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Website: http://landtraveller.com/

Join the Steam Group for updates and to try demos: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/landtrav

Ask a question: https://ask.fm/WolfCoder

The Game

LandTraveller is going to be a top-down constructive action RPG. Generally, you create characters and play in a large randomly generated world. If you've built places to live in caves or houses, you'll be able to invite NPCs. The NPCs will be random (you choose from a list), and there will be no limit on the amount of NPCs who may want to move in. There will be plenty of enemies and other creatures around the world. The game has actual progression as you clear the dungeons and gain the ability to find and make even stronger equipment. There will be a final map after the 8 where you have one final fight. This doesn't necessarily end the game- you can still grow the NPC population in your village, city, fortress, whatever you decided.


LandTraveller is centered around Kemonomimi who all work together to thrive and build great things. This is true even in single player- you would be creating many characters for yourself each with a role. Despite multiplayer being critical to the game's design, it can be enjoyed offline in any number of maps you generate. This somehow both has everything to do- and nothing to do with me being a furry.

The numbers in the game's battle engine will be small, and characters level 30 and over would be considered demi-gods in strength- there is no level cap. You get to pick an affinity that further customizes your specific chosen animal type in the early levels. Your character itself will be built up and customized just like all of your equipment.

Game is currently in ALPHA development. ALPHA means the game is being developed and hasn't yet reached any state of completeness.

LandTraveller is Copyright © 2013-2015, WOLFCODER WORKSHOP LLC, All rights reserved.

Latest Blog

Second Early Access Update

The engine has been upgraded to support other translations of the game! In multiplayer, the chat now uses a different system that supports text written in other languages. New translations can be made following the example template in the "trans" folder. A guide on that will come soon.

Another major update is the ability to connect some objects to each other to form mechanisms and traps. I've got a video on this here:

Of course some of the new content will require you to recover scrolls instead of tablets. In explore (or multiplayer) mode, the map has been extended to the north. Head to the top and you'll see an entrance to the next map. You'll find the scrolls if you dig around in the temple ruins, but look out for some tougher enemies!

The movement speed has been re-balanced so you move faster with higher agility, but weight will burden you more. If you want to keep your speed, you'll have to avoid equipment with weight on it. Equipment to fill in the two empty slots have been added as well.

A new short side-quest has been added to chapter 1 in story mode, just find the raccoon that's obsessed with gems.

- [NEW] Added a new quest "The Walls Have Eyes" if you ask the gem-crazy raccoon in the village on how to get more gems
- [NEW] Added the Pedestal, the Column, and the Capital you can craft and stack in many ways with themselves or other objects/blocks
- [NEW] Added the lion Statue you can craft out of marble
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Gate which can only be opened from connected objects (like pressure plates) and toggles its state
- [NEW] Can now craft Wood Hammer, a lighter quicker hammer that's good if you just need it to break stone blocks
- [NEW] Can now craft Hand Wraps as the first hand equip, they raise your minimum damage
- [NEW] Can now craft Rough Sandals to increase movement speed a tiny bit
- [NEW] Added the lizard-like Gigran that shocks anyone who strikes it with melee weapons
- [NEW] Added the Dart Trap as the first trap, it will damage both you and enemies
- [NEW] Added the Bronze Tool for linking props together (pressure plate to door, door to door, etc.)
- [NEW] Added the sandstone pressure plate that activates when a character walks on it
- [NEW] Can now do emotes in multiplayer: /love /happy /mad /worry /... /! /?
- [NEW] Added Potent Essence, the first thing to unlock using scrolls
- [NEW] Added the Temple POI on this new map so you can collect scrolls
- [NEW] Appended explore/multiplayer with an entrance to the next era map located north
- [NEW] Added Clear Gel as the uncommon material drop from the toxic jelly enemy
- [NEW] Added the toxic Jelly enemy that inflicts poison and leaves behind toxic liquid when defeated
- [NEW] Added poison liquid blocks that damage and poison anything that touches it
- [NEW] Added a system that allows you to create and select game language translations
- [NEW] Upgraded the multiplayer chat to support UTF-8 so you can read and write in any language
- [QOL] The value for movement that is displayed with your stats is now more accurate and reflects final, actual speed
- [QOL] Game now displays a warning if it drops to 25FPS or below (issues may occur that low)
- [QOL] Added a black outline to all the POI icons to make them easier to see on the map
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where sometimes NPCs will attempt to attack you instead during scripted battles
- [FIX] Fixed a rare crash that was occuring with props that require suitable ground under them
- [FIX] Fixed a bug that prevented you from getting out of bed in some situations
- [FIX] Fixed a bug where you would sometimes heal for twice an amount or take damage for twice an amount in single player
- [FIX] Improved the code around where music is chosen to prevent crashing when entering a multiplayer world
- [FIX] Improved the code around where sound effects get played to prevent crashing
- [ADJ] Increased the affect of higher agility on speed, but also adjusted burden to slow you down more
- [ADJ] Enemies will no longer attack your placeholder while you sleep in a bed
- [ADJ] Dropped items now float atop any liquid that hurts you (lava, poison, etc.)
- [ADJ] Increased the maximum world size to 64 (from 24) which is more than 7 times larger (worlds over 32 will cause long save times)
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It might make sense for crafting to work that way, but from a design standpoint, it's not fun. Crafting is suppose to be a way for player to get the tools they need to play the game, not another way to have them put more playtime in.

Crafting works this way because modding your weapons will occur at this one intermediate step, the weapon mods just aren't in yet.
That makes sense. however I still don't think it should be necessary to spend 15+ minutes making a crafting table.
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