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NotEC Remake/Re-Release - and a Visual Novel Spiritual Sequel!

  • Eike
  • 06/14/2015 07:53 PM
Hey, NotEC subscribers! You might be interested to know that I've just announced my latest - and most professional to date - game! I present: Because We're Here ~ Mohnblume und Blauerose, a darkly comedic dating sim set in an alternate First World War.

If you could subscribe to the RMN gamepage, or even go as far as follow the Tumblr or Twitter or Like the Facebook page, I'd be eternally grateful. The aim is to take this to Kickstarter, and it'd be great to have social media going strong by that time, so every little show of support really does help a great deal.

And with this news, comes another semi-exciting development: I've given the entire NotEC a makeover, and created Notes on the Etgoesian Crisis: Plus. I'm just going through final tests now, but it ought to be released within the week. It'll look something like this:

I've changed the sprites, to a style derived from heavily-edited Romancing SaGa 3 rips, I brightened the portraits so they look a bit less amateurish, I changed a lot of the character names to be more in-line with the game's early modern Dutch setting ('Pete Walsh' to 'Piet de Valk', 'James Bagworth' to 'Joost Bojinck', and so on) and I changed a lot of the in-game lore to be in-line with Because We're Here - most notably, 'Orville' became 'Wessling' and 'Mellynd' became 'Lassalle'. And of course, 'Edgos' became 'Etgoes'.

Oh, and I scrapped the Star Ocean character system. All characters are recruitable in a single playthrough now! (So ultimate weapons, and the secret support conversations that come with them, can also be attained with much less hassle.) The single exceptions are the characters you must choose between, as you'll find out when you encounter Derek and... oh, you'll see for yourself.

I also put in a way to get past the notoriously-buggy penultimate battle against Jorgund and Magarlindt. So, anyone who got stuck on that: you can finally, er, finish the game! Sorry about that.

Anyway! I'll release more screenshots for NotEC: Plus in a couple of days, and then a couple of days after that, I'll release the thing! Hope you like it.


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Romancing SaGa 3 as a base for something -ANYTHING- is enough of a reason for me to wait this. "orz

Also the courier lady~♥. Hips~♥♥♥!!! (excuse me please "orz).
I know, right? Those tall sprites. <3

Though, the Romancing Saga 3 edits game - the one this gamepage is for - is now already released!! Enjoy.

And there's no shame in those hip-preferences, ahaha. That postwoman-starring game - Because We're Here - is the upcoming one, demo's out in about a month~
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