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Full Download (RTP not required)
Version 2.091
-changed positions of Dragons in final dungeon to spread them out and no longer required to manually skip the Dragons to continue on
-minor mapping and animation changes, and audio adjustments
Version 2.090
-changed Resistance Charm protection rate from 50% to 75%
-minor typo fixes
Version 2.089
-added some extra voice clips for some skills
Version 2.088
-added a few extra bonus flashback custscenes
-changed some dialogue
-minor graphical changes
Version 2.087
-minor graphical changes
Version 2.086
Oct 26, 2018:
-all character battle sprites now hold a different weapon graphic depending on what they have equipped!
-added some extra sprite poses for cutscenes!
-game launches at double window size by default
-can use F5 to toggle window size and F6 to toggle Fullscreen with normal ratio
-added keyboard info in Settings menu and start of game
-some skills used by characters now have a cooldown of 1 turn
-added some new accessories and new consumable item "Salkamarian Wine"
-added a few new animations and changed the icon of some weapons
-added some extra dialogue, minor mapping changes, and minor enemy behavior changes
-added extra info in Status menu to show Next Level to Unlock New Skills
-updated some audio files and old sound effects
-various minor bug fixes

Version 2.085
-added a few new accessories, and minor text and mapping changes
Version 2.084
-increased difficulty of optional superbosses
Version 2.083
-minor monster stat adjustments and typo fixes
Version 2.082
-some adjustments to monsters stats and behaviors
Version 2.081
-minor adjustment to monsters and accessories stats
-minor typo and mapping fixes
Version 2.080
-minor typo fixes
Version 2.079
-reshuffled different types of enemies into various groups
Version 2.078
-minor tweaks to monster stats and behaviors, and accessories stats
Version 2.077
-minor recolors and edits to monsters
Version 2.076
-minor adjustments to final bosses
Version 2.075
-added extra dialogue when finding certain resources for the first time
-changed a few batter sprites and adjusted some colors
-minor map and typo fixes
-some enemies have slightly stronger attacks when party is too over leveled
-changed Immunity Charm to Resistance Charm, and now has 50% resistance
-some changes to final boss fight
-added extra credits in the ending
Version 2.074
-fixed a bug with new version of Cherga's skill, Walking Corpse, which was not working properly
-minor monster stat adjustments
Version 2.073
-Physical Skills of playable characters will no longer miss
-slightly re-balanced some monster stats and behaviour
-slightly reduced the stat bonus of some accessories
-minor typo and bug fixes
Version 2.072
-reduced the healing and defensive power of some of Sirani and Oldra's skills
Version 2.071 Full Download (RTP not required)
-extra cutscene added at Giant's Terrace
Version 2.070
-all BGM midis are now replaced with ogg files
-minor typos and bug fixes
Version 2.061
-minor adjustment to final bosses behaviour
-type fixes
Version 2.060
-some changes to the skill system:
-Magic users can now use all skills at the same time, no matter what weapon type they equip. Melee characters retain the old 2 Weapon system.
-All skills now require only 1 direct prerequisite skill. You no longer have to learn an entire "Tier" to get new skills. Passives remain as Tiers.
-fixes bug in Version 2.050 onwards, where Oldra's skills cannot progress.
Version 2.051
-fixed bug in Use SP screen with Q/W buttons
-added 2 extra mini puzzles in Forbidden Temple
-typo fixes
Version 2.050
-made changes to crafting system, plus new craftables and new resources
-added a few new skills and voice clips
-added some extra cutscenes and changed some dialogue
-adjusted some enemy stats and boss attacks
-various typo and bug fixes
Version 2.042
-reduced size and changed some mapping of Gynko
-mapping changes in Halfling lands and Highroads
-added arrow indicators for jumping gaps at Mt. Helena
-increased AOE damage of some bosses
Version 2.041
-added arrow indicators for NPCs of interest in towns
-added extra NPCs to teleport around Gynko for quicker navigation
-increased EXP gained from bosses
-separated Puzzle Skip options for the 4 Rock Pushing puzzles
-minor text, map, and misc fixes
Version 2.040
-added new areas, new enemies, and new music to the Final Dungeon
-minor typo and map fixes
Version 2.036
-reduced HP for some bosses
-minor mapping changes, added roads to Gynko
-minor typo fixes
Version 2.035
-minor mapping changes in intro and ending areas
Version 2.034
-minor typo and text length fixes
Version 2.033
-minor adjustment to stat boosts for some accessories
Version 2.032
-fixed Fluffy activation rate back to normal instead of 100%
-minor mapping and typo fixes
Version 2.031
-minor cutscene added
Version 2.03
Save files from Version 2.0 onward are compatible, as far as I can tell
-added animated busts graphics for text messages
-added some better NPC dialogue, including some banter with heroes
-added some extra scenes in the ending
-adjusted difficulty and stats of some monsters
-more early bosses no longer immune to some of Moshran's debuffs
-minor map changes, added 1 new item, and other minor fixes
Version 2.02
Another minor optional update. Save files from Version 2.0 onward compatible
-added some extra voice clips for character damage and deaths in battle
-minor adjustment to final boss behaviour
Version 2.01
Minor optional update from version 2.0. Save files should be compatible.
-exclamation bubble now appears when walking nearby crafting resources
-minor bug fixes
Version 2.0
-see blog for full details

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