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New Version Released!

  • Dyluck
  • 07/28/2016 07:03 PM
A new version of the game has been released with some major updates and changes based on user feedback, including the following:

Skill System:
-By popular request, it is now no longer mandatory to learn skills from both weapon types for each character. You can stick to only using one weapon type for the whole game if that's what your heart desires
-New Passive Skills available to be learned
-Increased initial SP for some characters
-New options to reset skills and SP distribution
-Adjusted damage and cost for some skills

Stats Rebalancing:
-Increased overall stat gain per level up and adjusted growth curves
-Adjusted some monster stats and reduced overall time for regular encounters
-Adjusted the stats and cost of weapons and armour
-Weapons now give stat bonuses at level up

Game Content:
-Added some new sidequests, including a pet that can be fed and help in battle
-Added some extra dialogue and story scenes
-Added some optional areas and scenes
-Added a few new accessories and usable items
-Added a few npcs to give hints and briefly explain game mechanics
-Added a few extra items for crafting

-Added new face sets
-Adjust brightness for some areas
-Added icons for status removal items to help indicate usage
-No longer able to waste resources on crafting duplicate items


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I've also update the character page with the new facesets, and uploaded a few screenshots of the facesets, the passive skills, and the fluffy sidequest.
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