gibberish. Or Your Star for that matter, already available in english on this very website.


Life Precious at FLIP 2013, amateur videogame contest!

Well, everything happens. Even the most unlikely.

Life Precious has been selected to participate in an official amateur videogame contest, during the Festival Ludique International du Jeu 2013, organized in Parthenay from the 11th to 13th of July.
It will be tested and voted among five other amateur projects, and one of them will be declared "best of show" saturday night.

What does the winner win?
Absolutely nothing! All is just for the fun.

I will have a panel there, to present my game, but I also expect to show more about all the RM community and other making related-stuff. I will even put a "treasure" edition of Life Precious, with serigraphied CD and physical goodies, to win in a open-to-all-testers lottery.

I hope to release the final version (1.1.3) of the game for that time, with minor corrections from 1.1.2. In that regards, some inputs about its english translation would be nice. I'm pretty sure I did a lot of grammar atrocities...

More infos here (if you like french walloftextes):

FLIP 2013 - Amateur videogame contest


Artbook available for download

The english translation of the artbook is available on the website.
Both in pdf and mobi format.

Featuring babbling of himself about the game, crappy visuals and some tips to finish the game like a boss (as if it was difficult to begin with).



Life Precious 1.1.2 available

Corrected a bug where, in some occasions, the merchant would leave the hideout just before the final scene, ruining the mood. Some spelling mistakes corrected in the process, as some improvements (so small you would barely notice them) on a few maps.
File size has been reduced, thanks to emptying unused Battlers, Titles and Battlebacks directories.

Game saves remain compatible.
So you should be able to play again from any of your old save files.

I kept the old 1.1.1 version on RMN, since it might be needed for the end of the recent Release Something Weekend. That version remains playable, and, except for this fleeing merchant mishap, it would be as enjoyable as the new one.

The website has also been updated.
Nothing big and fancy, just the english game installer put online. :p
An artbook, presenting more about the game, its conception, and some ingame tips, should available near the 28th of May.


Game download & video available

Life Precious is available for download!

On a side note, the promotional video is also online. But on the game's website, since it's in HTML5 tags, and noton youtube (yet?).

Progress Report

QA and translation in progress...

Final dungeon is finished.
All that's left now is debugging and tweaking (Quality Assurance in pro slang). While I'm at it, I will translate the less worst I can all mains dialogs. Not sure If I will get the time to check 100% of the ingame texts.

Release date : 5th of May.

Progress Report

Last sprint before finishing line...

As expected, I encountered some delays along the development.
The 4th dungeon is complete and running. Now, I can concentrate on the final one, which should be the last map I have to make.
I should be able to release it for the Release Something Weekend on the 5th of May, given I could translate it while debugging in one week. This last one is quite heavy-evented, and the 10 event limit will make it even harder to pull off...
The upcoming week will be interesting as a crunch-time experience.

Meh, I will see.

New release date : May 2013!
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