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~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~

September 6th, 2020:
Version 2.091
-changed positions of Dragons in final dungeon to spread them out and no longer required to manually skip the Dragons to continue on
-minor mapping and animation changes, and audio adjustments

~~~~~ SUMMARY ~~~~~

Legends Of Illarion 2 is the long awaited prequel to the 2009 RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion. The prequel takes place in ancient Illarion at the dawn of time, many centuries before the events of the first game. I consider it mostly to be an old school type of JRPG reminiscent of FF4, Lufia 2, etc.

You don't need to play LOI before playing LOI2. You can play either game before the other and there won't be too much spoilers involved. The first LOI contains a larger more diverse world with more interrelated story elements and characters, while LOI2 is a little easier, smaller, and more straight forward than the first game.

~~~~~ STORY ~~~~~

"We are but mortals who cannot fathom the true nature of the gods. Whether they are kind and benevolent, or vengeful and angry, I cannot say. The only thing that is certain, is that their power is real, and we must always be wary..."

The world of Illarion is at its infancy, having been created by the gods for only mere centuries. An Entity appears, born from the evil growing in the very hearts of mortals, bringing destruction and chaos to the realms. The gods await worthy heroes to appear and defeat the Entity. However, as time passes by, none step forth to save Illarion.

In desperation, one goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, using deception to cause a group of mortals to begin a journey to defeat the Entity. But do they truly fight to save Illarion, or do they fight to fulfill their own selfish motives? As they squabble amongst themselves and get ever closer to the promised end of their journey, the gods play their cruel hand and begin to reveal their true intentions...

~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~

  • modified battle/menu systems based on 3rd party scripts

  • numerous voice clips for character skills!

  • animated busts and battle sprites holding equipped weapons!

  • touch encounter battle system

  • skill points system and many custom battle skills

  • characters with multiple skill sets depending on weapons equipped

  • many interesting puzzles (all of which are skippable)

  • simple gathering/crafting system (blacksmithing, potion making, etc)

  • streamlined damage numbers in battle (no need for reading text!)

