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The RMW Chain Game has been in production for a couple months now. It is now complete, barring some polish: 11 chapters in total.


The Four Memory Songs - Sand, Fire, Water, and Wind - were sealed by the ancients to prevent an evil force from obtaining them. These songs only resonate with some people - the Shadowy Being is not one of them! So how does he obtain them? Hmm...

Join Gita, a daring adventuress, on her quest to find the Memory Songs. Along the way, she finds herself being deemed 'Eric the Silver Reaper'. Why is this? Play to find out!

What is a chain game?

I'm glad you asked. The idea is simple: everybody took a turrn creating a chapter in the game. When one chapter was finished, it was passed on to the next person in the chain. By the end, a bunch of people collaborated on one game!

This is a fun activity: everybody is invited to participate in future chain games. The idea is to just have fun with RPG Maker and make some games. Get goofy and enjoy yourself. Take a break from your serious project and throw together a chapter.

Part of the fun of making chain games is seeing how the storyline turns out. In this chain game, effort was taken to tie the plotlines together in the final acts and flesh out all the areas. Hopefully we succeeded! Thank you to everyone who participated and for keeping this thing alive to the end!


Simple-yet-engaging battles, seven puzzle-driven dungeons, and plenty of exploration! Solve water puzzles, flip buildings upside down, create stepping stones, smash holes into walls, discover hidden treasure chests and paths...it's all here!


Chapter 1: Despain
Chapter 2: Clord
Chapter 3: Hesufo
Chapter 4: Espon
Chapter 5: Zetu
Chapter 6: Evan G
Chapter 7: Lustermx
Chapter 8: Seacliff
Chapter 9: Valkill101
Chapter 10: Deckiller
Chapter 11: Deckiller/Zeuzio

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Pretty good collab game. However, there are more bugs than I'm comfortable with. Especially the showstopper bug at the prison:

You get the key as a drop item from the meta guard if I remember correctly...
(or are we talking about before that?)

This is a massive bug. After beating Fatguard McBombers and getting his key, I went back to the tent to heal, but the door to go back had re-locked itself and it ate my prison key when I went thru. Now I have no prison key and am unable to move past the next locked door. Luckily i saved before the boss and NOT after, but I really hope somebody would fix this.
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random thoughts may include spoilers

the book cleaning mini game was pretty hard to clear

the upsidown dungeon was interesting! i think one or more zelda games had something like it

dam her she sold us out and rarely do developers ever let the player get revenge in these situations :(

hmm Jainko had his gear in prison?

Serenas like a Optional go to character which joins the game in a story event. shes so amazing!

Vernant is the best magic attack user

who ever wrote serena as a servant to that ... is unforgivable!

the treasure upgrades are so cool! :D

the made and serena make this game! :D

the poison swamp boss battle was interesting :3

i think the real eric should be much higher in level. he did just obtain a song by himself and he is famous
he has no gear either!? wheres the epic gear!?

i didn't think wed ever find out why she was called eric o.o

Arum? i believe that's the name of a world one of the devs made :3

actually after the fire power awoke she said she felt something else inside of her but that never happened

also the alternate world ability i never found and special npcs with it (not that i looked around the old areas)

im surprised the collector guy or anyone else didn't comment about eric being in your party

i did not like how any character could learn magic

General Game play 6+hours

This was a surprisingly entertaining game!i did not know what to expect from this design wise.having all kinds of triggers and events and some fun characters kept this refreshing.
there were alot of mostly minor things that could of been improved.(grammar and pathing)
the battles were the only thing that id say i could of done w/o

This was a good game. i recommend trying this!
I'm in the Woodhedge Temple and can't figure out how to open the last locked gate. Please help!
You have not stand alone! I can't play this without RPG maker VX ACE. =/ Very disappointing since I've been a fan of Chain Games since I first discovered Lost and Found on Charas. ^_^ Oh well.
i'm stuck on chapter 9 in the song of fire dungeon and i'm at the last room(the one with tsuji)... there r these 3 monsters that keep popping up and the switches to control the fire... what am i supposed to do with the monsters & switches??? am i supposed to kill the monsters with the fire?????? if yes, then can some1 tell me how...
PLZ HELPPP!!! i dont know wat to do.......

I'm stuck here as well, can somebody please help?

EDIT: I finally made it, here's what I did:
I used the lower right switch (the lower left one was buggy, I don' know about the top one) and I always waited for the monster to appear there. Once the monster comes, I hit the switch repeatedly until it screams and disappears with a purple glow. I repeated this multiple times until the monster died. Watch out for the spikes though.
this sounds like a fun thing way to make a game
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

From what I played, the first dungeon was really fun.
Then the ghosts in the forest that teleported you back
was annoying (I actually told the game to
@$@$ off.)

When the random battles were introduced
the game became very jarring, it no longer seemed
to fit together. The town was a little annoying,
having to do stuff just so I could buy something.
I think I stopped playing around there.
I did a video gameplay of all of this (6 episodes) check it out:

Subscribe and message me for more games (request yours)
What's with the Temple of the Tempest? Was it just not finished in time?

Maybe in a separate chain game we could reference it: the unfinished Dungeon
I'm a dog pirate
What's with the Temple of the Tempest? Was it just not finished in time?

Pretty much, yeah. RSW was coming to an end.
What's with the Temple of the Tempest? Was it just not finished in time?
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Not sure I had a favorite section in the game.

Almost all of it had screens that were pleasant to look at.

I think the thing I enjoy most is finding things in chests and
drops from monsters I smash with my warrior powers :)
gees, and I'm 68yrs old :)

The graphics during battles also was good.
The thing I had trouble with was the information that pops up when
I hit a monster or they hit me...it disappeared to fast and I was not sure
what happened :( also I trouble telling EXACTLY how much damage was done.
I'm also not great with puzzles ...as you can tell by me requests for help :)
Over all it was a fun game and I'm sure you all worked hard on it.
It's a pleasure.
So what was your favourite part?
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)

Done, finished, ended.....I'm a great warrior :)

Finally killed all the bad guys and gal...

Just wanted to thank all who helped with the game.

It was long but very enjoyable...

Thanks again
I'm a dog pirate
The room with the chest...

you need a key to open it. It's an optional area.

To find the way to Tempest Island, use the orb around the beach.
joke's on you, my butt is actually two orbs
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
When I climb down well rope and try to head south, I get to the stairs in the second room and freeze, have to shut down game and restart from last save pt.

If I climb down and go north, I get through the first room and down stairs, then come out on what appears to be a cove and I can't find out how to go forward...

@mawk...orb of information ?? I think you may be laughing at me and if I'm right I get Samantha, my cat, to kick your butt :)
for more information about orbs consult your orb of information
The orb only works in certain rooms. (The last boss-room in the well, and some areas in the beach, and tempest island, that's it)

So maybe you're trying in the wrong places?
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