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Because We're Here ~Act I~ on Steam

  • Eike
  • 07/20/2018 05:42 PM
Hello, RMN!

Remember old Eike?? The person who made those very wordy modern-history-based RM2K3 games? (What an introduction.)

Well! I'm delighted to announce that the first episode of my first commercial game has just been released on Steam! It's called Because We're Here, and it's a story-driven, horror-tinted dating sim in a WW1-inspired setting.

It's still very wordy. But they are much better words, and also arranged into much better sentences. Am I selling it??

So, if you liked my Notes On games back in the day, it would be wonderfully good of you to give it a whirl! Also, being realistic, I'd say that you will probably like this as well~

(The demo that I put up on RMN a couple of years ago is no longer available; it covered the same plot points as Act I, but it was a very very early WIP in a whole bunch of ways!)

I hope some of the very small group of people who were really into my RPG Maker games see this! Let me know what you think if you do play it! (And it'd be amazing to hopefully make some money from this and be able to pay for the resources I still need for future acts ahaha.)

Also, I browse here occasionally but obviously I don't really post, so if you are one of these people then hey, here's my twitter!