  • approximately 15 hours of gameplay

~~~~~ CHARACTERS ~~~~~

Legends Of Illarion 2 features an ensemble cast: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/characters1/

~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~

Created by Dyluck
Created using RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain

Graphics (Including but not limited to):
-Enterbrain (Various)
-Square Enix (Monster Battlers/Animations)
-Mack and Blue (Tilesets)
-Looseleaf Generator (Characters)
-Celianna (Tilesets)
-Mr Bubble (Animations)
-Toasty (Animations)
-Rinmaru (Faces)
-Princeofredroses (Faces)
-Claudie (Custom Art)
-FPesantez (Backdrop)
-Joke (Custom Art)
-Various other resources from the internet

Audio (Including but not limited to):
-Square Enix
-Game Arts
-Bandai Namco Games
-Pony Canyon Inc.
-Team Entertainment Inc.
-Sony Computer Entertainment
-The Game Designers Studio
-Mobile & Game Studio, Inc
-SunSoft, Inc.
-Monolith Soft
-Shirugumi Inc.
-Intelligent Systems
-Nippon Ichi Software
-NIS America
-SIE Japan Studio
-Nihon Falcom
-Various other resources from the internet

Scripts (Including but not limited to):
-Yanfly Engine Ace and associated scripts
-Mithran Text Cache
-LoneWolf Custom Font Junk Symbol Fix
-Euphoria Itemoff
-Soulpour777 Actor Specific Equipment
-Mr Bubble Crafting System
-Neon Black Passive Skills
-Karin's Soulkeeper Map as Battle Background
-Syvkal Menu Bars
-Modern Algebra ATS
-Various Moghunter scripts
-Various Himeworks scripts
-Zeus81 Fullscreen++

Legends Of Illarion and Legends Of Illarion 2 are non-profit / non-commercial games created for personal use only. I do not own any of the resources (including graphics and audio) used in these games or their trailers unless otherwise specified. All rights and resources belong to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Thanks for 4000+ downloads! Now enjoy some new chibi artwork on the Images section, and some older unreleased art bits and pieces on the Media section, of both this game and the first game!




  • Completed
  • Dyluck
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 09/11/2013 08:58 PM
  • 04/10/2021 11:40 PM
  • 10/01/2017
  • 242589
  • 65
  • 4128


Latest version downloaded.

A few typos :
  • On the beach, the saved man says "For a seceond there..." (maybe already corrected)
  • In the dwarves' vault, the guy giving the quest says "outiside"
  • In the dwarven tavern, Adron says "togther"
Those are all new to me! I've read those like 20+ times and I still missed them somehow. Thanks!
Hi !

In Highroad after the halfling village, just before meeting the refugees, you can get through some "walls".

Typo in the explorer Halfling lines : "mages doing important reserach"
Oh wow those invisible walkable tiles are a pain. I have no idea how they even got there. Thanks!
Typos in the city of the elves :
  • first part, to a woman on the right in front of her door, Irmorom says "we're better then humans"
  • a man near the inn says "the priest of Ushura"
  • a woman near the item shop says "Goddess Ushura"
  • the second character from the left in the eleven counsel says "Ushura" too
  • Zhambra, after visiting the mother tree says "Ushura"

I really like the changes you've done in the skills of the various characters : they're much more interesting now.
Real improvements too in the cutscenes and gameplay on the field. That's great work.
By the way, one can "cheat" by saving before talking to the maiden of the forest.
Wow so many Ushara typos... whoops. Thanks for the kind words! And well, using the Puzzle Skipper item is kind of cheating too, and faster =P
Haha ! I've never used it ! Not once, even in LoI ! And I really hated you sometimes !!

In the forbidden temple, after the first tablet, Zhambra says "forsakened"
Oh wow! Really? There were some pretty tough puzzles back then, especially in the Tower of Enlightenment and the Gods' Temples. The ones in this game must be a cake walk for you then.

...and now I learned forsakened is not a real word.
If I recall correctly, and as far as I'm concerned, the worst ones were avoiding the birds in the mountains, sneak up on the guards while rescuing Sabrina (AND getting the quite useless Yellow recipe) and dodging those damn forest spirits on the way to Galadria's temple ! Oh my ! This one makes me crazy each time !

LoI 2 is indeed easier, but very pleasant to play too. The battles are much more dynamic than in LoI 1, for instance. And it needs less grinding for exp, resources and so on. Getting everyone to lvl... 50, is it ? in order to earn Zhambra's emblem is a real pain !

Typos :
  • Sirani and Oldra in old house say "somone" and "diesease"
  • Back in halfling town, the leader says "Razul the Corrput"
  • In Lor, Apollaron says "Albarian soldiers and Salkmarian solders"
  • In truewatch keep, the book on the right reads "unable to activiate"
  • While meeting Cherga, Moshran first says "our search for a wtich", and later Cherga says "poisionous"
Yeah, the ones with action and timing are the ones that some people commonly find hard. I've reduced Zhambra's requirements to lv 45 in the last update.

I honestly thought I did better proofreading than that haha.
Well there are hundreds and hundreds of lines of text. So a few mistakes are understandable.

Good news ! I'm going to test that when I'm finished with LoI 2.
Wow I'm actually amazed that you would want to play that old game so many times!
Well I'm used to old games, since I'm not that young myself XD
And yours are really immersive, great games with a universe of their own.

I think that Oldra's spell Regenerate grants 10% MP regen - not 5% as says the description.
Her ultimate spell really gives 5%.

Wow ! Just had a crash while distributing my skills... I was on Aldon with passive Wine and dine and used page up to go on another character (Nargun, there). The skill Wine and dine still appeared and when I selected it -bad idea - the game crashed. The script must lack a refresh somewhere...
Turns out I forgot I made the Regen state give both HP and MP already, so I made the Regenerate spell give a second MP Regen state, hence the double MP.

Oh wow, ok I'll look into that. That script probably didn't take page up/down into account.
Edit: You're right. Added a refresh and fixed it now.
You really added much to the plot, that's great !
I'm about to destroy the fourth entity.
Thanks for taking the time to play this again!
Ok I'm done !
I found the battles against the dragons very easy and repetitive : no special strategy. If I recall correctly, the same battles in LoI 1 are much more difficult...
Their special attacks are disabled by the total immunity of the characters (with Full merit, or whatever the name...), so Zombify, decay, intoxicated and so on don't work at all...
Maybe they should have two attacks per round to be more challenging...Or they could inflict special states you can't protect against... Or you could have them challenge a specific party... Either Sirani or Oldra makes the party invincible (IMOO)...

Very good ending anyway. Sure makes me want to play LoI again !

typos :
Sirani, confronted to her own darkness :"If I hadn't ran"
Findari :"Let him be the one that abosrbs"
after that, someone says "atempt", but I haven't noted who... (sorry ^^')
Hmm yeah I didn't make the dragons as hard as they could be, partly because they kind of appear to be mandatory fights, even though they're technically optional because you are allowed to lose. I couldn't quite make up my mind how I wanted it, so I didn't make it too hard. I think eventually I'll try to separate them out as obvious optional boss fights scattered throughout the dungeon, like in the first game. I'll make the Immunity Charm a lot more expensive too.

Glad you liked the ending =)
Well, I'd be more than happy to test the new fights if you decide to make them harder.
See you on LoI 1 thread !
Ok, got past the chimera somehow, had to chew up 15+ cherries and focus only on the fire head (no poison pls). Past that boss the game does pick up when your party gets shifted around and stuff happens, and omg finally a healer. The next boss was much, much easier than the chimera, so i got no idea whats with that difficulty curve. I'll in front of the next boss (chimera's cousin) be getting to it later