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Font Change?

The last font I was using got some complaints for being hard to read. With that being said, my homie MarkusT went the distance and helped me out with some fonts to use. What do you guys think? Excuse the brightness, the uploading service I use kinda messed up the quality of the images. Compare the new text (the below photos) against the old font (the links). Should I stay or go?

New font.

Old font.




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RMN sex symbol
Seriously, even though it's easy to read it just looks weird to me now. Honestly the old one was better IMO.
I much prefer your old one. I can't quite place what, but something about this one seems off to me.
I think the new one looks better. My sight is so bad that the old font is so squished that it's hard for me to read.
RMN sex symbol
Make optional font choices?
This one is way better. It's way easier to read and distinguish from everything it needs to go on top of.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
This one is way better. It's way easier to read and distinguish from everything it needs to go on top of.
I agree that this font is better (although the capital letters are kind of weird), but your core issue is that you're trying to double the font's scale so that you get this fake low-resolution look. It doesn't quite work because the font is scaled to 2x with a black outline that isn't scaled. Additionally, the window graphics are not scaled, the gold coin and hand pointer aren't scaled, and the antidote icon in that shop screen is scaled to like 4x-8x, which is kind of jarring.

Ultimately you want the scaling to match. Either all of the menu graphics should be scaled to 2x to match the pixel size of the map graphics, or the ones that are currently scaled need to be dropped down to 1x (including facesets).
I think the texture of the window skin kind of makes it harder to read the font. The font itself is fine, but maybe try darkening the window a bit so the text can standout more.
The new font is better. It is plenty readable, although a faint shadow would be ideal. I even like the extra-sized capitals. It's got a sort of illuminated manuscript feel to it.

edit: also what PepsiOtaku said.
I've refined the font a bit, and its reflected in the newest screenshot I posted. I'm still going to tinker with it though to make it perfect. I love you guys though; I couldn't have had a good metric on what to go with fontwise without you guys.
These fonts were made out of the GBA Final Fantasy fonts, they're exact down to the last pixel folks, the Caps look weird like that even in the actual GBA FF games.

GBA FF4 Menu

GBA Text Box

They used the same font in GBA FF1 and 2, as well as FF5 and even FF6 all on the GBA.
I just did some work converting them.. it was a rather headache inducing process.

I plan to convert some other fonts from some other games.

Feldschlacht, i think the glairing issue is that you kinda mix low rez looking things with high rez looking things.
If you like a hand straightening it all out, lemme know.
I'm already working on similar, so i been down that road when it comes to getting everything evened out.
Also if those screenies are too big folks.. tell me.. i can shrink em down.
On a completely unrelated note: What's this mixing of grey and black in the battler's outlines? Pick one outline colour. Rookie business, man.

edit: also why are the shopkeeps standing a tile back from the counter? Why do people do this? The top of that counter is only 8 pixels high (by default), it's meant to partially obscure the shopkeep standing behind it!
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