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Website: http://landtraveller.com/

Available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/522130/LandTraveller/

The Game

LandTraveller is going to be a top-down constructive action RPG. Generally, you create characters and play in a large randomly generated world. If you've built places to live in caves or houses, you'll be able to invite NPCs. The NPCs will be random and will have different roles and things they want to do, and there will be no limit on the amount of NPCs who may want to move in. There will be plenty of enemies and other creatures around the world. The game has actual progression as you explore, clear the dungeons and gain the ability to find and make even stronger equipment. 8 chapters of the story mode are planned, though the actual number may differ in the final release.


LandTraveller is centered around Kemonomimi who all work together to thrive and build great things. This is true even in single player- you would be creating many characters for yourself each with a role. Despite multiplayer being critical to the game's design, it can be enjoyed offline in any number of maps you generate. This somehow both has everything to do- and nothing to do with me being a furry.

The numbers in the game's battle engine will be small, and characters level 20 and over would be considered demi-gods in strength- there is no level cap. There's a variety of abilities to unlock as you gain levels and train proficiency, even full character upgrades at major points. Your character itself will be built up and customized just like all of your equipment.

Game is currently in Early Access development. Early Access means the game should be playable and worthwhile despite being unfinished and full of bugs.

LandTraveller is Copyright © 2013-2020, WOLFCODER WORKSHOP LLC, All rights reserved.

Latest Blog

LandTraveller Discord Server

I finally gave the game its own Discord server here:


Please read the channel rules before messaging.
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It might make sense for crafting to work that way, but from a design standpoint, it's not fun. Crafting is suppose to be a way for player to get the tools they need to play the game, not another way to have them put more playtime in.

Crafting works this way because modding your weapons will occur at this one intermediate step, the weapon mods just aren't in yet.
That makes sense. however I still don't think it should be necessary to spend 15+ minutes making a crafting table.
How to delete my LandTraveller data? I want a new world with new characters. Is it possible?
You can create multiple worlds and newer characters. Are you trying out the 2016 demo or the actual game? To delete characters and worlds you might not want anymore, the default key is probably C (depending on the version you're playing). You should get a confirmation if you want to delete something and then you can remove it from the list after that.
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